Report: Jets done with Muhammad Wilkerson after this season

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The Jets are apparently fed up with Muhammad Wilkerson‘s act, beyond the quarter-long benching last week for being late.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, a team source said “He’s gone,” after last week’s last straw.

While he’s capable of great play, he’s also on the kind of contract for which that’s expected on a regular basis.

He’s two years into the five-year, $86 million contract he signed in 2016, which contained $36.75 million in guarantees. The team was willing to listen to trade offers for him last offseason (a fairly quick case of buyer’s remorse), and may not be able to move his deal without restructuring.

If they cut him before the third day of the league year in March, they could avoid guaranteeing his 2018 salary of $16.75 million. If they did so, they’d take a $9 million dead money hit but clear $11 million in cap room. If they designated him a post-June 1 cut, they’d clear $17 million in room with a $3 million dead money hit.

Wilkerson refused to discuss his play this year or his future with the team, insisting he’d only answer questions about this week’s game against the Broncos. Perhaps he can read the writing on the wall. And perhaps he doesn’t mind what it says.

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  1. He can kiss that big fat contract goodbye and all because he was too lazy to come to meetings. I’m sure after they cut him he’ll say it wasn’t professional and they should have treated him like an adult. He should have acted like an adult and shown up for meetings instead of being Albert Haynesworth 2.0. He’ll be lucky to get anywhere near his current contract after how little he cares about anything but cashing his paycheck. He only has 40 tackles and 2.5 sacks. That hardly warrants a five-year contract for $86M.

  2. Tell you what, if you pay me $18 million I promise to be on time to work (17 weeks plus another 6 weeks preseason = half a year) and on time to meetings.

    How many of us would last if we were repeatedly late to meetings or showing up to work on time?

    Getting paid the big money = acting like a leader.

  3. I guess the Jets are expecting too much of Wilkerson. Should any other team expect more from him or will they be disappointed as well. I wouldn’t have an ungrateful cancer like him on my squad. Its just not worth the headache.

  4. stillperfect nailed it. AFCE teams (that are not NE) invariably pay double digit percents of their cap for front seven defenders with pedigree, so desperate are they to stop NE by pressuring Brady. I would not be one bit surprised Wilkerson is a bill or dolphin (or any AFC team not NE) next June. I also like that BB just declines to pay any front seven guy big money. His scout team just keeps finding castaway beasts and so he keeps churning the roster and Patricia keeps cobbling together bend but don’t break D’s. I’d say it seems to work.

  5. nhpats says:
    December 7, 2017 at 7:12 am
    BB will straighten him out…..welcome to the Patriots!
    Why? The Patriots have nice cost effective set up on the defensive line, but both Flowers and Brown have one year left on their rookie deals. Those two should be priorities. They have Wise and Rivers locked in on longer term rookie deals and Guy is controlled at nice cap figures for three years. There is no reason to spend more at this position. If the Patriots are going to invest on defense, it should be a linebacker. Wilkerson seems more the type to go to the Bengals or Dolphins.

  6. stillperfect says:
    December 7, 2017 at 6:24 am
    Not to worry Muhammad, the dolphins will sign you to a long term contract with an absurd amount of guaranteed money.

    Nice try… Suh’s Contract is very similar except he is a Pro-Bowler, plays his @ss off and is a leader on the team. Sure, he plays dirty at times, but he has been a model citizen in the lockerroom and community. Sorry, but this is how NFL stars get pain now. At least he is worth it.

  7. They were morons to resign him two years ago. He had just broke his leg and then these idiots sign him to huge contract. He never recovered from that injury. Instead they let Stacks go to the Giants. Another dumb N.Y.Jet move. Get rid of someone younger and better for an injured older player. Just plain stupid.

  8. BB will offer him a job but only at what money they think he is worth.

    The Jets are an absolute walking comedy show. If the Browns didn’t exist, the Jets would be in the lead.

    Then again, there is more of a comedic flair to how it happens with the Jets as opposed the typical dumpster fire situations in Cleveland.


  9. Bill Wallace says:
    December 7, 2017 at 9:24 am
    They were morons to resign him two years ago. He had just broke his leg and then these idiots sign him to huge contract. He never recovered from that injury. Instead they let Stacks go to the Giants. Another dumb N.Y.Jet move. Get rid of someone younger and better for an injured older player. Just plain stupid.

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    The problem is, their environment is conducive to selfish people, and when the GM never has leverage, all it takes is the GM to cave to one selfish, immature loser, an d voila, you have lost the cap health you need.

    Jets have been doing it for years.

    Even drafting Sheldon Richardson, as selfish and immature as he is, was obviously a mistake.

    Calvin Pryor, Wilson, Gholston,….I mean, I could go on for days how embarrassing their drafting and development has been. They don’t care about maturity, IQ, coachability, etc, they just choose the player based on hype coming out of the NCAA. I mean, BB values highly the things I just listed.

    I could have walked in there 10 years ago and had them competitive with the Pats, no problem. But, Woody Johnson is a a complete moron and their fans only see the uniform colors, just assuming that since they drafted the player, it was a great draft pick. Typical NY. Everything revolves around them.

    Every time they would draft, I would just laugh.

    Anyway, they should have dealt Richardson earlier and kept Harrison, letting Wilkerson go see what he could get in FA off that broken leg. Instead, they let Wilkerson use his leverage, they didn’t trade Richardson in time, and Harrison also left because they’re in a cap hell that won’t quit because they don’t understand basic market concepts AND what kind of players they need to build as their base under the rookie cap.

    You’ll never be in cap hell if you draft generally well and keep leverage as a GM.

    And guess who has mastered this art? The greatest GM ever, Bill Belichick.

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