Sashi Brown: I know the turnaround is coming


The Browns fired Sashi Brown as their executive vice president of football operations on Thursday after going 1-27 since the start of the 2016 season.

Brown oversaw a teardown of the Cleveland roster and stocked the team with salary cap and draft picks to use in the years to come. He referenced that effort in a statement released through the team on Thursday afternoon and said he remains confident that it will bear fruit.

“I want this to be real and clear, the way I know Cleveland and Browns fans can appreciate: Our win-loss record since I became executive vice president isn’t going to cut it.

We worked hard. I am so grateful to the people I worked with throughout my four-plus years with the Browns, particularly the people I worked with the past two years. We embarked on a mission to rebuild the Browns for long-term, sustainable success. We were committed and aggressive in our approach, even if unorthodox at times. We made dramatic changes and put in place a foundation on which championships can be built.

Obviously, the Browns have not yet achieved the turnaround we wanted for a franchise and the best fans in the NFL, who deserve it more than any other in sports. I know that turnaround is coming.

I thank Dee and Jimmy and the rest of the Haslam family for taking a chance on me. And when that turnaround happens, wherever I am, I will smile — more than a little bittersweetly — and say, to myself, ‘Go Browns!'”

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  1. I couldn’t stand Sashi and his “swagger” on the podium. but that’s a classy statement. Good luck to you Sir.

  2. The people that draft good QBs usually end up in the HOF. The ones that draft bad QBs usually end up being fired. I’m sure Sashi is an intelligent person, and I’m sure did a lot of good things. He just didn’t hire a person that knew how to evaluate QB’s.

  3. Two wins is the MINIMUM to show improvement over last year. That is what is needed to mark a turnaround. That ain’t happening this year.

    I predict a turnaround will happen one day too. What I won’t predict is becoming a force which dominates the division and plays for championships— that is a long ways off

  4. Sashi has to understand. His approach was setting the Browns up for the long-term success in the NFL by virtue of the way he employed the salary cap and all the draft picks (YOUNG, FULL OF POTENTIAL AND CHEAP!!!). That is a formula for success-LATER. He failed to understand most people and fans in the NFL have not an iota of a CLUE of something new and different that requires patience. I called it last year when I said, I get the younger cheaper approach-But, the NFL and fans I know, the Browns had to modify that aggressiveness and build that team to win now even if they had to overpay a few veterans and hold on to a few imperfect players for their plan, in order to at least WIN 5 games this year. Had he listened to me, Sashi could have been around to see his plan fulfilled. Truth is, there is no assurance they will continue on with his long term plan. My guess is that desperation will cause them to over pay and get themselves in salary cap hell within a few years and then this all would have been for nothing!!!! Sashi is guilty of trying to be perfect when there is no such thing in football. I respect the guts of all these people. But it is hard to change human nature.

  5. And when that turnaround happens, wherever I am, I will smile — more than a little bittersweetly — and say, to myself, ‘Go Browns!’”

    This right here is a classy statement especially just being fired. If I was let go, making this statement would be the last thing I would ever say. Good luck Sashi in your future endeavors.

  6. “especially the people he worked with the last 2 years” loser they got you fired, obviously did not want real FB experience around him to expose him sooner so he went outside the box with a baseball guy and the most inexperienced staff in the league… Brilliant… only reason your smiling is the money your getting…

  7. Moneyball doesn’t even work in baseball. At least not by winning championships. Teams that follow it have only won after adding some big time stars or having some young guys emerge simultaneously as stars.

    How it does work in baseball is it does generally make sure your team won’t be bad. It also justifies being cheap. So teams can make miney by winning enough games to keep fans from revolting.

    Baseball has a minor league, so you can stockpile picks and wait for them to develop. Football doesn’t have that. College only gives a glimpse and your own coaches don’t work with them as they would in minor league baseball. Plus football rosters are too small to develop all thes players.

    These moneyball guys went for quantity over quality and it’s biting them. Could have had numerous QBs like Wentz, Dak, Watson. Sashi was afraid to pull the trigger and hid behind building depth.

  8. Sure, they added some draft picks at times. But, if you don’t pick good players with those picks, it is worthless. And, too often they picked the wrong players.

  9. give the guy a break the Browns have been bad for a really long time and it starts way above Sashi. Who is the next contestant to get their career ruined by the worst ownership in professional sports?

  10. Well, considering they’re at rock bottom…though with Hue still there I’m not sure if it’ll get any better and I agree with an earlier commenter in other thread that Hue’ll probably be gone because no GM type will (or should) accept keeping him there considering his history if undercutting front office, as well as self-promotion…

  11. “Built in excuse if the team wins under new management. Sashi can take credit for it . Kind of like Tony Dungy taking credit for Manning coaching the team to a SB.”

    Kind of like John Schneider winning a Title with a team built by Scot McCloughan.

  12. you have to ask yourself, do you want to have a better record with no superbowl or just continue planning for the future? The cold-hard fact is that only 1 team gets to win it all, and the other 31 teams are left wondering what they did wrong. It seems he accepted this and just kept planning ahead. I would want my team to be competitive every year, but when you are the browns, the guy isn’t exactly wrong for doing what he did. Its been said many times, you can throw is all time greats in their prime like Montana and Marino, and this team still is exactly where it is today. Wentz, Goff, hell even Brady couldnt turn this around with the coaching staff in place.

  13. Now that’s he gone I could envision a turnaround as well. All of those draft picks they stockpiled, they should see if they could get Wentz or Watson for them. They’d be laughed off the phone.

  14. askyeshua says:
    December 7, 2017 at 4:10 pm
    Next he’ll be telling us to trust the “process”? OK Sam Hinkie.


    This burn would be a bit sicker if the Sixers’ “process” didn’t appear to be working perfectly, just saying

  15. not all of his draft picks are horrible.. just failed at the most important position, if the next GM can find a QB they will have one hell of a young team with a lot of cap space.

  16. “Brown oversaw a teardown of the Cleveland roster and stocked the team with salary cap and draft picks to use in the years to come. ”

    Never a good way to build a team, it’s analytics nonsense. Teams that do that usually stay at the bottom, some luck out, most don’t. Need actual football guys to fix a team. Example, Jed York’s basement 49ers and their resergence to relevance thanks to Harbaugh, and their return to being Jed York’s basement 49ers after kicking out Harbaugh. Another example, Andy Reid’s Chiefs vs Todd Haley’s Chiefs when they had most of the same personnell.

  17. Sachi may have done well in Business, but he knows nothing about Chemistry. Chemistry is what makes Champions. All these accumulated draft picks mean nothing except for ‘turnover’. Even a Business grad should realize that constant turnover is bad for any organization. No one will want to become a leader because they know they will be replaced when their price becomes too high. It’s like the Browns set themselves up to be a farm club operation for the NFL. You won’t win anything with that kind of mindset, Sachi.

  18. randomcommenter says:
    December 7, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Moneyball doesn’t even work in baseball. At least not by winning championships.

    The NFL’s version of it as practiced by Belichick has been working pretty well so far this century.
    The Browns are in a position to get well in a hurry with that gaggle of picks and massive amount of cap space and if they were any other franchise we would all be thinking it’s not a matter of if but when. But they aren’t any other franchise, unfortunately for Cleveland they are Jimmy Haslam’s Browns. Haslam, who decided to break the mold in a radical attempt to reverse the team’s fortune’s only to once again fail to stay the course. Only Haslam…smdh.
    Browns fans deserve a better fate. the team’s owner not so much.

  19. It takes 1 maybe 2 years for a football turnaround. Sashi had a huge advantage in that the Browns didn’t have a franchise QB eating up all the cap space. They could have stocked the team with mid-level talent went 7-9 8-8 while they became contenders.

  20. well, when you are 1-27, it doesn’t take much to show a “turnaround”… Hell if they beat Green Bay on Sunday they’ll have turned it around.

  21. I’m sure Sashi was paid well to take the blame for the team being 60 million under the cap so Haslam could maximize his profits.

  22. I’m actually surprised at how bad they are this year. Spend a chunk of change on OL, yet the OL stinks. Seemed to have a good draft, yet very little impact from draft (although you can give a mulligan as drafts picks sometimes take a year or so to get up to speed).
    Just a bad football team

  23. twinfan24 says:
    December 7, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    Sure, they added some draft picks at times. But, if you don’t pick good players with those picks, it is worthless. And, too often they picked the wrong players.


    Browns Drafts during the Sashi era according to the “experts” have gotten an A- in 2016 and an A in 2017. They’ve picked very few busts in that time while adding picks in the process and most of the high drafted rookies are big time contributors on the team. Keep in mind the last place defense he inherited is now top 10 in the league and their 4rth round pick MLB from 2016 is now #2 in the league in tackles. .

    At the end of the day it’s Sashi’s mismanagement in free agency that is why he’s out of a job. Last season it was the purge of the productive veteran players and this season not only did he repeat that with the release of Joe Haden but the botched trade for AJ McCarron probably sealed his fate.

    To say the Browns are drafting bad players is to admit you haven’t even looked at their rookie and second year players stats. They’ve probably been the best drafters in the league during this last two years.

  24. He got their books in order and stocked future drafts…then he gets fired. I guess he was basically the financial clean up guy to give the next guy a clean slate to work with. Pretty much every Browns coach since Chris Palmer, has inherited a flawed culture, talent base and a baggage ridden cap book. Sashi Brown was not a football guy. He was brought in to get the Browns to the stage of a real reboot. Dorsey will hire his own guys for the staff and the Browns may actually have a chance to officially rejoin the NFL.

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