Tom Savage wants to “take advantage” of audition for the rest of the league

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Tom Savage‘s 2017 season started with the hope that he’d be able to establish himself as a capable NFL starter for the Texans and that he could parlay that into a job somewhere else once the Texans turned to first-round pick Deshaun Watson.

That hope died at halftime of Week One as the Texans turned to Watson and Watson quickly made it clear that he was all the Texans hoped he’d be when they traded up for him in the draft. Savage’s return to the lineup after Watson’s torn ACL didn’t do anything to suggest that his foul start was an aberration as he committed a flurry of turnovers in a series of losses.

Last Sunday went a bit better. Savage threw for 365 yards and avoided turnovers until an interception at the end of the 24-13 loss to the Titans. That’s the first step in proving he’s not a “turnover machine,” which is important for a player without a job next year.

“I think all four years were an audition, even preseason,” Savage said, via the Houston Chronicle. “That’s just the way it is. It’s an audition for other teams and audition again for Houston. I have to take advantage of it, but, most importantly, I want to win. That’s the most important thing to me.”

Four more games along those lines might not convince anyone of Savage’s future as a starting quarterback, but it could convince someone that he’s not the worst option as a backup come 2018.

13 responses to “Tom Savage wants to “take advantage” of audition for the rest of the league

  1. No team in its right mind would go into a season with Savage as their starting quarterback. What he can do now is put up a good body of work so that he proves himself to be an adequate NFL back up quarterback.

  2. Bet the Browns would take a chance on him – he’s bad enough where Cleveland is still disillusioned the front office will use him as a stop gap but in reality he’s their excuse to not draft an actual quarterback in the 1st round of the draft again.

  3. If anyone is signing Tom Savage as their starter next year, they’re probably tanking. He still has to prove he’s a capable backup, because clearly he isn’t, considering the team’s record without Watson.

  4. Throwing a pick with the game on the line in the 4th quarter is the way to prove you’re not a turnover machine?
    Paging Mr. Brett Favre to the white courtesy phone in playoff lobby #6.

  5. Tom Savage will never, ever, be a full time starter for any team that has a choice. I will say this, however. Ten years from now, you’ll be watching some preseason game somewhere and Tom Savage will come running on to the field to start the second half and you’ll say “wow, Tom Savage is still in the league?”.

  6. This is Savage’s rookie year in terms of playing and yeah, he hasn’t done well. No shame in being a career backup, make good money and then retire healthy and wealthy. He’s already made more than $2,000,000.

  7. At least he is honest. Being a serviceable number 2 will insure financial security for the rest of your life. I love Deshaun Watson and I would worry about him under Bill O’Brien for the long term. O’Brien was the one who tried turning Brady into a QB who only threw 3 yard passes and bubble screens while freezing out Randy Moss.

    Brady was a downfield thrower (a smart downfield thrower) under McDaniels before O’Brien and returned to being a smart downfield thrower the past 3 seasons again under McDaniels (they still had to get the personnel after that era)

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