Tyrod Taylor on practice field Thursday

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Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor avoided a serious knee injury against the Patriots last Sunday, but the patellar tendon contusion he suffered still creates uncertainty about his ability to play against the Colts in Week 14.

The first two practice days of the week haven’t cleared things up. Taylor did not practice at all on Wednesday, leaving Nathan Peterman to take the first team reps.

Thursday has gotten off to a better start for Taylor. According to multiple reports from Buffalo, Taylor is on the practice field although an announcement of his participation level will have to wait until the Bills release their injury report later in the day.

Bills coach Sean McDermott benched Taylor in favor of Peterman a few weeks ago and Taylor had a rough day against New England before getting hurt, but McDermott said earlier this week that Taylor will start as long as he’s healthy enough to play.

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  1. I don’t blame TT for a rough day against NE. The NE defense played well and there were times his receivers did not get separation from defenders and he had no one to throw to. Things should be easier against the Colts’ defense.

  2. Taylor is tough, high character and a hard worker. Just not a NFL caliber quarterback that can lead his team beyond a 500 record. Accuracy not elusiveness wins football games.


    Even though he HAS had a 9-7 record in a season where he was injured and his backup blew several games Tyrod likely would have won…There an argument that Tyrod isnt a great pure passer, but the fact that the Bills win more games with him than without him and they have had a top 10 offense since he arrived (except this season, thanks Rick Dennison) says that he is more than capable of leading a winning football team. If you are talking about the past 2 years, look at the defense as to why they didnt win more games. This year, equal blame goes to the OC who grossly misused all of his teams weapons and the defense who allowed 250 yards rushing per game between the Pats and Saints.

    Is he the best pure passer? No, heck no. Is he going to lead a team to the SuperBowl? Probably not, but Rex Grossman did so anything is possible. Is Tyrod a starting level QB? Yes. Hes perfectly capable of leading NFL offenses to success, hes proven that. While he doesnt have throwing ability, he makes up for it with his escapability and rushing yards. overall, hes average. Hes very average. Hes not Carson Wentz or Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady by any stretch of the imagination. But hes also better than whoever the Browns put up. Hes better than Garappolo. Better than anything in NYC right now. The Bills should be looking to upgrade, but theres no reason to do something stupid

  3. @jeffreyshulenburg

    Taylor has had a 9-7 season as a starter? That is not correct. Even his record as a starter (consistently .500) speaks to his mediocrity. Sure, he is flashy with his footwork and generally doesn’t throw INTs (the NE one was BAD!), but what he has in escape ability and running prowess he lacks awfully as a passer. He’ll hit an occasional deep ball when he has a good downfield target who can get separation, but man, two games this season under SEVENTY-FIVE YARDS PASSING is absolutely pathetic. Need that upgrade.

  4. @jeffreyshulenburg

    Do you watch Bills game weekly in depth? I highly doubt it. And as the other poster corrected you, he’s never achieved 9-7, sorry.

    Tyrod is a runner that can sometimes throw. He has zero anticipation passing and holds onto the ball about 1.5 seconds longer on average than most of franchise QB’s around the league. McDermott, Beane & Dennison realizes this and Tyrod’s time is thankfully coming to an end. 3 seasons is enough.

  5. Listen..Tyrod is better then many of the guys we trotted out there over the years, but he sat 5 years in Baltimore AND has started part of 3 seasons here. We have seen his upside. For every really good game he plays (think Seattle on TNF or MNF a while back) he has 2 absolute stinkers. Is Petermen good? Didn’t look like it, but I’m interested to see what the kid has if only to go into the draft and KNOW what we need. With 6 picks I want to know if we can hold our spots and stockpile talent, or do we make a move and nab a QB very early. Personally I’d rather see who slips into round 2 and take them (maybe Allen?) or grab a guy thats too good to pass up later Rd 1 (2nd pick) Mayfield? Grab the best avail where we need it CB, WR, maybe RB and DT and OT.

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