Will Browns fire Hue Jackson if they go 0-16?

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Three weeks before firing coach Ben McAdoo during the season, Giants ownership said they wouldn’t be firing coach Ben McAdoo during the season. So with the Browns saying they won’t be firing coach Hue Jackson after the season, is that message subject to change, too?

Some in league circles believe that it is, and that (for example) a loss in each of the next four games, an 0-16 mark over two years, and a 1-31 run over two seasons will be enough to get the Browns to move on from Jackson.

Really, what keeps Jimmy and Dee Haslam from changing their minds? There’s no reason to fear being ridiculed by fans or media, since the performance of the team over the past two years already ensures that will happen. If anything, fans and media will be inclined to applaud the Haslams for reversing course in the face of 0-16, since it currently makes no sense to commit to keeping Jackson based on the performance of the team.

Sure, he wasn’t the one shopping for the groceries. But in today’s NFL, every resident chef should be able to periodically whip up a batch of chicken salad. Once in 28 tries is way too far from being good enough, and if the Browns hope to sell tickets and rally support and otherwise inspire any sort of confidence that ownership “gets it,” they’ll have to be ready and willing to not do what they currently say they’ll do.

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  1. I think they could still fire him. Just right now they aren’t.

    They could fire him if the Browns finish 0-16 or 4-12.

    They probably will not lose a GM candidate in order to keep Jackson. Now, if they finish strong, and their #1 GM pick is okay with keeping Jackson, maybe he stays.

    But we’re talking about Haslam here, and firing HC’s is something he likes to regularly do before breakfast.

    Hue didn’t get much of a chance due to Sashi Brown and the rest of the moneyballers blowing the roster up.

    What head coach has a chance to win if the GM is constantly letting talent go, then taking high picks and trading back?

    But whether Hue got a fair shake or not doesn’t matter now. His GM is gone. A new GM will be in, and ultimately he will decide what happens with Hue.

  2. I could hardly stop laughing at such an idiotic move until I realized that Haslam is trying to motivate his current team to win one game this season while he secretly plans to let his new GM choose the coach for the 2018 Browns. Haslam knows that a GM is tasked with getting the players that the coaches want and fit those coaches’ systems. If he really keep Jackson he is bifurcating the decision, almost guaranteeing that the draft largess so painfully acquired in the 2018 draft will be largely unsuited to the systems used by Jackson’s successor in 2018. This will severely limit the options next year. The Patriots and other well run teams will loot the miscast players at bargain basement prices. That means that Haslam is either being disingenuous or stupid; only time will tell which.

  3. “Really, what keeps Jimmy and Dee Haslam from changing their minds?”

    Please keep in mind which team we’re talking about, and the answer should become obvious.

  4. I think the Browns need to pay the big bucks and get someone proven who can reset them. Kind of what Coughlin is doing in Jax or Parcells did a few times in his career. Don’t know who would take the job, but for enough money and authority, someone would.

  5. I don’t think so since there was obviously a rift between Sashi and Hugh so it looks like the Haslams sided with Hugh. Especially if you read the wording of that statement that basically says in PC corporate speak “he was a nice guy but didn’t know anything about football apparently”.

    That screams “we want a guy who won’t look like a confused puppy when Hugh explains football stuff to him.”

  6. I respectfully disagree. I watch a lot of football and this is the weakest team I’ve seen in 15 years. And it’s a clear step below the next weakest team/teams. This is not Jackson’s fault.

    You find me a resident chef who can make chicken salad with dog crap. This Browns team would not even win Grey Cup in CFL. They are so much worse than other teams in NFL. 60 Million in Cap space.

    At the end of the day, even if they win 1 or 2 games (they almost beat Titans), they are still so far behind NFL team in talent. And I don’t blame Sashi Brown for all of it. This team will never be successful with that cheap crook Haslam as owner.

  7. Although Cody Kessler is nothing special, he would have a win or two. Kizer is a turnover machine (23 in 11 games), especially in the red zone. I don’t understand why Hue insists on playing Kizer for the remainder of the season. It’s obvious he’s not an NFL quarterback. His quarterback rating (58.1) is last in the league and it is 10 points lower than anyone else. Kessler’s QB rating last year was 92.6 in eight losses, which would put him 16th in the NFL this year.

  8. The only way out of this mess for the Browns is for Jimmy Haslam to be forced to sell the team. This is no longer a matter of civic pride or die-hard fanaticism. Browns fans have been getting ripped off by these billionaire swindlers for the last 20 yrs, and it’s astounding Jimmy Haslam isn’t in jail already. It’s time for fans stop supporting and subsequently enabling this trash owner.

  9. So he’ll announce that he is keeping Jackson for 2018, thereby chasing away most qualified GM candidates, then he’ll fire Jackson later anyway? That would make zero sense if you were talking about anyone but the Cleveland Browns.

  10. All Hue Jackson has proven is that he can’t win with bad players. I’ve never seen a coach that could win with bad players, so why on earth would you fire Hue Jackson? Any decent GM candidate would be happy to work with Hue Jackson. Hue’s already proven he can’t win with bad players. He’d be the perfect coach to make the new GM look good.

  11. Hue can’t win with bad players but he couldn’t win with decent ones either. He’s done nothing, even as an OC that would ever lead me to believe he’s a football genius.

    He should be out of the NFL for the Palmer deal alone in Oak. Not that Palmer is/was bad but what he gave up for it.

  12. thudspeth says:
    December 7, 2017 at 1:29 pm
    If Haslam sold the team they would instantly improve.


    Yes – they were the Cleveland Patriots before Haslam got them.

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