Jon Gruden: “I can’t control all the reports”

Getty Images

Former Raiders and Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden openly has been talking in recent months about a possible return to coaching. And now that he has repeatedly lit the fuse, he’s standing back and shrugging while it approaches the dynamite stick.

“I’ve got a job I’m trying to hang onto,” Gruden said Friday during a Tampa-area appearance, via Ira Kaufman of “I love football, I love what I’m doing and I can’t control all the reports.”

He can’t control the reports, but he sure as hell can fuel them. Which he has done multiple times since training camp.

Gruden clearly wants something for 2018. By not tipping his hand as to what it is, he’ll never be perceived as not getting whatever it is that he wants.

Whatever Gruden wants, creating interest in his services gives him the leverage to get there. He may want to coach the Buccaneers. He may want to coach the Raiders.  He may want an extension, a raise, or perhaps even a new on-air partner at ESPN.

Whatever Gruden wants, only Gruden knows what it is. And only Gruden will know whether he fails or succeeds in his effort to get it.

Regardless, he wants something. He otherwise wouldn’t have been musing about wanting to coaching.