Sean Payton says he “had enough” in tirade that drew unsportsmanlike flag

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After Drew Brees was intercepted by Falcons linebacker Deion Jones, the New Orleans Saints still had a chance to force an Atlanta punt and get one final chance to chase a game-tying field goal.

That chance evaporated when head coach Sean Payton sprinted on the field toward an official and was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. The penalty gave the Falcons the one first down they needed to run out clock and seal the 20-17 victory.

Payton said he’d had enough after 10 previous penalties were called against his team during the game.

“I called a time out and then he asked me again and I said ‘I’ve already called the time out.’ Probably said it with a little more oomph or vigor than I was supposed to [but] I had enough. I got to be smarter than that.”

The Saints had called their second timeout after a first down carry by Devonta Freeman and Payton was attempting to call the team’s final timeout after Freeman fumbled on second down with Atlanta retaining possession. He charged onto the field in the direction of an official when the flag was thrown and costing the Saints 15 yards and their last chance to win the game.

“I thought we fought a lot of things outside of just the football game,” Payton said in his opening comments before discussing the penalty.

“Just one of those games,” he said. “Listen, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never been a part of a game like that. Frustrating, but our guys, we’ll bounce back.”

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  1. “Just one of those games,” he said. “Listen, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never been a part of a game like that. Frustrating..

    Weird… could of swore you were in a game just like that in the 09 NFC championship game.. oh but you probably don’t recall because all the terrible penalties, and no calls were in your favor. Makes sense

  2. Dumb penalty, immature choke sign, abandoning the run (again). Blame this loss on poor coaching.

  3. There have been too many games this year that the officials have been favoring a team for some reason. It’s as if the NFL is trying to control who the winner is, and this is the second glaring example. The first was the Viking Lion game on Thanksgiving. I am far from a Saints fan, but enough is enough!

  4. Hilarious watching the coach directly losing the game for his team. Couldn’t have happened to a better squad. #dirtysaints

  5. I’m with Sean I’m not a saints fan but watching that game, it left me wondering how much did the officials make on trying to throw that game for the not sure if the officials even knew if atlanta was even on the field. With that said the saints still almost pulled it out I’m sure it will be a different outcome in a few weeks when they meet again.

  6. What was it, 9 first downs for the falcons via penalty? Not to mention whatever happened with the field goal to end the half. I’m a huge NFL fan but last night was painful to watch.

  7. “Just one of those games,” he said. “Listen, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never been a part of a game like that. Frustrating, but our guys, we’ll bounce back.”

    He’s seen plenty like that, usually it goes in his favor. Does he remember how they got to the SuperBowl?

  8. That was another atrocious game from the refs, clearly ruining a good game and giving it to the falcons. Previous examples that were just as bad as this are the Eagles-Panthers game, and the Lions-Vikings game. Those are just off the top of my head. Brees has been my favorite player going back to his days at Purdue, but I only enjoyed about a total of 3 minutes from last nights game. THIS is why people have stopped watching, not because of kneeling or other junk. NFL has ruined football for me.

  9. This the second time in five days that a prime time game was blatantly manipulated by the officials to favor the home team. The Eagles got hosed last Sunday and now the Saints. It’s not a good look for the league but then again the league has looked bad for some time now and they don’t seem to care.

  10. I will say he acted like a idiot at the end of the first half arguing with the Referee when apparently he doesn’t know a illegal formation doesn’t mean a replay of the down. If you’re going to have a meltdown with a official, at least have a legitimate argument

  11. That was probably the most one-sided called game I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised Payton or one of the players didn’t get physical with Blakeman.

    First series DB has arm around Saints receiver. No call. Cool they are letting the guys play. Next series DB has arm around Falcons receiver – flag 1st down Falcons.

    Constant holding on Saints – none on Falcons

    And that roughing the passer call that led to the Falcons first TD, horrible.

  12. The officiating this season has been horrendous not just for the Saints and to go even further. I would say go right to the top with the incompetence of Roger Goodell. This is not rocket science but ask anyone what is a Catch ? What’s pass interference ? You will either hear i do not know what is technically is a catch or pass interference. Or you will have some say it depends on which teams are playing. We have heard fans and players saying Cam newton is not treated the same or look at the recent game with the Patriots. There was obvious pass interference all game on Gronk. The play that he snapped on there was blatant pass interference on White who was literally mugging Gronk. The result like Peyton Gronk lost his temper and received and unsportsmanlike flag. Now this is not making excuse’s for Sean, Cam or Gronk and trust me when i say i could fill this page with names of players who got screwed because the referee’s did not do their job. We are not talking about them simply missing the penalty this is them blatantly choosing when and were to enforce the rules. How many times has the NFL sent a letter to a team saying oops your right they should have called this or they shouldn’t have called that. I am saying that a lot of these penalties would never have happened if the referee had done his job. This has been going on for years and this year is not much different then the last few years there just happens to be a few more. Roger Goodell should have stepped up years ago and fixed these problems like i said this is not rocket science we have added instant replay. The problem with that is you can not use instant reply for bad referee calls in 99% of the plays all a team can do is wait for a letter from the NFL telling the team they were right. Full Disclosure: The NFL letter does nothing it does not change the result of the game or reward the team in any way it just proves they were screwed and the NFL knows it. I am not here to jump on the referees i am here to put the blame were it lies and that is with the BOSS who gets paid more then the players and its time for him to either do his job or step the hell down/

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