Browns’ Shon Coleman fined $30,387 for pushing official

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Browns right tackle Shon Coleman pushed an official to the ground during a play in Sunday’s loss to the Chargers, and the NFL has hit Coleman with a hefty fine.

Coleman has been fined $30,387, which is the standard fine for contact with an official.

Although the push was not penalized and was not shown on the game broadcast, video has since emerged, and it shows that umpire Jeff Rice and Coleman were about 15 yards from the main action of the play when Coleman ran into Rice from behind, extended his arms into Rice, and knocked Rice down.

Neither Rice nor any of his colleagues threw a flag, so at the time the officials must have thought it was an accident. Apparently the league office reviewed the footage and felt that it was intentional. Given that, Coleman is lucky to get off only with a fine, and not a suspension, which is what happened to Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch this season when he made contact with an official that was less physical than the contact Coleman made with Rice.

10 responses to “Browns’ Shon Coleman fined $30,387 for pushing official

  1. The ref was backpedaling right into the path of the player. It’s as if the player saw him at the last moment and pushed the ref out of the way of a speeding bus (the player himself).

    I’m for the respect of refs and no touching of refs allowed but this appears to be a player trying to save a ref from more harm.

  2. He won’t be fined anything if he does it again this week verses the packers. Everyone knows the zebras ride on gb’s team bus.

  3. These are the type plays that should be suspended by the league office not plays that happen on the field. Reading all these fines for face mask QB hit, what next fines for not gaining four yards a run, missed passes, missed interception, it is over board on this game we love, that all the extra stuff is more important than the game on field.

  4. I haven`t seen a clip of the Coleman play, but Lynch ran onto the field from the sidelineand either carelessly or intentionally contacted the official. Let`s see if the fine holds.

  5. You have to avoid the refs. You can’t stiff arm them or shoulder check them when they are in your way. That’s just football. Dumb move by a guy who won’t be in the league that long.

  6. The film clip is available on cleveland .com. After viewing it , I see absolutely nothing that indicates intent. As previously noted the official was backing blindly ( no pun intended) into the path of Coleman, who neither sped up nor altered his path in the direction of the official. To put things in perspective, it was a loose ball situation that could have been picked up and returned down the sideline where Coleman was headed.

  7. If that ref got up and continued after that, then kudos because he took a shot. It was foolish of him to backpeddel, in the opposite direction of offensive players, with their eyes engaged in a backside pursuit of a fumble ( they are not trained like defenders, who are better suited to adjust for obstacles). These refs this year have shown a greater level of ineptitude than I can recently remember.

  8. You start fining players $30,000.00 which is the cost of a new car for incidental contact, sooner or later, a player is going to make sure he gets his money worth. The Ref back pedaled right into him on a play with a loose ball on the ground.

  9. That’s a crap fine. A 300+ lb man cannot alater his path on a whum when running full speed. If anything, he saved that refs butt by not running him over and pushing him out of his way. Coleman should win the appeal.

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