Feds crack down on multimillion-dollar football pool

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An enormous football pool that saw bets totaling millions of dollars has been busted by the federal government.

Federal agents seized documentation and money from Ron & Mike’s Football Pool, which had five NFL survivor pools going and more than $2.5 million at stake, ESPN reports.

“Please be advised that the Ron and Mike website has been forced to shut down at this time and is unlikely to open again,” said a message to bettors in the pool. “We understand your frustration and anger at this time but closure of the pool is beyond our control. We apologize to those that are still alive in our various pools and we ask for your patience and understanding while we contemplate the next steps. Unfortunately at this time we cannot make any additional comments.”

The pool reportedly had more than 23,000 entrants.

23 responses to “Feds crack down on multimillion-dollar football pool

  1. Sounds like the feds involved in the bust, got bounced in week 1. This is their retribution.

  2. God forbid people be allowed to spend their hard earned money the way they want to. Thankfully we have the party of Christian values to keep us from sinning…

  3. so that is where mike greenberg went. he was too busy with an
    illegal racket

    hey! anyone know how goodell’s “investigation” is going with
    eli’s memorabilia licensing scam?

  4. With gambling the feds want to protect people from themselves. Meanwhile, alcohol, tobacco, prescription pills all are legal. By the way you can gamble on the lottery as long as the government get’s their cut. Oh, and you can gamble online and at big flashy slot casinos as long as the state is getting their cut. Hell, you can even gamble your house away in Las Vegas as long as Uncle Sam gets a lil something something. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO – heaven forbid you place a $20 bet on your favorite football team!! But it’s only for your office football pool? Well, our government isn’t making any $$ off of this. Nope! That will not be tolerated. Handcuff those criminals we cant allow this immoral practice to take place.

  5. We all are pawns in their world. That’s why we have to go on the down low to do what we want to do. looking out for the bad guys (Government/police) to bring me down. i guess i’ll pay that price for the freedom the usa begins. The Police,state, government, attorneys etc… should be looked at as criminals. That’s how it’s in my world. No matter what race you all are if you cross those p.o.s line you pay. Now who’s the real bad guy?

  6. So the Federal government busts a football pool that was worth a lot of money, yet Eli Manning’s fake memorabilia scam was ok? I don’t know who is more incompetent the NFL or the United States government.

  7. Most likely the pool was ratted out by Giants fans after their “SB contender” team hit the skids.

  8. No worries……they will conduct an 1 year plus investigation,, with their lawyer buddies, that will be billed to the taxpayers. Millions of dollars to greasy attorneys just to find out Russia had nothing to do with collusion of the football pool!!!

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