Belief persists that John Dorsey will try to hire his own coach

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Yes, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has said (twice) that coach Hue Jackson will be back in 2018. In three weeks, he may feel differently.

The persistent sense in league circles is that new G.M. John Dorsey, who sat right next to Haslam throughout Sunday’s loss to the Packers, will eventually make the case for making his own hire at head coach. And if the Browns go 0-16, Dorsey’s case may be much more persuasive.

Dorsey is passionate and energetic, and if he has enough chances to communicate his views directly to Haslam, it’s possible that Haslam will change his mind. Really, what would the consequence be if Haslam declares in three weeks that we should ignore what he said about keeping Hue?

It’s not known who Dorsey would hire, if he gets the chance to hire his own coach. But it’s believed that he knows who he’d hire, which is all that really matters at this point.

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  1. Hue’s record is, of course, abysmal, but the guys play hard every week (unlike in some other cities) and I’m not sure Vince Lombardi could win with Kizer under center.So it’s not like they given him a chance to win.

  2. fumblenuts says:
    December 10, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    I would say someone like Matt Patricia or Josh McDaniels.
    If Patricia has no other options, maybe he’d be interested.

    But there is no chance that Josh McDaniels will ever be interested in the Cleveland job.

  3. I don’t think Dorsey would have taken the job if he were forced to have the existing HC.
    Not to say that automatically means he’s going to fire Hue, but he has to have that option. He could have interviewed in NY but he didn’t. And that team is looking a GM and HC.
    That’s proof to me John Dorsey has free reign to do as he sees fit.

  4. I think any new GM should be allowed to name his own head coach; that just seems like common sense. But common sense hasn’t been in use at the Browns’ HQ in a long, long time.

    I’d prefer to see Haslam tell Dorsey that he can choose whether or not to keep Hue, but Haslam seemed pretty emphatic about insisting that Hue stays, and Haslam is the team’s ultimate boss. Not sure where this speculation is coming from. Personally I’d like to see the Browns get a new head coach, but I doubt it’ll happen any earlier than 2019.

  5. Lets be honest: keep Hue or hire a new guy. Either way they’re taking the wrong QB, going 2-14 next season, and will be firing Dorsey and the Head Coach in two years. That’s just the reality here.

  6. I’m still wondering why he got the axe in KC and I’m a chiefs fan. I thought he did a great job but what happened must have been significant, because he did a good job and STILL got fired

  7. Yes because if there’s anything the Haslams have shown in the few years they’ve owned the Browns its that if the GM disagrees with their decisions that GM will have a long productive career in the Browns organization.

    In other words if this is true (which I don’t think it is) the Giants should just hold out. Dorsey might get fired before he even gets started.

  8. If I were Dorsey, I wouldn’t want to hitch my wagon to an airplane destined to crash and burn! If Hue fails…he fails. All Hue has done for the past two years is fail. I like Hue…but Dorsey needs the ability to hire his own people. He’s a football guy who has been trusted with the organization. If his first decision is to keep Hue because “Jimmay wants him” then he’s making bad decisions from the start and will someday be fired as well. He needs to make good football decisions regardless of what Jimmay wants…actually…in spite of what Jimmay wants. Jimmay has made nothing but bad decisions since buying the team…and according to the FBI…even before buying the team.

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