Malik McDowell arrested for disorderly conduct


Seahawks defensive lineman Malik McDowell isn’t playing this season after being injured in an offseason ATV accident, so he wasn’t in Jacksonville with the team on Saturday night.

McDowell was in Atlanta and his night ended with an arrest. McDowell was arrested early Sunday morning at a bar for disorderly conduct after police responded to a verbal altercation that involved McDowell shouting that he had $600 stolen from him. McDowell was initially allowed back inside the club with a friend, but was kicked out again after allegedly emptying bottles of liquor on the floor.

“The odor of an alcoholic beverage, that was coming from [McDowell’s] person, was prevalent,” Officer Angel Hidalgo wrote in the report, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I repeatedly had to give him instructions and at one point he threw himself down on the ground in a tantrum.”

TMZ reports that McDowell also launched into an expletive-filled tirade at police officers during the incident.

McDowell and his friend were both booked and released with $325 bonds.

7 responses to “Malik McDowell arrested for disorderly conduct

  1. This is the type of behavior you expect from a rich kid
    whose father started a Mew York successful hamburger franchise.

  2. I read the TMZ article. He’s using lots of racial epithets and claiming the officers are broke and how he has more money than them. Funny he’s complaining about money then bragging about how much money he has. His four-year contract is for $6.95M with a $3.19M signing bonus. So yeah, he has more money than they do so why is he causing such a stink over $600 which is a drop in the bucket for him. Not very bright. It’s disappointing seeing how he talked to the police officers. There’s no call for it. The good news for the Seahawks is they could cut him and only take about a $3M cap hit.

  3. Why is this stupid stuff in the news? A 20 something year old got drunk and acted a fool. Like this doesn’t happen in anywhere USA every weekend. Nobody got hurt. There was no altercation. He’ll hopefully learn from this as he gets older like most people do.

  4. “…at one point he threw himself down on the ground in a tantrum.”

    That sounds more like a Shehawk fan than a player. They better double check the prints. It sounds like they may have popped seahawkboymike/mbara/oursis wearing a McDowell jersey using yet another identity

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