McCloughan grievance creating potential dilemma for Washington scouts

Getty Images

The Scot McCloughan grievance hearing remains set to begin on Monday, December 18. And the grievance potentially could cause a lot of problems for the organization.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Washington has listed the entire scouting staff as witnesses who may testify during the grievance hearing. And there’s concern among the scouts regarding the potential consequences of their testimony.

If their testimony is perceived as favoring McCloughan, they fear retaliation from team president Bruce Allen. And if it’s perceived as favoring the team (and if Allen gets fired due to the performance of the team), they fear that other General Managers will become less inclined to hire them — especially if those General Managers have a favorable view of McCloughan and/or an unfavorable view of how the team treated him.

Washington fired McCloughan in March and refused to pay the balance of his contract, resulting in the grievance that centers on whether the team had just cause to fire him. A settlement remains possible; it’s unknown whether any settlement talks have occurred.