Bengals considered giving John Ross reps at cornerback

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Bengals receiver John Ross nearly became Bengals cornerback John Ross.

Per multiple sources, the Bengals mentioned to Ross the possibility of taking snaps at defensive back, before Ross recently landed on injured reserve.

It’s unclear whether the Bengals seriously considered having the 10th overall pick in the draft play NFL cornerback. One source suggested that it was mentioned in connection with injury issues at the position. Another source believes that the possibility traces to apparent concerns among the coaching staff about the player’s overall toughness.

There are no questions about Ross’ speed; he generated the fastest 40-yard dash in the history of the NFL’s Scouting Combine. But he appeared in only three games this season, catching no passes and running the ball once, for 12 yards. He capped the play with a fumble.

20 responses to “Bengals considered giving John Ross reps at cornerback

  1. The best two corners in the league were receivers in college. Xavier Rhodes at Florida State and Richard Sherman at Stanford.

  2. I don’t think taking on NFL running back sweep plays will help hiding a lack of toughness.

    Who really knows what has happened this year with Ross. He must not have impressed at practice this year…

  3. The Bengals are idiotic. Even if all he did was line up and run go routes all day that helps the offense tremendously. Speed is one thing, speed like that is terrorizing. Trade him to Pittsburgh. We’ll use him Bungles.

  4. Folks this is why we are a joke of a franchise. I remember watching hard knocks a few years ago and there was a scene where Marvin and the coaches were in a room with the owner Mike Brown going over the team, and OL Stacy Andrews name come up and Mikes like let’s move him to DT and the the look on of he coaches faces was priceless.

  5. When will teams learn?

    John Ross, Tavon Austin: Super fast little guys shouldn’t be drafted in the FIRST ROUND!!!!! As a Ram’s fan, I cringe when Austin comes into the game. Get used to it Cincy!

    Dri Archer, DeAnthony Thomas, Dexter McCluster … drafted in later rounds; smaller expectations

  6. So far this pick looks like a bust but they’re not going to know for sure unless they have a coach that would want to build him up instead of tearing him down. If he was injured so be it come back next year this was a lost season anyways. If it doesn’t work out they have Joe Mixon and Carl Lawson to fall back on from this draft. I don’t think they’re all that far off whether that is with Dalton or not I don’t know. It better not be with Marvin Lewis I know that for sure.

  7. Trade him to Cleveland, where JACKO will get the most out of him with his creative game plans on offence

  8. firerogergoodell says:
    December 11, 2017 at 12:40 pm
    The best two corners in the league were receivers in college.


    Sorry, but Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye did not play receiver in college…

  9. Julian Edelman played slot corner for the Pats his first two seasons. Of course Edelman is a much better player than Ross.

  10. To all the people saying that Rhodes and Sherman played WR in college, they made the switch to CB in college and proved to be draftable CBs PRIOR to the NFL. Slightly different than being so bad at WR in the NFL that the team is forced to try you out somewhere else. This is what a 5-7th round pick should do to stay on the team. Being a top ten pick, this has to be the single biggest bust in NFL history (assuming he never plays WR for Cincy).

  11. Wow. I bought into the predraft hype about this cat as well it seems. I’ve seen reports of him being a healthy scratch and attributed it to rookie-ness. A move on a 1st round WR pick from offense to defense? Isn’t that mostly reserved for 5th/6th round picks?

    The only one that comes to mind for me is Devin Hester, but he wasn’t a first round pick. His misnomers on defense, and again on offense, were widely known. However, he earned his cash for his special teams prowess.

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