Bengals players left embarrassed by blowout loss to Bears

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The Bengals had only the faintest of playoff hopes heading into Sunday’s game against the Bears, but winning out would allow them to finish the season with a winning record even if it didn’t earn them a playoff berth.

That hope died as the Bears scored the final 27 points to leave Cincinnati with a 33-7 win. Quarterback Andy Dalton said the team “didn’t come to play,” but he and other players resisted blaming their struggles on the short week that followed their rough game against the Steelers last Monday night.

They also resisted blaming the effort level, which didn’t leave much but their actual play when it came time to figure out what went wrong. Wide receiver A.J. Green was one of many players to share their embarrassment about how things played out.

“It’s definitely embarrassing,” Green said. “Any time you lose 33-7, no matter how good the other team played, it’s embarrassing. We have three more weeks left, and we have to continue fighting.”

Coach Marvin Lewis said he was “shocked” by the team’s performance because he thought they prepared well during the week, but it’s hard to be too surprised when a 5-7 team loses in any fashion. It would be equally unsurprising if the loss is one of the last that Lewis oversees from the Bengals sideline as his contract is coming to an end at a moment when the Bengals look far removed from the run of five straight playoff seasons that ended in 2015.

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  1. Better question is do they properly clean house or just promote Paulie G while Hobson, Dehner and the other cronies do nothing but praise the stability as if the Bengals have been the 2001-present Patriots

  2. Lewis should have been gone after the playoff loss at home to the Chargers. He should have been gone after the playoff loss at home to the Steelers. Losing the way they did Monday Night should have sealed it, but following that up with an embarrassing loss against the Bears, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lewis was canned now (there’s no chance, but I still wouldn’t be surprised).

    The Bengals have to clean house. Guenther’s D is broken. Lazor isn’t an NFL coordinator. With Burfict and Vigil out, the young linebackers bombed. Alexander has continually defended inferior linemen, hastening Dalton’s regression. Everyone’s got to go.

  3. Part of this beating was due to Marvin’s hesitance to play younger players unless he has to do so. Every team has injuries but not every team throws guys out there for 60 minutes that have been only on special teams heretofore. Our “next man up” on defense was utterly useless – couldn’t stop the run and couldn’t cover the middle of the field. Once Geno and Carlos were nicked up, almost no players with any real experience were playing.

  4. Nope. Choking the game away at home for the 6th straight time to the Ateelers on Monday night was embarrassing. Getting scragged at home to a one dimensional 3-9 bears team is humiliating. Marvin Lewis potentially being resigned after the season there are no words to describe.

  5. It is time for Marvin to move on, plain and simple, A lot of us Bengals fans thank him for taking the franchise out of the dark ages aka the 1990’s but we don’t care to see you stick around long enough to take us right back to that same place.

  6. I don’t think it is a stretch that half of the teams this offseason (and during the last four games) will have new head coaches. There is some truly awful football being played. Hopefully we’ll stop trying to place a minority in position because he’s a minority. We need to hire the best regardless of the color of their skin – let’s get some content of character on the field.

    And no more pandering to snowflake players – time to crack down on these frauds.

  7. Mikey Brown won’t fire him. 5-7 is still a HUGE improvement over the years before Marvin. Frankly, if he’s fired, it should be because he has totally lost control of the team. Players like Burfict and Jones do whatever they want and Lewis allows it to happen. He’s constantly making excuses for the players. He should spend more time reining them in instead of enabling them. After seeing how he lets the players do whatever they want, what do you think the chances are of Lewis EVER getting a head coaching job again? I’d say about as good as mine.

  8. Lewis is gone. I think he wants to call it. But I don’t think it will lead to anything huge. Look, the bengals problem was never just Marvin. Marvin has his flaws but the guys knows football and the players love him. He wasn’t here in the 90s. He took a football team that was like the browns for 12 years and took them to 7 playoffs. Something 3 others could not do. The reason….. Brown. Mike Brown just can’t step aside enough to let his staff do what they know and he doesn’t. I was shocked when he hire Lewis. Brown gets his coaches from within. I bet Paul guenther is next season’s head coach. Which might be good if nobody is out there next season that’s worth his salt. I still believe that from 2010 to 2014 Lewis made most of the draft decisions. But Brown freaked out she fans started complaining they needed flash players and speed he pressed for Cedric ogbuehi Jake Fisher Ross oh Dawson who Lewis came out and said he didn’t want along with ross. Brown is the problem

  9. The Bengals are a mere walking shell looking for their soul, after it was
    ripped out of them last Monday night.

    Marvin is only one small part of the problem. It goes much deeper.

  10. This is nothing new the Bengals always get outplayed in the 2nd half of every game. 71 points scored all year in the 2nd half dead last in the NFL and 24 of those points are 2 games against Cleveland. That had been a staple during the Marvin era. Either they never come back or they just blow it every time. As long as it’s not Jeff Fisher I don’t care who they bring in but Marvin has to go it’s been overdue.

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