Eagles confirm torn ACL for Carson Wentz

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Any hope that the Eagles might get quarterback Carson Wentz back this season was extinguished on Monday afternoon.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson opened his press conference by confirming that Wentz suffered a torn ACL in his left knee during Sunday’s victory over the Rams. Pederson added that no other ligaments were injured.

Pederson said that a review of the film from Sunday left the team with the belief that Wentz may have torn the ligament before getting hit by two Rams defenders on a dive into the end zone, but the response is the same regardless of when it happened.

“I hate it for the season he’s been having,” Pederson said.

Nick Foles will take over as the team’s starting quarterback and Pederson said this is “the reason” why the team moved to get Foles on the roster this offseason. Pederson said he didn’t think there was much about the offense that will change because Foles is now the quarterback and that the team isn’t going to change their goals as a result of the injury.

Pederson called the team “resilient” and they’ll need to be if they’re going to keep rolling without Wentz available the rest of the way.

113 responses to “Eagles confirm torn ACL for Carson Wentz

  1. Really disappointing to watch two young QBs go down with this injury this year. Wentz and Watson would both be MVP candidates

  2. Well, as a Giants fan and complete hater of the Eagles,
    I TRULY TRULY feel bad for the eagles and their fans… The Trophy case remains empty .. They had a legitimate shot this year at a SB. Sad. Hope Foles can regain his form and cover for him,…

  3. Geez, what a tough break for Wentz and the Eagles. Here’s hoping for a full and trouble-free recovery for him.

  4. Sorry Coach – you have “No Chance” moving forward – Foles has a propensity for head injuries so be very careful or you will have went from a Super Bowl favorite to playing a 3rd string QB -It is never as bad as they say nor as great as it appears!

    ‘Good Luck”

  5. It is a shame. Those of you classless fans celebrating this, shame on you. Hate to see another star player go down with injury. This guy was the clear MVP this year and I really think Eagles were going to the Superbowl with him. Not sure if they would win it, but they would have a chance. With Foles the best they could hope for is winning a playoff game. Shame for Philly, seems like they are cursed.

  6. That really sucks. I’m a Viking fan so this can only help my team, but Wentz is one of the best young players in the NFL and I hate to see something like this happen. Foles is a veteran who has had some success, so maybe he’ll go Case Keenum on the bit and write another Cinderella story.

  7. he is a great quarterback, but no sympathy from me for the fans. They cheered when michael Irvin was carted off the field with a possible broken neck.

  8. Now think for a second about Brett Favre’s streak… Simply amazing. Wishing Wentz a full recovery.

  9. You had better have a back up plan to Foles because he will never be Wentz. You could be one and done in the playoffs. Tough luck for Wentz and the Eagles and Wentz is a standout player.

  10. As a Philly fan – quickly the Birds go from favorite to underdog. Can definitely get 1st round bye and homefield – the hard work starts now. I like Doug’s approach and demeanor for the presser. No quit in this team.

  11. Not a Philthydelphia Football Team fan and am so enjoying that Wentz’s continued foolishness now costs him dearly. I’ll go out on a limb and say this guy is toast for the rest of his season – one knee injury will lead to another when it is attached to an arrogant guy who puts himself ahead of his team.

  12. Well, poop. I was hoping they were wrong yesterday. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Wentz is a special player with a hopefully very long career in front of him.

    -Cowboys Fan

  13. Rushing for a TD with reckless abandon against a Wade Philips defense does that to you.
    Now I can see why Cam made a business decision in SB50 not diving for the fumble.

  14. The iggles are not out of this ,,unlike my Giants who’s foundation was built on sand the iggles will go on winning and competing

  15. .
    Being a Patriots fan I had visions of a highly competitive Brady vs Wentz Super Bowl. It would have been a ratings gold mine.

  16. This sucks. Not an Eagles fan, but I love the way this kid plays, and he seems like a pretty good guy as well.

  17. Hate to see an injury to one of the NFL’s true stars in Wentz. I highly doubt the Eagles will just roll over.

  18. Not a eagles fan feel bad for the kid… but not for WENTZavannia .. Howie Long Jinxed the kid on the pre game show interview with Wentz for his durability and escape-ability

  19. While this sucks on every level Philly needs to rely on Foles being a game manager (more than capable), he also has a strong arm and can get it done, have faith. We also have a great rushing game, Doug is good adjusting to the QB strengths and we should make some noise in the playoffs! Get well soon Carson and thank you for giving Philly hope!

  20. Hate to see that. Really good young QB with a big up side and having a great year.
    Foles has had some success and has a really good team around him.
    I don’t think Philly is done but this is going to make it really difficult for them to get to the SB.

  21. Even though this was what most everyone expected it still sucks to hear it. Tough break for Wentz, the team and not just Eagles fans but all fans of the game. The NFL is just more fun to follow when it’s best players can take the field.

  22. This is really sad to hear. He was playing incredibly well, he was the clear favorite for MVP and was deserving of it. Unfortunately, you can’t replace a special player like him.

  23. Okay Nick, this is your team now. Let’s go! Get that defense tightened up and get Jay and LeGarrette ready to run over the competition.

  24. What a shame. He’s fun to watch and seems like such a nice guy. Here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

  25. When I saw (and heard) that collision live, I did not think ‘torn ACL’. Seemed more like a broken bone type of hit. Either way sucks for the team and fans. Speedy recovery from this Giants fan.

  26. Nobody thought the Giants could win a Super Bowl with Jeff Hostetler at QB when Phil Simms went down but the did. They had a strong running game and tough defence, maybe the Eagles can replicate that formula and give it a go they have a pretty good roster.

    As for Wentz you just hope he gets back and can be who he was, major advances in the surgery and the techniques today so he has a good shot. I am sure all football fans regardless of allegiances wish him well.

  27. Sad for all involved. Wish a quick recovery for Wentz. Knee ligaments and tendons were never meant to support huge men running and cutting at 20 mph nor being hit from the side by another huge human being.

  28. tylawspick6 says:
    December 11, 2017 at 12:41 pm
    Foles may be ok, but I honestly thought this team had already peaked anyway.


    Have to agree with you tylaw. Their record against teams over 500 is not impressive.

  29. Tough loss and hope he gets better. I saw this play in full speed on TV. Super hard hit. I know he was trying to make a play but man, you gotta throw the ball away/slide and not take that punishment as a QB.

  30. Liked how Pederson tried to say Wentz got injured before contact. No Coach, your QB needs to know when to slide. He’ll be the next RG3 if he doesn’t.

  31. I saw this coming at the beginning of the season when he was lowering his shoulder on QB runs and it seemed like he had no regard for his own safety.

  32. Sorry Philly, no way around it this sucks. The one silver lining in this is maybe post injury Carson will be more apt to be cautious with the hits he takes. While I loved watching him play, when you watch the number of physical hits he was taking I couldn’t help by wonder from afar of when he would get hurt not if.

    Here’s to hoping a speedy recovery.

  33. Let’s look at it this way. Foles is not as good as Wentz, but he has played really well as a starter for the Eagles in the past. In fact as I remember he had only 2 interceptions one season. The Eagles defense is decent, so who in the NFC is good enough to beat the Eagles? From what I saw of the Vikings’ offense, they will not put up many points. The Saints have probably the best offense in the NFC. The Rams look good…..and maybe Carolina. That’s pretty much it.

  34. Count-out the Eagles at your own risk. All the need to do is beat the Giants and Raiders (at home) the next two weeks and they’re #1 seed. Then win two more games, both at home (where they’re undefeated) to play in the SB. Home playoff opponents likely to be either dome teams or teams without a proven QB.

    They have superior defensive front 7, superior running game (can run the ball and stop the run – THE two most important things you need to win in Dec/Jan/Feb), superior kicking game, and HUGE home field advantage. Had this happened in week 10 (or had they lost that game yesterday) they’d be done. Foles only needs to “lead” them to 4 wins – all in friendly environments – to get to SBLII. I wouldn’t be against it.

  35. flviking says:
    December 11, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Have to agree with you tylaw. Their record against teams over 500 is not impressive.

    4-2 against teams over 500. (Chargers, Dallas, Panthers, Rams- wins. Seahawks and Chiefs- losses)

  36. Clearly picking a QB who CANT run makes sense in this league. Brady comes to mind. Certainly didn’t tear his running for yards.

  37. 2nd year and his 2nd injury. Ribs last year, ACL this year. As good as he is and fun to watch it will be interesting to see how his body holds up over his career especially if he loses even a half step in scrambling ability. Kinda looking Romo-esque to me.

  38. Tough break for Wentz and the Eagles.

    And the league. I love quality football- at its best there is nothing better. With Wentz down the quality of games we will be watching in the next couple months goes down too.

  39. Cowboys fan here, and Wentz fan as well. He’ll be okay. A reconstructed ACL, especially if they use a patella graft, is often times much stronger than the original ACL. I don’t believe he had any meniscus damage, and his MCL/PCL are fine. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him play in their season opener next year.

  40. For all the Cowboy idiots here..Eagles fans didn’t cheer Michael Irvin’s neck injury. They were jeering at Deion Sanders who was on the field standing by Irvin doing some sort of rain dance prayer. Either way, enjoy watching the Eagles in the playoffs.

  41. I do not like that low hit on the goal line by Mark Barron
    Blasting in low , helmet first…on the knee
    That’s not goal line defense, that’s not stopping the ball from crossing the line

  42. What a cruishing blow. Wish him the best. he will never be the same again. Now with three games left they will go down and the Vikes will get that all important home field advantage. Too bad for the philly fans they are really going to be sad now that the season is a dumpster fire.

  43. “Eagles coach Doug Pederson opened his press conference by confirming that Wentz suffered a torn ACL in his left knee during Sunday’s loss to the Rams.”

    I had to go back and double-check the score. While the Eagles did win, it certainly did seem like a loss in the grand scheme of things.

  44. 250dollarnflowner says:
    December 11, 2017 at 1:14 pm
    vikes should trade Sam to the iggles for a 1st and 4th!

    Unfortunately I think Sam is out too or the call may have been made already. You can bet the Vikes will get something for Sam next year as they dump him and his contract for picks.

  45. lowesislander says:
    December 11, 2017 at 1:38 pm
    Cowboys fan here, and Wentz fan as well. He’ll be okay. A reconstructed ACL, especially if they use a patella graft, is often times much stronger than the original ACL. I don’t believe he had any meniscus damage, and his MCL/PCL are fine. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him play in their season opener next year.


    Agreed…..but he should consider wearing a knee brace from here forward.

  46. This year has been brutal. Hate to see this. We need the great players in the league to stay out there and play. Really a shame for Wentz, To get back to his current level of play will take some time.

    I hope he can get back for the start of 2018.

  47. Hate to see anyone get hurt, but dang, this is a stroke of luck for my Vikes. The only thing that can stop us from being the first team to win a SB in our own stadium is the curse. #dangyouedthorp

  48. That is a real shame. I was really looking forward to a possible Pats/Eagles SB (Pats fan here). I don’t know how the stats are regarding injuries to QB’s who run on a regular basis, but I’d think running on a regular basis would be more risky than staying in the pocket surrounded by linemen.

    Wentz doesn’t run a ton, but he does have 299 yds this year, 3 runs over 20 yards, and rushes about 5 times per game on average (Russell Wilson runs 5.8x per game). Dangerous stuff and it cost him. Devastating loss. Foles is no slouch, but he isn’t Wentz either.

  49. @danL181….the chargers were winless 0 an 3 went the eagles played them the cowboys were under .500…two wins an two losses against .500 or better teams

  50. Heal fast Carson. See you next year, stronger and better.

    Philadelphia Eagles 2017 NFC East Division champs at week 13.

    Nick Foles’ time to step up.


  51. That’s a bad break. It’s a shame the trade deadline is over, or maybe MN could recover the ransom they paid to Philly when Tbridge went down by trading him there.

  52. Well that sucks. I tore my own left ACL im march and I can tell you its not a walk in the park. Its one of the orthopedic injuries that requires the most work to heal and recover, and its also one of the most painfull after surgery.

    They literaly drill through your bones to attach the new ligament, witch they cut off your hamstring. (The hamstring has multiple ligaments so it heals back on its own). The anchor points in your bones are sensitive for a while (dont know personnaly if the pain will ever go away totaly). You are also left with numbness on you knee cap forever because of the incisions they make to access the knee cavity.

    One day somebody should write a tell all book about this injury its pretty fascinating all we go through and people just dont have a clue.

  53. 81TinaKane says:
    December 11, 2017 at 2:05 pm
    @danL181….the chargers were winless 0 an 3 went the eagles played them the cowboys were under .500…two wins an two losses against .500 or better teams

    Ah, so now we’re qualifying that an over .500 team has to be over .500 when you play them? So when you play an 0-1 team at the beginning of the year and they finish 11-5, that’s not a team over .500?

  54. They’ve had 6 games against teams with winning records. All 6 were on the road. They are 4-2 in these games and 11-2 overall. If that is bad, sign me up every year. I’d be happy with that.

  55. First, the loss of Wentz is more than a loss for the Eagles…football needs more like him. Second, last I checked, the Eagles won the game. And, finally, if Tampa can win with Brad frickin’ Johnson and Denver with Peyton over-the-hill Manning, the Eagles can win with Foles.

  56. I am a Cowboys fan and truly hate the Eagles, but I am a Carson Wentz fan too. Sorry to see that injury yesterday. Terrible. Get well soon Carson! See you next year!

  57. Anyone gloating, reveling in the injury to Wentz is not a football or sports fan. I don’t believe “your” team wants you as a fan if this is your attitude to players great and not as great.
    Understand that if you are one of those people who delights in the misfortune of others you have failed basic humanity and sportsmanship.

  58. Man, looks like an RG3 repeat. Amazing season, cut short by an ACL. Unfortunately, the track record of young QB’s coming back and being as good as they were post-ACL is pretty grim 😦 Foles failed in what, 3 or 4 other cities before coming back to Philly? He’s not going to be enough to get past round 1. Just like Dallas last year, the NFC East 1 seed gets bounced in the first round. There’s always next year!

  59. It’s a shame that the Eagles have to lose with Foles. I would have much rather seen them lose with Wentz.

  60. Steelers fan here. It’s demoralizing as a sports fan to have these injuries interfere with a team’s good season. I hope Wentz has a full recovery. Good luck the rest of the season Eagle fans.

  61. I don’t like the Eagles but i was kind of hoping they would be in the Super Bowl so they can beat the Cheat-riots, losing Wentz hurts their chances.


  62. I’m completely perplexed by this injury. It had to happen before the hit, both his legs were in the air. I thought he had a thigh contusion.

  63. Philly will probably keep the #1 seed, with their softy schedule, but the road to the Super Bowl will go through Minnesota. I’ve watched both teams play and I think the Vikings are a much better all around team. I think with the level of competition in the NFC the Eagles are one and done in the playoffs!

  64. The RAIDERS went through it last year with Derek carr the raiders nation no the feeling yall going through…

  65. Tough loss for the Eagles. I hope the leaders on this team take over quick as they are really needed now. Heal up quick Carson come back better than ever.

  66. Man some of you hear something and just run with it. Eagles will probably win because of their softee schedule. Rest of Eagles schedule combined 15-24 vikings opponents 16-23. Oh man, what an advantage the Eagles have.

  67. That end zone heading by Wentz was only typical of the type of QB (remember RGIII) who wants to be The Hero. But as an NFL QB, you have to strongly consider self-preservation, for the sake of your team. What happened is most unfortunate because, as long as the Seahawks were out of the way, there was likely a clear path for the Eagles to make the Super Bowl. If the Seahawks beat the Rams, they will earn Wild Card spot #6. NO WAY the Falcons will best the Saints or the Cam-rolina Panthers over the upcoming final 3 games.

  68. I love reading all the comments after the fact. Seattle is still tougher than Vikings, sorry, but what has any of these teams proven? Get to the bowl, and we shall see. The Eagles have the same recipe for success that many teams have won with: have a great team around the QB. Best against the run, great defense overall, good running game has to be more of a factor now, but do not sleep on Foles. He had some tough times, but he can run this offense, needs to get acclimated with timing with receivers and speed of game, needs to improve his vertical route progression times, but these are really good coaches who will get the most out of him, and give him more plays to his strength. 11-2 was not all Carson, in fact Foles came in down, and led the offense to a lead against a tough defense off the bench, and finished them off by completing a beautiful throw to get the 1st, that basically sealed the win. Ask the Vikings about their QB situation and where they are. Jiminy Crickets, we lost to backup Jim Plunkett, of course an old wily veteran, in 1980 to the wildcard Raiders. They rose to the occasion we choked after beating still powerhouse Dallas in th NFCCG, and with a good starting QB that shrunk under the lights. Foles is certainly not Wentz, but all he has to be is the best Nick Foles and carve out a legend for himself, if he pulls a Doug Williams. Now what kind of story would that make for the NFL?

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