Jay Cutler’s three touchdowns, Xavien Howard’s two interceptions lead Dolphins to 27-20 win over Patriots

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Jay Cutler, Kenyan Drake and Xavien Howard combined to hand the New England Patriots their first loss since Oct. 1.

Drake compiled 193 total yards from scrimmage, Cutler tossed three touchdowns and Howard intercepted Tom Brady twice as the Miami Dolphins earned a 27-20 victory on Monday night.

Drake, having assumed the starting role following the trade of Jay Ajayi to Philadelphia, rushed for 114 yards and caught five passes for 79 yards on the night. Cutler threw for 263 yards with two touchdown passes to Jarvis Landry and a third to Jakeem Grant as the Dolphins controlled the game for much of the night.

A Brady-led Patriots offense somehow managed to go 0-for-11 on third down against Miami. The Dolphins held New England to just 248 total yards and just 25 rushing yards on the night.

After a pair of Cody Parkey field goals gave Miami an early 6-0 lead, New England grabbed their only lead of the night on a 3-yard touchdown pass from Brady to Rex Burkhead.

Cutler led the Dolphins on a seven-play, 80-yard scoring drive to retake the lead. A 5-yard touchdown pass from Cutler to Landry gave the Dolphins a 13-7 advantage. Stephen Gostkowski connected on a 46-yard field goal before halftime to close the gap to 13-10.

Howard intercepted Brady for a second time on New England’s opening drive of the second half. Cutler found Grant for a 25-yard touchdown five plays later to extend Miami’s lead to 20-10. After a Patriots three-and-out, Miami marched right back downfield with Cutler and Landry hooking up again on a 4-yard touchdown to push the advantage to 27-10 late in the third quarter.

Brady hit James White for a 3-yard touchdown early in the fourth quarter to close the gap to 27-17. Kiko Alonso saved a touchdown in the closing minutes by tackling Danny Amendola at the 1-yard line. Penalties moved the Patriots back and they couldn’t find the end zone, forcing them to settle for a 33-yard Gostkowski field goal to pull within seven, 27-20, with 53 seconds remaining. However, an onside kick attempt didn’t come close to succeeding and the Dolphins were able to run out the clock.

81 responses to “Jay Cutler’s three touchdowns, Xavien Howard’s two interceptions lead Dolphins to 27-20 win over Patriots

  1. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    December 11, 2017 at 12:31 pm
    How do you lose to Blake Bortles and Jacksonville?

    How do you lose to Jay Cutler and Miami?

  2. Seriously, even if you are not a fan of the Patriots, you probably felt bad because Brady and the Patriots didn’t play well. Heck, its ok to admit it even if you’re a Dolphin fan.

  3. Save your fingers Pat’s fans, I’ll make the comments for you.

    “Dolphins won because of no gronk and all the injuries on defense”

    “Dolphins wom their SB”

    “The refs gave the game to the Dolphins”

    Did that about cover it or am I missing some?

  4. Well this was unexpected. Nice game Miami unfortunately the run game was non existent, Brady didn’t have much time which got him spooked, and the defense missed a lot of tackles they should have made and Miami capitalized. The Pats better play better in Pittsburgh because that was the worst I’ve seen the Pats play in a long time.

  5. Most of Patriot fans who post to Steelers articles,

    ” barely beat Colts”
    “Barely beat Green Bay”
    “Barely beat Bengals”
    “Barely beat Ravens”

    Well, look at the coincidence, “beat”

    Ya’ll couldn’t beat the Dolphins.

    See ya’ll next week.

  6. The refs sure did their best to give the Pat’s a chance to win that game.

    Remember when the Pat’s lost home field advantage 2 years ago because of a loss to Miami and then promptly lost to Denver in Denver?

  7. Brady was curiously inaccurate today. I’d be interested to know the real reason. It’s not Gronk being out.

    Hopefully whatever it was is just a hiccup and he’s back to his GOAT self in Pittsburgh. 🙂

  8. They couldn’t cheat their way out of this one. Sorry but you’re not in Foxboro. Also brady didnt even congratulate cutler. He just ran straight into the tunnel like the classless sore loser he is.

  9. I’m not taking this game as anything encouraging for me as a Steelers fan. New England not playing well at Miami isn’t anything new, and they didn’t have Gronk. Make no mistake, the Patriots will still be favored at Pittsburgh, especially with Gronk back in the lineup and now a very agitated Tom Brady.

  10. We would have won if the league wasn’t out to get us by suspending Gronk. Because of the leagues refusal to call any penalties on defenders covering him, he was forced to take action into his own hands. What he did to Tre white was not illegal or wrong and would never have happened if the refs did their jobs. It’s all Goodell’s fault.

    Pats fans everywhere

  11. No excuses. They got beaten. A good teas can play a bad game, especially when short-handed. A bad team can sometimes put it all together, for a day.

    Good teams make corrections and don’t make having bad games a habit.

    Good teams put themselves in a position for a #1 seed if they can only close out the season with 3 wins.

    Now it is winning time.

  12. So, for a long time we’ve heard how Tom Brady is the GOAT, the ultimate professional sportsman. With all the championships that he’s won and all the SB’s he’s been to, you’d think that on a night when he is outplayed for 4 quarters and gets beat fair and square that he would man up and go out and congratulate his opponent on a fine win. But no, the “GOAT” sits on the bench and pouts, skulking like a spoiled child who had his favorite toy taken away. Then when the clock runs out, he walks off the field…..what a “pro”. At the very least he owes Jay and the Dolphins an apology for that. Perhaps a new acronym is in order ….Childish Unprofessional Moping Player “CHUMP”

  13. Not sure what I just saw tonight. Honestly couldn’t believe it. We actually resembled a football team. Drake is a beast. Give Landry his contract. Draft O-line and LB. RT is back next year. Next year Brady is a another year older, we have a chance to win our division for a couple years if the Bills and Jets flounder a bit more.

  14. Get ready for the “injury and no Gronk” excuses. Without the Refs PI calls and the Grant sure TD drops this was a beat down. The Dolphins have plenty of excuses too… lost a Bye, lost the Starting QB in PreSeason, lost drafted MLB, travelled more in first 3 weeks than 16 teams travel all year, never had starting OLine once this year, lost OLine Coach to cocaine, lost starting CB (Lippett), lost 2nd CB rookie. Lost LB MalalaugA and have a Rookie UDFA at MLB. 2 3rd stringers!! What happened to the “next man up” thing? Every team is banged up this time of year.

  15. No biggie.

    Just makes it nailed on, bookmark it, guaranteed, 100% certain they win the last three games and take the No.1 seed.


  16. Ahaha hahahahaha ha, the GOAT just got out played by JAY CUTLER on Monday night football. Oh wait, let’s roll it the red carpet for the excuses, and then follow that up with the Holier than thou pats fans.

  17. Wow, that was unexpected. Just take down Steelers in Pitt next week and we’re back in the driver’s seat. Need some healthy bodies back quickly.

  18. If you told me there’d be a quarterback who threw two interceptions opposite a quarterback who threw three touchdowns, we’d have all placed the same bet on the moneyline. Good for #6, he should’ve had 4 touchdowns (and to be fair, one pick on that busted screen in the fourth).

  19. Tom Brady looked like vintage Tom Brady today. No movement in the pocket at all during a blitz, accuracy problems on any throw over 15 yards, and can only throw passes near or just past the L.O.S to rb’s. How some people equate the Pats Super Bowl success on this game manager is beyond me. There’s a reason why he was a sixth rounder who couldn’t beat out Brian Griese at Michigan.

  20. Ole TB looked like a 40 year old QB tonight, I think that Pats dynasty has an abrupt ending in the not too distant future. Not even sure they can make a SB run this year after what I saw tonight. The Vikes sure look like the class of NFC

  21. How do you lose to JAX and MIA? Have a 40-year old QB who throws the ball AND himself to the ground the second he senses a defender coming his way. Where’s the watch-me-stand-flat-footed-for-7-seconds Tom Terrific now?

  22. So I wonder how the tiebreaking procedures break down in the highly unlikely event that the Bills win out, and the suspect Patriots lose out to all AFC opponents,the Steelers, Bills and Jets? Would the Bills win the AFC East by winning out against all remaining AFC opponents Being the Dolphins in week 15 and 17, and the gronk, tredavious white revenge game against the Patriots themselves in week 17. Just being hopeful here but you never know.

  23. You loose to Jay Cutler and Miami because your QB was not very good. He doesn’t like being hit, and then throws it all over the place, that’s how😀😀😀

  24. We have won our championship, great job team, now let’s move on to next year and see if we can actually be relivent. I am actually really overjoyed with this win and at least we can say we beat the Super Bowl champions again because with Wentz gone I can’t see anybody else standing in the way. Great job Miami but we’re were you for those other games.

  25. Does anyone else feel like if the Amendola play hadn’t been reviewed (as it should have been; it was a close call), the Pats rush up to the line and get the quick TD on the sneak?

    It felt like that stoppage, although technically for the Pats benefit and helping them by stopping the clock, just sucked all the momentum they’d gain on that drive right out of the stadium.

  26. kmac6 says:

    December 12, 2017 at 12:01 am

    patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    December 11, 2017 at 12:31 pm
    How do you lose to Blake Bortles and Jacksonville?

    How do you lose to Jay Cutler and Miami

    Easy, play them in Miami. Just ask the pats about the last few games they played im South Florida..

  27. The Steelers barely beat a Raven’s team that had no chance against the Vikes AND when the Steelers beat the Vikings they had just lost their QB for the season so…

    SKOL !

  28. Fully ready for all the Patriots grave-dancing that is about to happen today but I have to say that those two individuals, Cutty and Howard, made some unreal plays last night. To anyone that watched, it was clear that should not have even been a one score game at the end as Miami’s defense dominated for the first 55 minutes. Gotta tip the hat to Matt Burke and Gase – all around great performance from the Phins. Hoping that Chung is OK!

  29. Bears fan here, Love Brady, Belichick, sometimes you need to be grounded before you go in god mode and realize that the 6th Superbowl ring is waiting for you as destiny is fulfilled. Also glad JC6 had a great game, cause Bears front office stinks! Gase knows how to use Cutty.

  30. The game was not as close as the final score.

    I expect the Pats to come back and have a good game against Pittsburgh.

  31. I used to have at least some respect for Brady. But walking off the field pouting instead of going out and shaking the hand of the other team for a game well played was pretty childish. When he wins he is one of the first players at the 50 waiting to be congratulated.
    Zero class, that patriot way.

  32. if the Patriots are one of the best teams in the NFL tofay the product has gone WAY down since the 90’s. No Patriot team ever could have competed with the 90’s Cowboys or the 80’s 49ers. that’s just facts.

  33. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    December 11, 2017 at 12:31 pm
    How do you lose to Blake Bortles and Jacksonville?
    How do you lose to Jay Cutler and Miami?

    Very easy, you get outcoached and outplayed. Belichick will tell you himself, every game is different and you better be ready to go. Doesn’t matter what happened last time, be ready this time. Pats weren’t, they got beat. Still they are the better team, just not on this night.

  34. My first post was deleted for some reason:

    Nice game Dolphins. That was a butt kicking.
    Nothing more to say about that, on to next week! 🙂

  35. Why is it when the Pats lose a game, albeit not often.. that Brady never shakes anyone’s hand after the game? Is he really that much of a prick? I agree he is the best QB in his era hands down with only Rogers a close 2nd but that is pretty pathetic that he does such a classless move. I’m sure others that get beat by them don’t feel up to shaking hands but they still do it. I would like to hear a media member to ask him that direct question to see what his reply is. Oh by the way… hate all you want but Suh creates havoc and fear when he is on his game.

  36. Poor game for Brady, and the coaching staff. Hard to believe that Cooks was the only option, Brady seemed to be forcing it to him. Miami has a good game plan and they executed better. I don’t buy the Pats OL played badly, I thought Tom had plenty of time to throw most of the night, he just wasn’t very good. This actually doesn’t bode well for Pittsburgh, Brady almost never plays badly two weeks in a row. (In fact, he almost never plays badly, period.)

  37. Why did Miami change uni’s and the color to the hideous crap they wear this year? That throwback uni last night is sweet….keep it. Miami D played good enough to beat most teams last night.

  38. For the first time all season, the Dolphins appeared to have game-planned on both offense and defense. They seemed to actually have a plan to attack and/or defend the other team. Typically, they just seem to run whatever they felt was there best plays with no thought to what the other team was doing. Tonight was very different. So…my question is, why did it take them this long to do it? Last night, it was obvious the Dolphins were trying to get Drake matched up on a LB on pass plays and when the got it, they hit it for big plays. Defensively, everyone knows you rattle Brady by getting pressure up the middle and that’s what they did. The defense seemed to have a plan for every formation or play the Patriots ran last night.
    So, why couldn’t they do that all the other games…maybe then we wouldn’t be on the outside looking in.

  39. commentawaitingdeletion says:
    December 12, 2017 at 6:44 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Posted this at 12:02 and 4 times since:
    Congrats to Miami, their staff put together a great game plan and their players got it done. They knew coming in the Pats were Gronk-less, thin on both lines and at LB and they devised a scheme to attack the weaknesses. Miami’s players executed very well especially the defensive front, they kept Brady off his spot and it showed. Need to get Cannon or at least Waddle back. Fleming is a flat out liability on that right side, with Gronk available the backs can help on the other side Fleming gets help and they cover the weakness but damn he looked like the 3rd stringer he is tonight.

  40. Gronk is one player. If you can’t get it done without him, I suspect they wont get it done this year.

  41. Very easy, you get outcoached and outplayed. Belichick will tell you himself, every game is different and you better be ready to go. Doesn’t matter what happened last time, be ready this time. Pats weren’t, they got beat. Still they are the better team, just not on this night.

    Patriots are 1-5 in Miami. I’m sure it doesn’t matter Bill.

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