Joe Webb: No way to prepare for playing in snow

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A forgettable matchup between the Colts and Bills became unforgettable thanks to a whole lot of snow. And for Bills special-teamer/receiver/emergency quarterback Joe Webb, playing in a constantly-shaken snow globe became the ultimate test in rolling the dice hoping for the best.

“There’s no way to prepare for it,” Webb told PFT by phone on Sunday after the 13-7 overtime win.

Making it harder to prepare for playing quarterback in the snow is the fact that Webb was barely prepared to play quarterback at all. He said he took a “couple snaps” during the week due to the injury to starter Tyrod Taylor. “I still had to do my special-teams and receiver work,” Webb said.

After backup Nathan Peterman exited with a concussion, it was time for Webb to play quarterback and only quarterback.

For Webb, who played in Minnesota (indoors, with one exception noted below) and Carolina, it wasn’t the first time he’d faced those conditions. He pointed out that, nearly seven years ago, the Vikings played an outdoor Monday night game at the University of Minnesota after the Metrodome collapsed. After then-starter Brett Favre exited after his head hit the frozen field, Webb (then a rookie) entered the fray.

Though that game wasn’t played in a non-stop snowstorm, it was cold and icy and nasty and otherwise the only other time Webb had ever played in anything remotely resembling what he saw on Sunday.

That Monday night game didn’t go well for Webb; the Vikings lost 40-14 to the Bears. On Sunday, Webb got the win for a team that is still trying to get to the playoffs. And he said he’s drawing upon his experiences with the 2015 Panthers to help players on a team that hasn’t been to the postseason since 1999 understand what needs to be done.

“We need to make guys believe we are a great team and can beat any team on any given Sunday,” Webb said.

The 2017 Colts won’t be confused with a great team, but Sunday was a great day in Buffalo. And the Bills remain alive for a chance to get to the playoffs and surprise a team or two. If they do, they can thank the part-time quarterback who did enough to win a game played in the kind of winter wonderland that unfolds not frequently enough in NFL games.

14 responses to “Joe Webb: No way to prepare for playing in snow

  1. A lot of respect for the Colts and Frank Gore. An indoor team with only 3 wins and nothing to play for, they came to play. Lunch box, blue collar and resilient, the Bills played like their fans today.

  2. Congrats to Buffalo Bill Joe Webb for coming in and getting it done..
    And that Shady McCoy? Enjoy this special talent people. He runs with more balance than any other running back I have ever seen.

  3. We got the W thankfully…..bring on the fish and lets see if we can end this drought…..and this is wayyyy ahead of ourselves, but wouldn’t a matchup against JAX be quite interesting….. Saint Doug….anyways that’s pretty far off but, it would make for some intrigue in a matchup most wouldn’t care about

  4. Joe Webb plays with grit and intensity under any conditions. I’m not surprised that he was able to keep things going in the horrible weather. Not every QB could do that. If he gets enough reps with the starters, and Shady stays healthy, the team will make it through the QB injuries.

  5. Joe Webb: No way to prepare for playing in snow
    It’s not against the rules to practice in the snow. Practicing in the snow is a way to prepare to play in the snow.

  6. Unless this coach can miraculously simulate intense snowfall and whiteout conditions, no you cannot practice in these conditions. The coach you refer to is pretty good, but able to manuipulate weather for practices is even beyond his abilities…..snow sure, whiteout and 2-3 inches of snow per hours…probably not

  7. factschecker says:
    December 11, 2017 at 9:41 am
    Joe Webb: No way to prepare for playing in snow
    It’s not against the rules to practice in the snow. Practicing in the snow is a way to prepare to play in the snow.

    Dude, the idea is that you cant simulate it. So no matter what they prepare for, it’s a completely different animal every time you go out on the field. It could be dry snow, with ice and wind; could be wet snow and calm. Not to mention, the Bills actually have an indoor practice facility.

  8. Not to mention, the Bills actually have an indoor practice facility.
    They also have an open air practice facility. It’s their choice to go indoors. The Patriots practice outside in the rain and snow. They have an indoor practice facility. This past week preparing for Miami (with the heat cranked up) is the only time they have gone indoors all season. Lighting and high wind are the only times they will head indoors. Well that and trying to simulate the heat of Miami for tonight game.

  9. Prepared or not, it doesn’t hurt to have the zebras in your pocket either. That OPI call against the colts on the two point conversion is quite possibly the worst call in the nfl this season.

    You are allowed to do that within 1 yard of the LOS. Considering the player who was flagged for the infraction, literally didn’t move forward at the snap, unless he lined up 2 yards offside, could not have possibly committed the foul. Colts got jobbed. Simple as that

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