Marshall Faulk, Heath Evans, Ike Taylor suspended by NFLN after harassment suit filed

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NFL Network has suspended three analysts following the filing of a sexual harassment lawsuit against the league-owned broadcasting operation.

Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, Heath Evans, and Ike Taylor have been suspended pending an investigation into allegations made by former NFL Network employee Jami Cantor, according to

Faulk has the highest profile of the three, with key spots on the network’s biggest studio shows, including its Sunday morning pregame show and its Thursday night pregame show.

According to the complaint, Faulk allegedly asked “deeply personal and invasive questions” about Cantor’s sex life. He also allegedly fondled her breasts and groped her behind. Taylor allegedly sent Cantor “sexually inappropriate” pictures of himself, including with a video of him masturbating in the shower. The Bloomberg report does not specify the allegations against Evans.

The allegations appear in an amended complaint. Cantor originally filed suit in October.

61 responses to “Marshall Faulk, Heath Evans, Ike Taylor suspended by NFLN after harassment suit filed

  1. Yet no description on what heath did?
    I’m not playing devils advocate. I’m just asking as i don’t see anything horrendous against him? I also like watching his BB DYJ attitude as s former patriot.
    Not discounting anything just very curious about all 3 mentioned

  2. So torn on this. On the one hand, if – IF – these allegations are true, these guys are without a doubt in the wrong, and the matter should be dealt with. On the other hand, none of these guys seem like the type of guys to do that, and with all these other high profile allegations going on, this could just be a cash grab to follow those. I don’t want to discount her, but skepticism is understandable here.

  3. Faulk lends nothing to the broadcast to begin with. He makes his living off playing the Playmaker’s little brother routine rather than provide any analysis. Buh Bye.

  4. I’d wait before making any rash judgements.
    I’m betting there’s a lot we don’t know and
    may never know, about the back story.

    This is just what is in her complaint.
    Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

  5. Good thing Ike’s “special purpose” was attached to his body because he would have dropped it otherwise

  6. Hey darkneptune, this country has already went to hell and is circling for another pass! Has nothing to do with trump. I kinda agree with cowboys, Everything that can be proven should be dealt with seriously! The rest I also am a little skeptical as sexual harassment seems to be the flavor of the day.

  7. An important fact left out was this was part of a wrongful termination lawsuit. Cantor was fired at the age of 51 and the person who replaced her was 30. In a case like this, she and her lawyer are going to dig up whatever they can to try to win their case.

    That being said, these accusations could be completely true and we shouldn’t ignore them, but it’s important to know the full story of what may be the motivations for these accusations.

  8. don’t know what has happened here or elsewhere but an allegation is one thing and a guilty decision in court is another…from the descriptions of the incidents, I’m pretty sure battery claims could be made but I’m still waiting for someone to be arrested and tried in a court of law. good golly miss molly, allegations can kill careers today and we all know women never lie…

  9. I just read more about this. Warren Sapp and Eric Davis have been named, along with other NFLN employees that I’ve never heard of. The article was pretty detailed as far as what they specifically said and did. It sounds like she has a lot of photographic evidence….if she kept all the texts sent to her.

  10. Seems odd all of these guys went after the same person? Did she lead them into thinking it was something it wasn’t? Where were the complaints when all of this was happening, since you know this didn’t all occur in the span of the same week. I’m not defending this but with a wrongful termination lawsuit out there her story could drag a lot of otherwise good guys through the media mud.

  11. @cowboysmb3dw28 says – “I don’t want to discount her, but skepticism is warranted here.”

    They have the texts and videotapes. The only skepticism involved here is to whether you have daughters.

  12. When I hear about one guy who’s acting badly with a group of women, it sounds believable. When I hear about one woman, and a bunch of guys, I have a few more questions before I start formulating a verdict. Actually, more than a few questions. Homie wasn’t born yesterday.

  13. darkneptune73 says:
    December 12, 2017 at 12:12 am
    This country is going to hell, and it’s being led by that tyrant named Trump. Sexual harassment everywhere.
    Ahem….99% of the accusations against public figures from Hollywood to D.C. happened well before Trump even ran for office. I get it that many people want this to be about Trump, but none of it is. You’re conflating a trend to throw the curtain back about a real problem with the fear that a booming economy will never allow the regressive ‘progressive’ agenda and their race politics to continue. Nice try, but you and those that think like you are wrong again. Just drop it and get with the program before there’s too much evidence on the internet to link you to progressivism personally. When the 20s get here, most people will be clowning former progressives and calling them out for their support. Might as well get on the winning team now, it’s over but there’s still time on the clock.

  14. Is this really surprising? I fully expect 90% of all sports media analysts to eventually be in the same spot. Since Weinstein opened the flood gates, you just know a vast majority of these guys on tv knew their time was coming. Lots of nervous people out there!

  15. @cowboysmb3dw28 “…none of these guys seem like the type of guys to do that…”

    How could you possibly know what type of guys the accused are, and what they are capable of doing? Your attitude is enabling people like this to think that they can get away with this behavior simply because of their celebrity status.

    Typical Cowboys fan.

  16. I don’t care for Faulk, glad they finally took him off tv. Hopefully this deflates his ego.

  17. We should never ignore such allegations, but I do find the foundation of the case to be a little suspect – and I am a strong supporter of ending this type of alleged behavior in all of our society. But the fact is, some people are going to take advantage of the current climate and this woman – fired by NFLN and raising issues against 11 separate men, all supposedly guilty of targeting her for sexual harassment….I am going to wait until the facts play out before I condemn these men – which we should in all cases anyway because that is how our country works supposedly.

    If 11 people accuse Marshall Faulk, that is hard to ignore. If 1 person accuses 11 people in a wrongful termination suit….that is a little more suspect in my eyes.

  18. v2787 says:
    December 12, 2017 at 4:10 am
    If there’s video or photographic evidence, these guys are toast.
    Sounds like she at least has texts…

  19. I would bet a majority of the claims are lies and fabrications. Sounds like Evans simply asked the woman on a date. Since when is that sexual harassment?

    The cure is going to be a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people. Women will simply not be hired in many instances. Especially if the job will involve working around type A personality men.

    Let’s be realistic here. There is no way this problem is as wide spread as has hyped it to be. These reports are mostly people looking to get paid off or people who are mad they didn’t get paid off. We don’t need to pretend all women are saints and all men are sinners.

  20. No big loss if they all get canned, but the NFL Network still employs Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders, so it would have to be pretty bad. Politics, entertainment, and now sports. Sexual harassment is everywhere.

  21. I don’t take excitement for someone to lose a job and hope the allegations against faulk are not true, but I didn’t like him on the NFL Network Sunday morning show. I hope they can find a better personality in his absence.

  22. You mean no more of Ike Taylors Faux CB Rankings? I’m going to miss where he puts Patrick Peterson on top every single week.

  23. Who cares?!
    That network is nearly unwatchable
    The only thing worth watching are the replays of the games
    Good Morning Football is the most repulsive, annoying thing ever put on tv!

  24. Let’s be realistic here. There is no way this problem is as wide spread as has hyped it to be.
    Your suggesting that the various accused men are just going along with it? I have seen a flood of harassment claims but I have not seen a flood of dudes claiming to be innocent. Seems like most of the dudes have slinked away in shame.

  25. You kinda always knew stuff like this happens behind the scenes in show biz and politics, and really anywhere that people build up a little coin and start thinking their stuff doesn’t stink… but, this sort of behavior is clearly much more wildly rampant than I thought!! Who do these guys think they are? I hope every last prick that acts like this gets thrown under the bus and prosecuted. Nobody’s perfect, but this stuff is just wrong.

  26. The article I read, before this one, also states Donavan McNabb as an accused! Innocent until proven guilty, but a photo, video, or text, is usually a slam-dunk!! Good grief…

  27. @whenwilliteverend says:

    If Faulk and Taylor did what they allegedly did they should be fired.
    And if they didn’t?

  28. If this woman has texts and pics, these guys are toast, and rightfully so. All three of them are no big loss to anyone. Amazing that so much of this goes on…and sad, too.

  29. cromagarmy76 says:
    December 12, 2017 at 8:18 am
    @cowboysmb3dw28 “…none of these guys seem like the type of guys to do that…”

    How could you possibly know what type of guys the accused are, and what they are capable of doing? Your attitude is enabling people like this to think that they can get away with this behavior simply because of their celebrity status.

    Typical Cowboys fan.
    Why don’t you use your brain for one moment. To have all these men at the same place send unwanted sexual pic’s etc. one woman says she was a part of enticing them to do such. These men would not send UNWANTED type pics. But they were used and fooled into believing she was interested. This would be more believable if one of them had approached multiple women in this way. Don’t make this a Salem Witch hunt type of situation. Follow the details and consider that its not even possible all these guys would do this if she was not welcoming AT THE TIME!!! She is a Black Widow Spider! Men had better beware.

  30. It’s not just her. Right now it’s just her coming forward. She’s hoping other women at NFLN also come forward. Odds are that what she’s saying is true.

  31. Ahh, this one woman is accusing ALL of these men of sexual harassment. What other women? This is unlike typical cases where one woman is accusing one man? And other women come out and say yes, that same one man approached them! This is crazy nonsense like I have NEVER heard of not even from the playboy mansion. I smell a rat.

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