Browns would pick first and sixth, which is nice

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The Browns moved a step closer to securing the top pick in next year’s draft, and their second pick’s getting better too, with the Texans losing again.

New Browns General Manager John Dorsey has to enjoy the fact the Browns would be picking first and sixth in the 2018 NFL Draft, if the season ended today.

Although, a lot of people would be saying: “Why did the season end the Tuesday after Week 14?”

At 0-13, the Browns are close to locking up the top pick. The second spot is in the process of being secured by the 2-11 Giants, while the 3-10 Colts moved up to third.

The 49ers (3-10) lost a spot by winning and would pick fourth, followed by the Broncos (4-9), the Browns (owners of the 4-9 Texans’ pick), Bears (4-9), and Buccaneers (4-9) in the eighth slot.

The 5-8 Bengals would pick ninth, followed by the 5-8 Jets.

Draft ties are broken by strength of schedule, which gives these guys some math to do, as well as draft preparations.

There’s plenty of movement to come over the next three weeks. The 49ers’ current winning streak keeps changing the order, and that Thursday night classic between the Broncos and Colts will have big implications next April.

35 responses to “Browns would pick first and sixth, which is nice

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Browns went OL and WR/RB with those two picks if the standings held up. They almost refuse to use another first-round pick on a QB.

  2. They can trade away the first pick (which will be used to pick a pro bowl QB) and draft yet another first round bust with the other pick. That way the universe stays in harmony.

  3. .
    Reputable draft sites are predicting that as many as five QBs could be selected in the first dozen picks. Since the NFL is a quarterback starved league, I don’t dispute that. Those teams who want a QB, but are picking mid round may be forced to overpay to move up or find themselves on the outside looking in.

  4. In 2010 that lands you Sam Bradford and Russel Okung. 2011 Gives you Cam Newton and Julio Jones (Good Lord). 2012 lands you Andrew Luck and Morris Claiborne (Luke Keuchly was still available though).

    Don’t Mess this up Cleveland. You’ve got a real chance to add two perennial pro-bowl players to your team this season.

  5. I’m sorry, but this place has conditioned me to see everything through the lens of identity politics.

    “Draft ties are broken by strength of schedule, which gives these guys some math to do, as well as draft preparations.”

    This is offensive to women – how do you know that it’s just men doing this math? YOU DON’T and owe us an apology.

  6. The Browns have been picking early on day one since they opened the franchise back up in Cleveland. Like having good pick positions has helped them. They should trade out of the first round, then throw darts at a board of names. They would fare better. I suspect the Browns will pick top 5 on 2019 as well. Just the odds.

  7. It doesent matter, if they were gifted Bradford/Okung, Newton/Jones or Luck/Claiborne those players would be out of the league right now and labelled busts. Its impossible to look good in that organization of losers.

  8. Dorsey bringing back proven system of evaluating players old school style…something Farmer tried to do but kept too many hold overs in the department and got cut by them

  9. As a Texans fan (and a big fan of watching the draft) it is going to hurt to watch our pick be used by Cleveland. But at the end of the day I remind myself that we got Deshaun Watson with that selection, and I would much rather have him than whomever is going to go 6th overall.

  10. Poor Baker Mayfield to the Browns with the first pick. Why not pick 2 QBs in the first round that way they might get one right.

  11. They also have 3 picks in the second round, one from Houston for Brock, and the one from the Eagles for Wentz.

  12. If Baker Mayfield is smart, he’ll tell the Browns not to draft him, and sit out the season if he needs to. He’ll have no chance at a normal NFL career if he ends up on that train wreck.

  13. Can’t wait to see which future HOF players will be picked by other teams in those spots when the Browns trade down.
    Hey Browns fans, sure your team stinks but look at all the draft picks they can trade down with next year!

  14. I love how PFT has been on the Browns over and over for “passing on franchise QBs Wentz and Watson” (even though Watson was considered by many to be a surefire future BUST as of the time of the draft…nice hindsight guys!), while ignoring that part of the motivation was to load up on draft picks in a LOADED draft class for quarterbacks. The Browns couldn’t be sure they would be picking #1 overall this year, but having their own pick, and extra first rounder, and extra second rounders gave it the ammunition to strike hard at getting a QB it LOVED (instead of settling for the “best available” QB in either of the past two years). Meanwhile, the team has been looking to rebuild its talent base around its future QB from almost nothing. Sure, it COULD have chosen differently, but how is it fair to declare that the team’s recent front office decisions are complete busts WHEN THEY HAVEN’T EVEN COME INTO EFFECT YET? Geez…

  15. At some point, those 1st rd picks have to produce. Could it be the coaching? I’d say it’s some of each. Whatever it is, the Browns just seem cursed for some reason. Their fans have to hope new GM Dorsey can do better.

  16. Too bad the bears drafted Trubiskey last season. They could have traded up from the 3rd spot to number 1 and given the Browns the rest of their next two drafts to take their next bust QB.

    In fact, maybe chicago should trade Trubiskey and the 3rd pick to Cleveland for the 1st pick? Then both QB starved franchises can think they scored another coup when in fact they simply wasted another decade.

  17. Jacksonville built the right way. Defense, defense, defense. Now they’re winning with Blake Bortles. But some people never learn. They just continue to draft offensive players, and fire GM’s.

  18. corvaninerfan says:

    December 12, 2017 at 11:36 am

    At some point, those 1st rd picks have to produce. Could it be the coaching? I’d say it’s some of each. Whatever it is, the Browns just seem cursed for some reason. Their fans have to hope new GM Dorsey can do better.

    Which picks aren’t producing? Their first rounder’s of the past two seasons are all producing pretty well. Coleman, Peppers, Njoku and Garrett are all as good as they were advertised to be.

    Browns are a team that has never valued rookie QB’s. Tim Couch was the last QB they picked in the first round without Trading down and that was almost 20 years ago yet people act like they always pick 1st round busts and not what they actually do which is pick 2nd round QB’s at the bottom of the 1st round who’re normally the 3rd or 4rth QB off the board.

  19. If I’m the browns I’m picking a QB with both of those picks. They are bound to get a decent one if they use all their picks on QBs

  20. They should go all hockey-like for the draft. Bottom 10 teams have a lottery for #1 pick. It’s not like Cleveland ever uses it well. I’d stay that extra year in college rather than go to Cleveland!

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