Hue Jackson would prefer Josh Gordon not engage in Twitter fights

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Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was out of the game for three years before returning to the lineup in Week 13, but it hasn’t taken him long to get up to speed on the field.

Or off of it. Gordon has made big plays in each of his two games with the Browns and he’s also shown he’s able to slide right into a social media slap fight. Gordon took a swipe at cornerback Damarious Randall by writing Randall couldn’t cover his jock and Randall poked back by writing that Gordon “must be on that s— again.”

Gordon also said he was at a disadvantage due to the team around him and coach Hue Jackson would prefer that Gordon keep all his commentary off the feed in the future.

“I would hope that we wouldn’t [do that],” Jackson said, via “I want us to do our talking on the field with our play. That’s where the focus needs to be. because that’s what it’s going to take to get us to winning. Talking isn’t going to do anything. I’m sure the emotions are high. We were close to having an opportunity. We didn’t finish. He didn’t really make a huge catch in the second half, so I think all of that stuff fuels into it, but I would advise our players let’s not get caught up in social media and going bantering back and forth. Let’s just continue to play and become as good as we can over these next three weeks.”

Jackson said that he thought Gordon was interfered with by Packers safety Josh Jones near the end zone at the end of the first half, but didn’t say if he thought Gordon was held by Randall on DeShone Kizer‘s fateful overtime interception. Gordon was the primary option on that play, leaving Kizer to improvise once Randall swarmed the receiver and that turned out poorly as a heave under pressure was picked off by Jones.

15 responses to “Hue Jackson would prefer Josh Gordon not engage in Twitter fights

  1. Always nice when a guy gets a second chance after 2 years and immediately reverts back to idiotic behaviour.

    1) Growup.

    2) Stay off social media.

    3) Make millions.

    My life would be different if I had an extra 5 million in the bank, don’t blow it kid.

  2. A 1-27 or whatever head coach telling a player who’s been suspended more than he’s played how to handle things…. Only in Cleveland.

  3. WOULD PREFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man where is your coaching backbone????????????

    Demand a twitter policy and a social media policy…. keep business in house and not in the media… that for crying out loud, is basic coach discipline now a days… this franchise will always be a bottom feeder with thinking like this….

  4. InoffensiveAccountName says:
    December 12, 2017 at 8:58 am
    Sounds like a man who knows he’s out of cleveland and due a nice signing bonus
    All the more reason he should keep his mouth shut. Coaches don’t like distractions so the more he yaps the fewer offers he will get.

  5. Hue looked like a moron on sunday. How this guy keeps his job is beyond reality. Tne browns need a lot more than just a qb. First their rookie qb isnt very smart. He aint the guy and they know it. The team lacks speed and defensive will take years to become competitive.

  6. love his game, but his actions after scoing a TD ( parading around with sunglasses on), the twitter beef, etc,….It just has the feel of a guy who is going to backslide. He needs to get out of Cleveland and it’s enabling franchise. The Browns keep tolerating his behavior, and the revolving door of coaches and QB’s don’t inspire the kid. He needs a strong HC to exact some respect and discipline.

  7. I agree Twitter squabbles are a waste, but Hue was also the guy that defended obnoxiously celebrating plays on the field even though the team is down 20+ and has ONE win in two years. Mixed signals are an earmark of a bad coach.

  8. Twitter squabbles aside, it was extremely bush league for Randall to go after Gordon’s troubled past.
    Very disappointed in the kid and it’s obvious that every time it seems he takes a couple steps forward he always ends up taking a step back.

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