Jaguars defense seeks to make history

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The Jaguars lead the league in scoring defense, allowing only 15.5 points per game. They lead in sacks, with 47. They lead in takeaways, with 30.

That has them on pace to do something that neither the 1985 Bears nor the 2000 Ravens did: Lead the NFL in scoring defense, sacks and takeaways in the same season.

Since the 1970 merger, no team has finished a season leading the league in all three categories, according to the NFL.

Jacksonville leads in almost every defensive category. It ranks second to Denver in yards allowed.

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  1. That’s rite Baby … Best Defense in the League and quite possibly the Best since those 2000 Baltimore Ravens … Welcome to ” Lock Down Records Inc. ” !!! GO JAG NATION !!!

  2. The Jaguars have dominated the NFL in defense all season. Some people who aren’t deep thinkers would say Denver has the best defense in the NFL because they’ve given up fewer yards than any other team. Then you look at points per game (24.2) and see they’re only a half a point better than the Giants (24.7), who are last in the league in yardage allowed. Meanwhile, the Patriots are 29th in yardage against but only give up 19.2 points per game (tied for fifth).

    When you look at all the defensive metrics together, it’s clear that Jacksonville is one of the best in recent history.

  3. Remember when JAX players were complaining about how tough things were in OTA/Mini-camp?

    That’s paying off now.

    No one ever drowned in their own sweat and it pays dividends.

    Kudos to Tom C. and the staff for turning that all around.

  4. It’s an impressive defense, that’s for sure. For the sake of comparison, here are the final regular season stats for the two most recent dominant defenses:

    2015 Denver Broncos: Sacks – 52 (1st); Turnovers – 27 (7th); Pts – 18.5 (4th); Yards – 283.1 (1st)
    2013 Seattle Seahawks: Sacks – 44 (8th); Turnovers – 39 (1st); Pts – 14.4 (1st); Yards – 273.6 (1st)

  5. Defense wins championships. And this defense is a giant killer nobody wants a piece of. If Fournette can get back to early season form, no reason this team shouldn’t be in every game the rest of the year. Every team is beatable. Not predicting a ring. But aren’t y’all sick of the same teams in the Super Bowl? Time for a new big dog. Who better than a perrenial bottom feeder having a Cinderella season?

  6. The Jaguars are the new Texans. Top defense, loser QB who puts a cap on success. by the time the Texans finally figured this out, their defense stopped being top. Don’t make the same mistake Jacksonville!

  7. They just stifled Russ and you’re up here talking about the QBs they’ve faced and strength of schedule. Unbelievable how consistently miserable some of you people are.

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