Nick Foles: Nothing’s going to change with the offense

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The Eagles are getting ready for life without Carson Wentz at quarterback and the word from coach Doug Pederson on Monday was that the team wasn’t going to be making any radical changes to the offense now that Nick Foles will be running the show.

That was the same message that Foles sent when he held his own press conference on Tuesday with an addendum that he’s not going to change his own approach either.

“We’re going to run this offense,” Foles said, via Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “Nothing is going to change. … I’ve always been a gunslinger, just let it rip. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to play loose, count on the guys, lead this team. There’s no other place I’d rather be. That’s why I came back here.”

Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich had one of the greatest days in the annals of backup quarterbacks when he led the Bills from 35-3 down to a 41-38 win over the Oilers in a 1993 playoff game. He said Tuesday that one thing Foles has over him is that Foles has more experience as a starter, including a trip to the Pro Bowl that ended with Foles hoisting the MVP trophy.

This is a very different set of circumstances than an exhibition game, but the Eagles will be hoping that the moment doesn’t wind up being too much for Foles.

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  1. foles vs wentz

    1. mobility. wentz is much better
    2. arm. foles is as good as or maybe even better
    3. handing off. foles is actually better. he is smooth. wentz seems to lunge
    4. leadership. wentz is better and a great motivator of teammates

    the game plan WILL change. read option will be eliminated. more draws and screens to keep a pass rush frenzied defense honest. minimal or no 7 step drops as it takes time and foles is unable to buy addl time with his feet.

  2. eagles blow out jints. then beat oak xmas nite. clinch 1st seed. dall gm becomes meaningless. pederson rests various guys vs dall. question though. rest foles to avoid injury or play him part of gm for more reps ?

  3. It’s kind of interesting that the Vikings tried to sign Foles in 2016 before he signed with the Chiefs. If they had succeeded, they would not have traded with the Eagles for Sam Bradford after Bridgewater went down.

    The Vikings had interest in Foles again this offseason before they signed Case Keenum. Now it could be Keenum against Foles for a shot at the Super Bowl.

  4. So, if nothing changes and the offense rolls on without missing a beat, does that mean the Eagles are more about the system and not Wentz??? The media has been all over Wentz proclaiming him the next Tom Brady and the MVP of this season. So if the media is right, then shouldnt the Eagles offense take a pretty major step back with him out? If they dont, whats the narrative then?

  5. Actually something has already changed, you aren’t as good as Wentz. if you were, you would have been starting somewhere instead of riding the bench in Philly.

  6. Oh there will be a huge difference. No MVP candidate playing QB!! It will have a major impact on many levels. Coachspeak says otherwise, but reality says everyone has to step up their game A LOT or things will go south. Easy schedule should net them 2 more wins before playoffs.

  7. The whole team changes without Wentz… not just the passing game. It’s cute that people think the ‘next man up’ mentality actually works. Sorry, not gonna happen here. Same thing happened to the Raiders last year. SEASON IS OVER

  8. They went from “THE” favorite to “A” contender in the conference. Still a solid team top to bottom and way better than Eagles fans and non-Eagles fans predicted back in the summer.

  9. weeteblog says:
    December 12, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    So, if nothing changes and the offense rolls on without missing a beat, does that mean the Eagles are more about the system and not Wentz??? The media has been all over Wentz proclaiming him the next Tom Brady and the MVP of this season. So if the media is right, then shouldnt the Eagles offense take a pretty major step back with him out? If they dont, whats the narrative then?

    That you can put any high school quarterback in their system and get to the playoffs.

  10. Wentz is obviously the better QB but Foles is a viable, starting level QB in the NFL. He had zero talent around him in St, Louis and Jeff Fisher was his coach so put that aside. When Foles played in Philly and KC he won and was effective. If anyone remembers the playoff game against NO, Foles lead the team on a TD drive to go ahead. The D then wet the bed and lost the game but Foles played well.
    The O won’t change but what is asked of the QB will.

  11. The offense will be the same they just won’t score as many points or win as many games as they would with Wentz.

  12. Obviously they would rather have Wentz, but they have a darn good running game. Without Wentz maybe Pedersen won’t fall in love with the pass so much. IMO easily his biggest flaw.

  13. nothing will change except you’re going from a guy who runs a 4.6 to a 5.2 .. so you go from a guy who can escape linebackers to a guy who can’t outrun nose tackles. Thats the difference. The guy moves like a glacier.

  14. Reich also had the best comeback in college football history which was broken in 2006.

    I bet a fortune on Buffalo in a two team tease. I was devastated and turned it off, as I was visiting family and just

  15. Will Nick continue to pass to his tackles this week? That seemed new to the offense when he came in last week.

  16. Reality of it is that if Foles was so good then he’d be starting for another team. It’s when the Eagles are in the playoffs where his weaknesses will show.

  17. Total points scored will change. Drastically.

    Do you think edge rushers and LB’s will fear Nicholas Murphy Foles breaking containment and ripping off 15yd runs instead of handing off to the RB?

    So yes, in a way nothing will change. The Eagles will not win a playoff game let alone a SB.

    You still have Rocky Balboa.

  18. Seriously? What do you people expect them to say? Of course they won’t be as good without Wentz. They have to say the right things though.

  19. This is what he has to say. And in a way, it’s true. They’re not ripping up the playbook and starting over. They’re not adding new plays or taking others out.

    But Pederson can’t call the exact same game with Foles under center as he would with Wentz. Expect emphasis to change: less read option, more deep balls.

  20. Won both games in replace of an injured Alex Smith last year – 3 TDs, NO INTs. Knows the system, knows the environment, has been successful under every coach he’s played for except Jeff Fisher, the QB killer. Has load of experience, including playoff experience. Moment will absolutely not be too big for him. And he has a hell of a lot of talent around him (and throws a better deep ball than Wentz).

    St. Nick will beat the Giants Sunday, wrap-up the #1 seed for the Eagles on Christmas Night. Then good luck to any team coming to the Linc for a playoff game in January.

    Super Foles LII – get used to it!

  21. “Except the production, and the number of points scored each game, and the number of total yards, maybe turnovers”. I like Nick Foles, but in the games the Eagles won, he consistently made plays with his feet, crazy, Aaron Rodgers like plays. I wish him well, but they are trying to tell themselves something that aint so. Either Wentz is a world beater or he aint. If he is, things are going to drop off greatly with him. Pederson is NOT Belichick. With enough talent depleted, Belichick aint Belichick. You all saw that game last night, right?

  22. trollaikman8 says:
    December 12, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    You still have Rocky Balboa.
    I love this comment! Also Cheese Steaks. Dont forget those.

  23. trollaikman8 says:
    December 12, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    You still have Rocky Balboa.
    Bill Burr’s roast of Philly is legendary. And their most notorious athlete is STILL just a fictional character.

  24. With the small exception that it won’t be as good and the Eagles are now a threat to lose to anyone they play in the playoffs. The NFC playoffs are going to be very interesting.

  25. The Eagles can win with Nick Foles. I wasn’t expecting the Eagles to win the super bowl, even with Carson Wentz, but I gave them a chance. I’m still giving them a chance. Reminds me of when Jeff Hostetler replaced an injured Phil Simms. This just proves once again that the most important guy on the team is your starting QB, and the 2nd most important is your backup QB.

  26. I’m not a believer in Foles, but you never know. I certainly wouldn’t have predicted Case Keenum would have played nearly as well as he has in Minnesota either.

  27. Yeah, you can tell now that Wentz is a real baller — while Foles is more calculating. But, being able to improvise really helps your team, as a quarterback, something which we have seen with the likes of Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr, along with Wentz: their ability to extend-the-play. The Eagles should be fine with Foles, but I believe that they are still “one and done” due to lack of playoff experience. Remember, they are going to have Cam-rolina, DaBreeze/Saints and Wilson/Seahawks breathing down their neck hahaha

  28. People laughing at the Eagles due to Carson’s injury. Just lets us know how envious, jealous and mad you clowns are at the Eagles success. No SB’s but they are coming and soon. The Eagles will win a playoff game or two this year as the road to the SB for the NFC goes through Philadelphia. Haters will hate…FLY EAGLES FLY!!!

  29. The plays may stay the same, but I suspect different results. Good try. WAR wentz tearing his knee in the preseason next time, so that Philly fan can have their selection of bandwagon.

  30. Wentz is obviously better. But here’s the possible Silver lining: everyone knows Wentz is better and the team relied on him and his amazing abilities. Now that they can’t, the offense may have to run more efficiently and the defense will have to step up. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but I think if any team can do it it’s this one. How ironic would it be for the team to actually improve when losing its best player?

  31. Loving the nasty comments about Wentz’s injury. Apparently we should apologize for having a tough quarterback? Apparently the rest of the league wouldn’t cut their right nut off to have a second year guy leading the league in touchdowns?

    It’s definitely not jealously on any of your parts, you’re just speaking facts, right?

    My favorite is the “Eagles’ fans cheered Tony Romo getting injured” argument. No, I was there. We cheered for Tony. Hell, Aikman (your hero) even talked about how Philly gets a bad wrap but shows class.

    Guys like Romo and Witten are respected in Philly.

    Dallas fans, the whopping 15 that are actually from Dallas, are probably fine. The rest of you are just ridiculous.

    It’s like dealing with Notre Dame fans. We get it, you were a good team when the primary choice on a Friday night for entertainment was choosing between VHS and Betamax.

  32. It’s weird to think that all 3 of the quarterbacks on the Rams roster during training camp last year will be squaring off against each other in the playoffs this year! Who in world would have predicted that???
    As far as Nick Foles goes…I thought my Eagles were the most complete team in the NFC with Wentz. Now I think it’s the Vikings. That’s not to say that the Eagles don’t have a chance, especially since they only need to win games against the Giants & Raider to clinch home field. Too early to predict anything in the playoffs until we see how things shake out, but anyone who doesn’t think there’s gonna be an offensive drop-off is kidding themselves. Wentz was the X-factor that made them the favorite. Foles is just a capable quarterback.

  33. Birds are going to ride Ajayi, and set up play action for Foles who as much as I love Carson, has a better deep ball at this stage in their career. Eagles went from favorites to a top contender, and while I’m disappointed, I’ll admit that this year far exceeded any expectations I had for year 2 of Carson/Doug. Home field advantage should get them to the NFC Championship and from there, anything is possible. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

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