Broncos threw out tape of Colts snow game in Buffalo for evaluation purposes

Getty Images

Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph determined it was a futile effort to evaluate tape of the Indianapolis Colts most recent game against the Buffalo Bills.

According to Jeff Legwold of, the snow storm in Buffalo for Sunday’s game coupled with the Colts all-white jerseys made any attempt to glean constructive information from the game all but moot.

We tried to watch it, but you can’t, you can’t see it,” Joseph said. “(The Colts) are wearing all white, it wasn’t worth watching. I watched about 15 plays and … we pulled it out of our breakdown.”

A regular evaluation process for NFL teams in preparing for an opponent involves watching the last four games a team has played. It’s certainly not the only way teams prepare for an opponent and more, or less, tape can be watched on a discretionary basis. However, it’s a general baseline for teams to scout to determine tendencies about their opponents.

While just seeing what was occurring on the tape was problematic enough, it almost certainly wouldn’t have been very instructive anyway. The wretched conditions in Buffalo led the Colts to run 46 times compared to just 22 pass attempts by Jacoby Brissett. It’s a game plan they likely wouldn’t have adhered to if not for the ankle-deep snow.

Instead, the Broncos may have to dig a little deeper into the Colts video archives to get the necessary evaluation they need for their opponent Thursday night.