Roger Goodell: No determination that this will be my last contract


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has a new contract extension in place and word was that it would be his final one, but Goodell sent a different message on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking from the league meetings in Texas, NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said that Goodell “has been clear that he views this as his last contract” while outlining some of the details of his new pact with the league. Goodell took the podium for a press conference later in the day and was asked about that statement.

Goodell answered by saying that he has not “made any determination” about what will happen when the new deal concludes in 2024.

In response to another question, Goodell said that he thinks “there is a limit to how many years you should serve” in the Commissioner role. He did not give any indication of how long he believes that should be, but 2024 would mark 18 years in the job.

Goodell’s predecessor Paul Tagliabue served 17 years in the role and his predecessor Pete Rozelle’s 29-year term is the longest of any NFL Commissioner.