Roger Goodell says league takes NFL Network harassment suit “very seriously”

Getty Images

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made his first comments on the sexual harassment lawsuit brought against NFL Network today, saying the league is committed to a workplace free of harassment.

At his press conference at the owners’ meeting, Goodell said the league office expects that all employees will be treated with respect.

“We take that very seriously,” Goodell said. “Those are issues that are important to us, to make sure all of our employees, at the network, the league office, the clubs, are working in a safe and comfortable environment. Any time that doesn’t exist we’re going to make sure we deal with that very quickly and very seriously.”

Former NFL Network employee Jami Cantor has said she was repeatedly sexually harassed by several men she worked with at the league-owned media outlet, including six former NFL players. All of the employees accused of harassment are currently suspended.