John Dorsey: Kenny Britt may have higher opinion of himself than I do

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John Dorsey is on a roll today, making headlines left, right and center. (Thank you, John.)

The Browns’ new General Manager wouldn’t guarantee Hue Jackson will return and said the previous regime didn’t get “real players.” Dorsey also took aim at wide receiver Kenny Britt, which was overshadowed by Dorsey’s other comments.

Waiving Britt was the easiest decision Dorsey has made, he said.

“I have no problem making that decision,” Dorsey said Thursday on “The Really Big Show” with Aaron Goldhammer on WKNR 850, a radio partner of the Browns, via Mary Kay Cabot of “From a cultural standpoint, I don’t think he fits in the prototypical character point of what I’m looking for in terms of a leader. He did not live up to his expectations as a player.”

Dorsey added Britt “may have a higher opinion of himself than I have of him as a player, so I thought that was easy.”

Britt, who signed a two-year deal with the Patriots earlier this week, spent most of the season in Jackson’s doghouse.

Dorsey made it even clearer today that there is a new sheriff in town, and he has put the Browns on notice that things are changing.

27 responses to “John Dorsey: Kenny Britt may have higher opinion of himself than I do

  1. John – although the organization has been a dumpster fire for years and your immediate predecessor Sashi Brown and his moneyball analytics was a complete joke – I would lay low and not talk to the media much at all until if and when you turn it around – and that aint gonna be easy.

  2. Kenny Britt may have higher opinion of himself than I do

    So do the Patriots it seems.

  3. Expecting someone to be a leader when they have off field concerns is bad management. He will probably do okay in NE. People will scream that the Browns did not use him right. It as a bad hire. He is not a leader don’t try to make him into one. He is a player who needs a strong lockerroom. He doesn’t create one.

  4. myvietnamwasfightingtheclap says:
    December 14, 2017 at 3:29 pm
    This kind of talk accomplishes absolutely nothing. Tough talk never built a football team.
    I agree, yet you hear it from 90% of players, coaches and GMs

  5. John Dorsey the internet troll? Jeez, this guy needs to take a long hard look at how badly he mismanaged the Chiefs and their payroll before he keeps hurling rocks in every direction.

  6. Non-Productive Bengals #2 WR Brandon LaFell Stats ($9,000,000 total for 2 seasons):

    44.5 yards per game
    0.3 touchdowns per game

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Kenny Britt Statistics ($10,000,000 one season):

    45.3 yards per game
    0.3 touchdowns per game

    Yeah… they overpaid.

  7. What does Dorsey know about WR talent? He drafted who? Conley is the “top” of the list unless you include Hill who has become a bit of a gadget guy more than a polished WR. Some guys can’t draft positions right to save their lives. Britt was productive at times for the Rams with Foles and Keenum in some really bad offenses. No reason to think the Pats can’t find a role for him if he buys into the culture and does what TB12 wants on the field. Give the Pats a new weapon that diversifies the offense late in the season and they will look for ways to beat you with it and make you prepare for it. Monday night showed how much they missed Gronk and Edelman.

  8. .
    Where does this loser get off making public evaluations of players on the roster of other teams. I can hardly wait to hear his “overrated” evaluations of Brady, Gronk and Brandon Cooks.

  9. Ryan Grigson talked this tough too when he was a new GM too. His poop did not stink. (according to him.)

  10. Maybe Jimmy Haslam should have given Dorsey a wonderlic test. He sounds like a complete moron. I’m sure the Haslam’s are already realizing they made another mistake.

  11. Dorsey may have sent a message he felt was needed to his players but he also sent an unintentional one to potential FA’s that may keep the Browns from signing some or force them to overpay for others. No one willingly works for a richard on the cheap.

  12. While he did struggle paying Chiefs players at the right time. Overpaying Houston, waiting too long to pay Berry, and the Maclin fiasco, the guy can draft. He gets all the credit for Kelce, Hill, Hunt, Morse and Chris Jones. 3 of the 5 had character issues but are now pro bowlers, Hunt, Morse, and Kelce were mid round gems. Time will tell if he made the trade for Mahomes or if that was Reid.

    What are the chances his hires

  13. This place is still a dumpster fire but at least they’re a little interesting now .

    It’s been a week and they haven’t fixed 18 years of ineptitude yet? Shocking!

  14. Throw shade on John Dorsey as much as you want… he was much better
    than the guy before him.

    John Dorsey Kansas City Chiefs Record:

    43 wins – 21 losses

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Scott Pioli Kansas City Chiefs Record:

    23 wins – 41 losses – 1 murder – 1 suicide

  15. We’ll see what Kenny Britt can bring to the table, but I can’t comprehend why a GM feels a need to trash a player whom he cut. Dorsey may turn out to be a great GM, but that’s BS.

  16. brady2gronktd says:
    December 14, 2017 at 3:29 pm
    Big bad Dorsey..what have his teams won again?


    If it’s 2 games, it’s an improvement.

    Seriously – some of you complain that the Browns are a mess and then when someone changes things – you complain.

    Point is – Britt may be a Patriot but he’s produced exactly NOTHING there either and there’s a chance he’s cut in 3 games. Don’t act like BB hasn’t ever done that before either.

  17. Remember when healthy chad ochojohnson joined new england
    and totaled less with tom brady than with Andy Dalton?!?
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    2010 chad ochojohnson Statistics w/ tom Andy Dalton (14 games):

    831 yards – 4 td

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    2011 chad ochojohnson Statistics w/ tom brady (15 games):

    276 yards – 1 td

  18. The Chiefs are eternal choke artists, and still are.
    I’m guessing his assessment of talent will bring a “different” form of sadness to the factory.

  19. I disagree with ppl telling Dorsey to be quiet. Yeah if was joining a normal franchise yea but not Cleveland. The Browns have be ran horribly and even though they have had talent in the past, the culture keeps them from suceeding. Dorsey has a track record of success and with that the juice to make a change in Cleveland. He needs to break them of all past systems and beliefs. The owners n players have earned the right NOT to have things kept quiet. Theyve been doing that for years, bringing in new guys, keeping things in house, and not exposing what they were doing to the public, which allowed things to stay the same.

    No he needs to be loud, be vocal, and be sincere. No more free rides. If a guy isnt doing what hes capable of, call him out, then fire or cut him. Let them all know its a new day. That they are going to become a professional sports franchise. Even if they have to be dragged there kicking and screaming.

    Let Hugh or the next coach smooth things over with the players. That his job and players dont play for the gm anyway. Dorsey job is to find players who wont be influenced by other players who r still stuck in that bad culture. To find players who will play hard, and see the Browns as something new. Who will not worry about who they were before Dorsey but who they are now and will be in the future.

    So I say keep it up Dorsey. Burn it down and build something new on top of the ashes.

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