No plans for Christian Hackenberg to play “right now”

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Jets quarterback Josh McCown had surgery on his broken left hand and went on injured reserve this week, leaving Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg as the two quarterbacks for the final three games of the season.

Given McCown’s absence and the lack of playoff hopes for the 5-8 Jets, it would seem like a perfect opportunity to get Hackenberg in the lineup and see what the 2016 second-round pick is capable of doing on the field. Petty is going to start in New Orleans this Sunday, though, and coach Todd Bowles said on Wednesday that there are no plans to play Hackenberg “right now.”

When asked why that’s the case, Bowles simply pointed to the depth chart that had Petty as the No. 2 all year.

“Because Bryce is our starter,” Bowles said at his press conference. “Bryce is the next man up. We have people at every position that want to play. We’re not jumping people over people just to play considering anything. Bryce is our starter.”

Bowles didn’t close the door on a change in plans in the final two games, but it doesn’t sound like there’s much urgency inside the organization to get a look at Hackenberg in game action. That doesn’t suggest high hopes for a bright future for Hackenberg with the Jets and the offseason will tell us if there’s any future at all.

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  1. Translation: Christian Hackenberg is a 2nd round reach / bust and it would embarrass the GM if everyone got to see how terrible he is.

    We may still see him play because Petty isn’t that good and frequently gets hurt due to inability to call blocking schemes, allowing a free run by a pass rusher.

  2. It’s the JETS! What’s the strategic plan for the future? They do not seem to have one. They spent the 51st pick on Hackenberg in 2016 and he has yet to see the field! Bowles may be a good coach but its time to move into planning for the future and stop trying to win meaningless games. Play Hackenberg if for no other reason than to ensure cutting him will not come back to haunt the organization. If Bowles cannot shift to evaluate for the future or has no vision for the team the JETS will continue to flounder when compared to the Patriots, Bills and even the Dolphins dooming JETS fans to a Clevelandesque future.

  3. When Bill O’Brien did not draft Hackenberg, that should have been a clear message to everyone. Hopefully, there is still time to salvage his career.

  4. There’s no urgency, because anybody who pays attention to the Jets at all knows that Bryce Petty has potential. If it wasn’t for Fitzpatrick’s aberration of a year, and Bryce’s unfortunately timed shoulder injury when Fitz finally got benched, he would’ve had the opportunity to show what he has a long time ago. You will all see why the Jets want him to play out the year on Sunday.

  5. So remind me what the harm is in at least letting him show what he can do?! Past reports were that he was awful in practices and training camp. But sometimes players aren’t good practice players but are better in games (and vice versa). Besides, the Jets are going no where, so I don’t see the problem in letting him play.

  6. Josh McCown is a pretty good QB. However, he always gets hurt – every year. I am surprised he made it 13 games….

  7. dewey51 says:
    December 14, 2017 at 9:07 am

    When Bill O’Brien did not draft Hackenberg, that should have been a clear message to everyone. Hopefully, there is still time to salvage his career.

    Rick Smith does the drafting in Houston not O’Brien and he had just brought in Osweiler. He certainly wasn’t going to spend a 1st or 2nd rounder on Hackenburg to compete with him. The Jets took Hackenburg far too high for Smith to even consider it. Had Hackenburg been available in the 4th or 5th round where he should have gone maybe Smith would have indulged O’Brien by taking him and maybe not.

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