Brock Osweiler felt like a kid having fun in win over Colts

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Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler had one of the best games of his career on Thursday night, entering to replace an injured Trevor Siemian and leading Denver to a win in Indianapolis.

After the game, Osweiler described it as one of the most fun outings of his career.

“I was a little kid having fun tonight,” Osweiler said. “That’s really what it was. You guys all know — I’ve been on a little bit of a roller-coaster ride for the last two years. Just to go out there, “Thursday Night Football” with my teammates who I love, I was just having fun. I was going to lay it all out there. We always talk about around our building, you never know when it’s going to be your last play, your last game in this business. So just enjoy every moment, and that’s really what I was doing tonight.”

Osweiler finished the game completing 12 of 17 passes for 194 yards, with two touchdowns, no interceptions and a career-high passer rating of 147.7. Osweiler, who will be a free agent this offseason, wants to prove he can compete for a starting job somewhere, and Thursday night’s game helped that cause.

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  1. Last night’s game helped his cause??? Are you serious???

    Okay …. so let’s just look at last night’s game and maybe 1 or 2 others out of the season or two of games he’s played and just forget about the other 95% of his career. Please. It was the Colts. Give me a break.

  2. Osweiler will be one of those QBs who retire with $200 million in the bank. This guy has been a winner everywhere he’s played. I guess there must be an overabundance of good QB’s in the NFL. But of course he (along with Carson Wentz) wasn’t good enough to play in Cleveland.

  3. Brock and Paxton are too tall to be great QB’s in NFL…
    Every Coach knows this..John Elway is just a terrible judging talent and won’t let ANY Scouts help him…Thins he’s the best QB of all time and refuses help

  4. Actually, last night’s game showed exactly what he is. A mediocre, back-up level QB who occasionally can be relied on to be decent. 12 for 17 isn’t getting him another $17M guaranteed, I can promise you that.

  5. Brock you are persuasive , have the right demeanor and RICH. Have you ever considered becoming a Politician???

  6. I always thought that he was the best of the three QBs in Denver (which is not saying much). I think that we the right pieces around him, Osweiler can make some noise.

  7. Brock didn’t say he deserves a starting spot after this game….the article just implied that. All he said is this was a fun game to play in and he enjoyed it. Nice to see a player having fun doing what they do. You all are cynical as hell.

  8. Yeah…it was the Colts man. No offense Colts fans, but that team is BAD. I dont think Oswieler beating up on a team without its franchise QB and with NOTHING to play for is much of a proof that Brock is back.

  9. Trash or Smash says:

    December 15, 2017 at 8:43 am

    Brock and Paxton are too tall to be great QB’s in NFL…
    Every Coach knows this..John Elway is just a terrible judging talent and won’t let ANY Scouts help him…Thins he’s the best QB of all time and refuses help

    Right, and Drew Brees and Russell Wilson are too short. Everyone knows this. That’s why they’ll never win a super bowl. Joe Montana doesn’t have a strong enough arm. Tom Brady is too skinny. Carson Wentz didn’t play against top competition. Ryan Leaf is really the only perfect QB. He has everything the smart scouts are looking for. Right?

  10. Brock Osweiler felt like a kid having fun in win over Colts
    Then it’s no wonder that Tom Brady looks so young at the age of 40.

  11. Ah the Saga of B Osweiler.

    1) Let’s not forget that the NFL is a business. He went to Houston because they were offering a BOAT load more money then “I should still be playing” Elway.
    2) Let’s not forget that he went to Houston who is not a good team, and who’s coaches quickly found an out for blame.
    3) Let’s not forget that ALL Pro teams in Cleveland play to win the 1st round draft pick. Heck it’s like their Superbowl to them.
    4) Let’s not forget that the coach in Cleveland is 1 for 29 and has gone through how many QBs in that period?
    5) Denver brought him in after they were already having a losing season.

    B Osweiler is no Tom Brady. But common, complainers. Looks at what this kid has had to deal with!

  12. If I’m not mistaken, he has only shined when he has come in mid-game, cold, off the bench for Peyton or someone else. When he had time to practice and prepare, he can’t do it.

  13. hitwjk says:
    Starter? Oh right because that worked in Denver the 1st time, and also in Houston and Cleveland.

    Uh… yeah it did work in Denver the first time. Thats why he got a huge contract in Houston. The Texans went the playoffs last year with Osweiler, how are they doing now? Oh 4-9, I wonder why.

  14. Lets look at the teams Osweiler played with.
    1) Helped the Broncos Get the number 1 seed in the playoffs with a win over the Patriots. He left and they didnt make the playoffs again
    2) Helped Houston go to the playoffs, he was traded and the Texans are 4-9.
    3) The Browns, well they stink.

    The guy wins, even though the fans hate him.

  15. Good for him. He played the system and was rewarded.
    At least he doesn’t bash the police, gripe about playing for slave wages and kneeling which showed what a crappy citizen he was

  16. Guy has fun at his job and everyone’s a cynic.

    Remember when football was fun?
    Any given Sunday, any team might win?
    When people didn’t bring up politics, boycotts and protests on every single football thread?
    When you barely knew who the commissioner was?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers, and so do I.

    Guy has a great agent, I’ll give him that.

    But he is young and maybe didn’t have the “it” factor to lead his teams, very few do.

    I don’t blame a guy for wanting to play in the NFL and having a good time doing it.

    C’mon people, lighten up.

    I can’

  17. This game won’t be remembered for Brock, but for the most spectacular touchdown run to be called back this season.

  18. Still don’t understand why Cleveland didn’t give him a chance. Clearly better than Kizer at this stage. I guess Browns were committed to losing again this year

  19. The interview actually probably helped his job chances more than his stats in that game. Those were probably the best comments I’ve ever heard from him. He sounded genuinely happy to be playing the sport. Biggest gripe about him outside his at times poor play is he frequently is either combative, dismissive of criticism, or sounds like he doesn’t care.

  20. One bad team playing another bad team. Nothing to get excited about. Best play of the night was called back due to hold them Bolles. Looks like he will be rt tackle next year before they decide he is a bust….

  21. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing when you play a good game. He played a good game. You expect somebody to play a crappy game because the other team is having a bad year? Get real. As for the skycam, particularly the one behind the offense, CAN IT! This isn’t Madden. Fans want to see the line to gain. You want to tailor the game for 10 year olds? Have Justin Beiber in the booth. If you MUST use it, use it on replay.

  22. I always thought Osweiler needed the structure Denver would’ve given him to be successful so after he left to Houston I knew he was going to fall on his face. Especially running the Patriots offense. I’ve seen it here with Josh McDaniels and you need to be a top football mind to understand and execute that offense. Otherwise it looks like garbage.

    I think Osweiler should play the last 2 games to see if we should bring him in as the backup next season. He made some throws in that Colts game that makes you believe he has it. Musgrave simplified the offense after McCoy was fired so you could see when Osweiler isn’t thinking he can be dam good with the football.

    The book has been written on Siemian. I had a lot of hope for him but he’s crashed and burned too many times this season. Hopefully the Broncos can get some trade value for him and ship him away in the offseason. Leaving Chad Kelly, Brock Osweiler, and the new starting QB who will likely be a free agent like Kirk Cousins.

    Paxton Lynch should be cut. We found out this season during last offseason Lynch was living with his cousin in Florida eating Cheetos and playing video games instead of learning the new playbook. Certainly doesn’t sound or look like franchise QB material.

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