Eli Apple fined by Giants for tweeting during game

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It’s been a rough year for New York Giants cornerback Eli Apple.

Apple was fined an undisclosed amount by the Giants for tweeting during last Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys, according to Jordan Raanan of ESPN.com.

Apple was inactive for the game and not in uniform. However, tweeting from the sidelines, or in the immediate aftermath of games, is prohibited by the league.

“I wasn’t confused. It was just a mistake by me,” Apple said Thursday.

Apple hasn’t played in over a month as he’s been inactive for the Giants’ last four games. While the policy against tweeting is a league rule, the Giants fining him takes care of the matter and he won’t be fined by the league as well.

Giants interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo had expressed his disappointment in Apple’s decision.

Apple’s mother had brain surgery in November. He’s had trouble getting on the field at times this season, especially recently. The tweeting incident doesn’t help either, especially after Apple reportedly threatened to walk out of team headquarters as coaches and teammates questioned his effort at times. He also denied having conversations with safety Landon Collins after Collins said he had a sit down with Apple to tell him the team needed him.

It’s been a rocky sophomore season in the New York for Apple, but he says he’s still committed to the Giants and accepts his situation with the team.

“Of course. I’m blessed to be where I am right now,” Apple said. “I appreciate everything being here, alive. Football is something I love to do. It’s a blessing. You don’t want to take it for granted. I definitely want to be here, to be honest.”

5 responses to “Eli Apple fined by Giants for tweeting during game

  1. Remember when he was drafted? Peter King made him out to be the most engaging, enthusiastic, talented guy in the world.

  2. >.I definitely want to be here, to be honest.

    Translation: I will make 15 million during my rookie contract. I better not do anything to void it, else I’ll be cut on the spot.

  3. When you consider the amount of money NFL teams pay rookies to play, and the number of really, really good football players that populate the landscape pro scouts navigate every day, it amazes me why any team would put up with anything less than 110% dedication to the team and its efforts to win by every player on the roster. Any one of which could be replaced in a heartbeat by someone who’s bigger and stronger and faster and who’s sitting on a bench somewhere waiting for their chance to show what they can do. When you can feel the the guy who wants nothing better than replacing you breathing down your neck, why in the world would any player keep doing stupid things that reflect negatively on themselves, their team and their career. Are they so narcissistic that they believe the teams they are on can’t function without them, so nothing they do will ever get them released? I wish I had a job like that.

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