Hue Jackson doesn’t have much to say about John Dorsey’s remarks


On Thursday, Browns G.M. John Dorsey submitted to a radio interview that generated several significant headlines. Browns coach Hue Jackson has now met twice with the media since Dorsey said what he said.

And, based on the transcripts generated by the team, no one directly asked Jackson about the most important thing Dorsey said. Or didn’t say.

Specifically, Dorsey failed to categorically declare that Jackson will be back next year. In neither press conference was Jackson asked to react to Dorsey’s reticence to echo owner Jimmy Haslam’s claim that Jackson will definitely be back.

On Thursday, Jackson was asked whether he feels Dorsey’s support.

“I’m not going to really get into those particular things,” Jackson said. “John Dorsey has been outstanding. He is football 24/7. I have enjoyed getting to know him more and spending time with him and talking about our football team and what we need to do. Obviously, there are some good players in our locker room. The guys work extremely hard. I think John’s big focus is to try to get us more guys as we move forward on our football team that can best help us get this turned and become what we can become. He is walking up and down these halls preaching, ‘Let’s win. Let’s get to winning as fast as we can.’ I appreciate that. He is doing everything he needs to do on his end. We have to continue to keep coaching better and get our guys to play better.”

On Friday, Jackson was asked whether Dorsey explaining that the team needs to get a quarterback affects rookie DeShone Kizer.

“I would hope not at all,” Jackson said. “When you are on the team and playing quarterback, I don’t think you can worry about those things. Just me knowing DeShone, he would tell you he can only worry about what he can control. What he can control is playing well against Baltimore, finishing the season strong. Right now, none of those things matter. Like I said, John is doing an outstanding job in doing what he needs to do to continue to as we move further to put better talent on our team. I think he will look at every area of our football team and see how we can become better.”

Dorsey surely will be looking at every area of the football team. His failure to say “of course” when asked to confirm that Jackson will be back underscores the reality that every aspect of the team is being evaluated.

11 responses to “Hue Jackson doesn’t have much to say about John Dorsey’s remarks

  1. Sometimes I wonder what you (media) expect these coaches/players to say. These guys are trying to win games to save their jobs and keep their careers. So they can support their families like all of us.

    It’s like you expect them to say things that are juicy and drama filled that will upset his bosses just for your entertainment.

  2. This is Oakland all over again! If we hear him say about Dorsey: “He’s going to gut this place”, I’m going to lose my mind. Hue’s as good as gone.

  3. For Hue to be back and claim it’s all about rebuilding…

    From last season and this season, what would at least be some signs of rebuild-like improvement?

    On what would he hang his hat?

    They went from 30 to 23 in total O and from 31 to 12 in total D.

    But then you add… 0 wins…. so what really improved? If play improved, but no games won, doesn’t that point to coaching and not putting the team in position to win?

    IDK man. I like Hue, but very hard to defend a return.

  4. Hue said the right things.
    If Dorsey were smart he’d let Hue have a season with a real QB.
    Then if he stinks get rid of him.
    And at that point it will be much easier to get a good HC candidate, with a QB and all those picks making the team competitive.

  5. “Surprising” = Arrogance and Unprofessionalism

    Bashing players a team cuts is a bad look.

    And, the fact is, Dorsey has zero successes on his resume. He’s never built a winner and the Chiefs fade here is a damning assessment of his work, in essence.

    Why do these hyped GM names get hyped and why does the media ignore it?

    Have you noticed if you can’t figure out why someone was hired originally, it’s probably because they shouldn’t have been and have no real resume?

    Expect a 2-3 year failure in Cleveland for this guy….”Meet the new boss…Same as the old boss”..

  6. No rational person would say Hue is going to stay. He’s 1-28, can’t coach, develop players, run an offense or create a scheme that allows the players he has to succeed. Why would anyone want him back?

  7. A guy like Dorsey is exactly what the Browns needed. He knows what he’s doing and he’s not afraid to call out those who don’t. If Hue survives the purge, he will have earned it.

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