Jaguars newest star was recently sleeping in his car

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The Jaguars have plenty of great players. One arrived fairly recently, joining the practice squad in late September, climbing to the active roster in late October, and twice winning the AFC special-teams player of the week award since then.

Receiver Jaydon Mickens, who had been cut by the Raiders in September, had no idea whether he’d stick around in Jacksonville. Faced with the challenge of securing what could be short-term living arrangements, Mickens decided not to.

“If you’re on a month or year lease, you can’t break it,” Mickens said, via Phillip Hellman of the Florida Times-Union. “I didn’t know how long I was going to be here. You can be here for two weeks and then gone tomorrow.”

So Mickens and receiver Larry Pinkard would find a place every night to park their cars, and there they’d sleep. For Mickens, it was a no-brainer to save his money.

“You can go into an offseason and not get paid for six months,” Mickens said. “I would rather save every check if I’m on the practice squad for the whole year and have something to fall back on.”

Mickens was discreet about his choice of sleeping arrangements, telling not many teammates. He also didn’t ask the Jaguars for assistance in securing temporary arrangements.

“I came from nothing,” Mickens said. “I’ve been through way worse.”

Mickens is going through way better now; he’s the first Jaguars player ever to win the special-teams player of the week award twice, thanks to his punt-return skills.

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  1. Surely the team’s training camp facility has a dormitory? Either Mickens didn’t know this was an option or was reluctant to ask, which is understandable. If stuff like this is happening, every NFL team should clearly communicate to practice squad players that these facilities are available to them.

  2. It would be wonderful if the NFL was made up with more guys like this. Unfortunately the woman beaters, primadonnas, and kneelers are what makes news in the league.

  3. For every tool bag at the top of a roster like Bennett and Muhammad Wilkerson there are a handful of guys at the bottom. Their stories remind you there’s a lot of likeable, realistic and hard working guys in the NFL. It’s probably a safe bet that Mickens showed up early every day too.

  4. What a wonderful feel-good story about this fine young man!! Knows where he came from, and determined not to return there…many players could learn a lot from him…

  5. These are the only guys I feel sorry for while boycotting Goodell. They’ll suffer most for the failures of richer players who somehow claim the mantle of the oppressed. But I have had enough.

  6. NFL team facilities do not have dormitories. Players are temporarily housed in local hotels until they find a permanent home. Coaches sometimes sleep on couches or cots in their offices.

  7. Filed with common sense and is down to earth, most athletes and people in general can learn a lot from this guy.

  8. Great Guy and Great Story … Life lessons and doing the very best you can even with the odds are stacked up against you … This is how your suppose to live, in a Humble manor and not feel like your being cheated but appreciate everything you do have unlike most of the stars in the NFL … Great job Mickens, you will be an inspiration to alot of other people. GO JAG NATION !!!

  9. I work with the homeless people in a clinic here in SD. Jaydon Mickens I will sing your praises this coming week. Can’t wait. “Hey did you hear about this football player?” You sir are an inspiration. And two time ST player of the week. As has been said: You keep your nose to the grindstone and something good will happen. You make your own luck.

  10. These are the type of guys that would suffer the most if there’s a work stoppage when the next CBA is being negotiated. So, it’s best not to rely on that as your only source of income.

  11. Much respect to you, M. Mickens. Your priorities are well in order and I wish you a long, healthy, storied career.

  12. Hell yes. Love this. I bet this guy doesn’t do anything stupid to ruin his chance. I’ll be rooting for him.

  13. sukitspanos says:
    December 16, 2017 at 12:30 pm
    It would be wonderful if the NFL was made up with more guys like this. Unfortunately the woman beaters, primadonnas, and kneelers are what makes news in the league.
    This is like saying murderers, reckless drivers, and jaywalkers are ruining America.

  14. fosnomore says:
    December 16, 2017 at 1:02 pm
    NFL practice squad players make a minimum of $7200 a week. Your telling me that those guys could not afford a $40 a night motel 6?
    And they might only get paid for that 1 week for the whole year, while trying out or waiting for another call. Might as well save money and not pretend you earn a $7200 week salary because you fell into it once.

  15. If only they had temporary quarters where you can pay by the night. And maybe they provide basic things such as little shampoo bottles and soaps, and even maid service.

    We can only imagine.

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