Derek Carr admits that he’s trying to do too much

Getty Images

The Raiders have struggled this year, and Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has been taking as much of the blame as he possibly can. In an interview with NBC’s Michele Tafoya, Carr explained that one of the problems is that he’s simply trying to do too much to help the team win.

“I will try an do too much,” Carr told Tafoya. “I think that’s my biggest weakness, is I try and do too much, think too much, try and make the perfect situation a little bit more perfect.”

Moving forward, he’s trying not to try to do too much.

“I’m just going to go play and have fun,” Carr said. “Everything that’s gone on this season’s been a big rollercoaster. We’ve had some times where we look like we should, and then we’ve had some times that we look like we don’t even know who that is on the film. So this is definitely a game and opportunity where I can promise you my number one focus is to go out there and have fun.”

The best way to have fun is to win. If the Raiders don’t win tonight against the Cowboys, they’re likely done for the year.