Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

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In October, he hinted at starting a new football league. He may instead buy a team in the league that already exists.

Sean Combs a/k/a Diddy has expressed an interest in buying the team.

“I would like to buy the Panthers,” Diddy tweeted. “Spread the word. . . . There are no majority African American NFL owners. Let’s make history.”

There’s no word to spread. If he can put the money together to make a competitive bid, he can buy the team. Ultimately, it depends on how much he’ll pay — and how much other groups are willing to pay.

Then there’s the question of league approval. But given that the league has no African-American owners, if Diddy can at least match what someone else is offering, the right play could be to approve him as the next owner of the franchise.

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  1. So if everything is just about equal, he should get the team because he is black? That is, by definition, racism.

    Personally, if I have two parties, who want to buy my house for the same price, I let them both know they need to bid higher or the other side wins the negotiation.

  2. Diddy has alot of money, and will be able to pull in several other big investors. He has just as goo as a chance as anyone. He just has to bid the highest.

  3. Does he have the money? Close to a billion to get it done. “Pass the word around” sounds more like “pass the hat around” or, “let’s get anonymous social media support and demand that Richardson sell it to an African American owner for a fraction of the cost, otherwise its racism from Richardson and the NFL”
    No need to pass the word around. Open your wallet and outbid the others. That’s how ownership and capitalism works.

  4. Are there any sexist comments or lyrics in his past? We know that by today’s rules that means you must be immediately fired or worse. Or would he get an exclusion from the new witch trials for some reason?

  5. As per NFL bylaws, he’d have to own 50.1%. In September, Forbes valued the team at $2.3 billion. After the damage that’s been done to the league this year, let’s say $2.0 billion. If he’s got $1.2 billion just siting around somewhere, more power to him.

  6. The NFL will jump at the opportunity to have a minority owner just like their commitment to diversity, player safety and salute to the military.

    If you think they’re going to have their ‘Good Ole Boys’ network broken up, then I’ve got some prime real estate to sell you in Siberia.

  7. If he would get to buy it cheaper because of the NFL wanting an African American owner, then I’m going to sue the NFL!

    But I’m sure in today’s society, that he will get to buy it for 70-85% of its value, even though someone else could and would pay more. Just because of all of the race garbage and kneeling and everything else now.

  8. Does he have a criminal record? I believe he does but perhaps am wrong. If so, he can probably forget about being approved as majority owner.

  9. we give stuff to people who cant afford things everyday in this country…if Diddy cant afford to buy the panthers the NFL should just give it to him!!

  10. Yeah, think it would be cool for the league but since now we are going years if not decades back into someone’s past…there’s a lot of baggage there.

  11. Jordan should buy the team. Actually Jordan should sell his stake in the Bobcats and pool all of his money to find the fountain of youth. He needs to play again!

  12. jerrykill4pres says:
    December 18, 2017 at 12:34 am
    If he would get to buy it cheaper because of the NFL wanting an African American owner, then I’m going to sue the NFL!

    LOL. You’re going to sue the NFL? For what? The only thing more pathetic than people going through life looking for handouts is people going through life looking to sue everyone.

  13. The idea of Puffy, Jay Z, Queen Bey, and Dr. Dre pooling resources to buy a team obviously has a lot of you in terror, but here’s a much more frightening scenario. What if the Kardashians buy a team and then Ryan Seacrest turns that into a TV show?

    I’m amazed by the level of ire that comes out for suggesting someone who isn’t white might even be thinking about being part of a group of owners buying a team. You guys must have lost it when Shahid Khan became the owner of the Jags.

    You can bet that Magic Johnson has his people putting together numbers — he’s got the money to be Mr. 51%. In the past, Rodney Peete has shown interest in being part of a group bidding on an NFL franchise. Michael Jordan might want in on something like this.

    Be thankful Giselle doesn’t have enough money to buy the franchise and put her husband in charge of it!

  14. That’s the thing, Ivan Pavlov…

    You notice how all the complaints about how much money is made in sports is ALWAYS directed at players… never the owners.

    But then once someone non-White aspires (and has the means to put together a group of investors) to become an owner, suddenly it’s a problem.

    It’s all about keeping the foot on the throat and preventing anyone from threatening the establishment income structure for those whose thumbs have been on the scales for far too long as it is.

  15. Ivan Pavlov says:
    December 18, 2017 at 9:21 pm
    The idea of Puffy, Jay Z, Queen Bey, and Dr. Dre pooling resources to buy a team obviously has a lot of you in terror, but here’s a much more frightening scenario.

    Not at all. We love the idea of faux royalty falling all over their own self importance.

    The NFL is not like selling music to an audience that is comprised mostly of under 25’s with no $ by playing on their prejudices.

  16. detroitfanatic says:
    December 21, 2017 at 12:09 am
    He could save on the salary cap by just “sampling” other team’s players.

    Well done. Best comment I’ve seen on here in a while, actually.

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