Doug Pederson: Nick Foles “handled himself extremely well”

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The Eagles did something on Sunday that had not been done in the NFL since the 2011 season.

Quarterback Nick Foles threw four touchdown passes in a 34-29 win over the Giants a week after Carson Wentz threw four touchdowns before tearing his ACL in a win over the Rams. That’s the first time that two different quarterbacks have thrown at least four touchdowns for the same team in consecutive games since Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn did it for the 2011 Packers and it’s a sign of how smoothly the shift in quarterbacks went for the Eagles.

Foles hit four different receivers for those touchdowns and was 24-of-38 for 237 yards in a performance that made quarterback the least of the team’s worries on Sunday.

“I thought he played well — really well,” coach Doug Pederson said, via “I’m sure there’s some things he’d like to do over obviously, each game is going to be that way, but I thought he handled himself extremely well.”

Foles will get an extra day to prepare for a Christmas night matchup with the Raiders and Oakland’s work this season suggests he’ll have chances to make the same kind of plays he did against the Giants.

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  1. Foles played well for his first start with this team. What the heck happened to Schwarties D?? That was messy as can be. They actually still have a good chance to win through the playoffs with Foles, but not if the defense can’t turn itself around. This was such a strong group just a couple of weeks ago. They really need to all take a good look at this game and figure out what the problem is. Defense win championships, and this one doesn’t look like a Champ right now. I feel Foles can take this team all the way as long as the rest of the teams steps up and plays at a high level. That garbage today that allowed 400+ yards isn’t going to cut it.

  2. maurysline says:
    December 17, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    NYG -29th ranked pass defense….26th overall defense.

    Yep….Nick Foles was amazing.


    You mad, bro?

  3. He surely wasn’t perfect….but would rather have Foles out there as a backup than probably 10 of the other QB stables in the league. Houston, Cleveland, Miami, Buffalo, Jets, just off the top of my head. Reality is, 34 points isn’t bad for his first chance to really knock off some rust. Oakland and more importantly Dallas (if he plays) will be a better litmus test for their offense.

    All a non issue if the D keeps giving up 400+ passing yds to the likes of Eli and his band of merry men.

  4. Anytime you get your backup QB to go into the game, throw 4 TDs, and not turn over the ball much (or in this all), it is a great day. Regardless of how poor the opposing defense is (this case, the Giants).

    Also, take into account that he also led the Eagles for more than a quarter vs a top team (LA Rams, so that should count for something too). All in all, 5 quarters of good QB play. I also think this is the best offense he’s had around him.

    I dont think the question should be.. Is he capable? With 27-3 long behind us, I think throwing 5 TDs in 5 quarters tells us he can, and now. But can the birds keep him in position to be successful? That, my ProFootballTalkFriends, will be the question.

  5. Couple haters of Files I The rankings are misleading. This same defense ( mostly) was a top defense last year. Their defensive line is still great with Vernon and JPP….but anyway. Foles isn’t going to be their problem. Nor will the TBs , RBs

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