NFL believes Michael Bennett was indeed trying to get the ball

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As MDS recently explained it, the NFL needs to explain why Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett wasn’t fined or suspended for diving at the knees of Jaguars center Brandon Linder. While the league has not yet provided an on-the-record explanation (it may be coming at the next Joe Lockhart media briefing), a source with knowledge of the situation has explained the league’s interpretation of the situation to PFT.

“Bennett wasn’t fined because the video does not show him making an attempt to cut the center,” the source said. “The video clearly shows he was looking to swipe the ball and his body never went forward. The center was at fault for the post-snap [interaction].”

Reasonable minds may differ on whether that explanation is sufficient. But that’s the NFL’s position, and it likely will be the same explanation if/when Lockhart is asked about it by a reporter, as soon as Monday.

19 responses to “NFL believes Michael Bennett was indeed trying to get the ball

  1. Oh stop guys. Anyone that saw the video, which is pretty much everyone, knows he was trying to injure. The video shows the ball long since snapped, evem guys standing around in the backfield because the play is finishing up, and Bennett us going for kbees. And then he stays at it, he grabs the leg and starts twisting it, then after that he tackles the guy and piles on top of him. Only the NFL and dishonest Seahawk homers are still trying to say otherwise.

  2. Of course that’s what the league believes. The league under Goodell has figured out that if you start with the desired outcome then work backwards things are much simpler. When faced with deciding whether a MOTY candidate from a favored owner’s team was repeating well known and previously exhibited douchey behavior or if it could be passed off as the fault of the opposing low profile player the decision practically makes itself, which of course makes the excuse…er…explanation…much easier.

  3. How can anyone with functioning eyes say that Linder was responsible for Bennett repeatedly rolling into him and on him?

  4. Basically, Linder was at fault because Linder’s a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Just like how it was okay for A.J. Green to grab Jalen Ramsey around his neck, throw him to the ground, pounce on him and start throwing punches. Totally Ramsey’s fault for wearing teal.

  5. This just in–the league announced shortly thereafter that it officially recognizes Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy.

  6. Has the “swiping at the ball” move ever worked in the NFL? I remember when Schiano tried to justify it when he was coaching Tampa Bay and no one could produce an example where it was successful in the NFL or even FBS college football.

    If it never works and leads to situations where centers believe defensive players are trying to injure them, why not make it illegal due to player safety concerns.

  7. EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO SAY!!! If you actually watch the video and remove your biased hatred while watching it (if possible) then you will see the light!

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