NFL will investigate Jerry Richardson allegations

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As of Friday, the NFL had no comment about the allegations of workplace misconduct against Panthers owner Jerry Richardson. As of Sunday, the NFL does.

“The league will conduct the investigation,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT.

Note the language; not “an” investigation. “The” investigation. Which means that the investigation that the Panthers were planning to investigate will be placed on hold, perhaps permanently.

It’s the right thing for the league to do. The alleged conduct falls under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy. Issues of consistency compel the league to handle this situation the same way it would handle allegations against anyone else — players, coaches, executives, etc.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the league will retain an outside law firm to conduct the investigation.

However it plays out, this one will be watched very closely by the NFL and everyone connected to it. The first step will be to gather the facts, and to determine whether and to what extent the allegations can be corroborated. Once that information is harvested, it will become easier for the league to make decisions about what should be done.

For now, the right thing is being done. The Panthers should not be investigating the team’s owner, especially since a league investigation was inevitable. If anything, the team investigation would have been a dry run that, intentionally or not, could have shaped the evidence and prepared the witnesses for the looming arrival of the league’s investigators.

Which could be why the Panthers wanted to do the investigation in the first place.

25 responses to “NFL will investigate Jerry Richardson allegations

  1. Well, that should make everyone feel all warm & fuzzy, since they are getting an “outside” law firm to do the investigation! We know they will be totally “unbiased”……

  2. Facts do matter, as we’ve seen plenty of sports and non-sports incidents where the media convicted people before the evidence rolled in. We need much more than “allegations”, before saying Richardson is guilty of anything.

  3. At least the NFL is improving, it only took them days to get their act together instead of weeks and months.

    If Goodell can suspend players with little evidence against them then what will he do to the Owner?
    Of course being suspended for an owner just means watching a game or two at home.

  4. It’s pretty interesting that a couple of days into this latest accusation, that none of the news hounds have been able to sniff out exactly what the Big Cat has been accused of doing on his workplace. Maybe Jay Glazer will give us the scoopage ini a few minutes during Fox’s pregame show.

  5. Since no one has “leaked” the details, it must not be groping or some other type of sexual harassment. No effort to convict him in the court of public opinion is surprising also.

  6. The alleged conduct falls under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.
    As far as I have seen, no allegations have been made public. That means that you either guessing here and presenting your speculation as fact or you simply haven’t bothered to inform the readers if you know what the allegations are. The conduct MAY fall under the conduct policy but you can’t say that it does without knowing exactly what the allegations are.

  7. Did he harass someone in the office? Does he know of staff/players/managers/coordinators doing that? Just exactly what the hell is going on there?

    NFL investigating? Well…nobody tells the truth THAT way. Get real – and pray to God that someone in that organization spills the beans.

  8. Since the statement was made here that the alleged conduct falls under the conduct policy can you please pass along what the alleged conduct is?
    I haven’t seen any specifics of the “alleged” conduct so it would be fabulous for PFT to share this with us.
    Please follow up with the facts.

  9. In 2018, looking at a woman for longer than 2 seconds will be sexual harassment. Even if she’s wearing yoga pants with camel toe showing.

  10. If they are going to come down on the players on these type of issues (which they should), they need to hold the owners and any other employees to the same standards. I would even posit that owners should maybe be held to higher standards.

  11. If the allegations are true, what will they do ? A slap on the wrist, suspension, fine ? It’s funny that owners were reportedly wanting to oust Jerry Jones from the Cowboys over the suing the league because of the Goodell extension, these allegations are way more serious and the league probably won’t do much. Goes to show what their priorities are.

  12. This will be interesting. While I applaud the NfL’s “ decision”
    ( they really had no choice) I am more interested in the procedure
    and standard of proof. Should an owner be subjected to the same
    standard as a player? Which is in reality …is whatever the commissioner
    In the many investigations of player misconduct the NFL ‘s own counsel
    has admitted in open court and on the record that the front office
    had made many mistakes in its investigation only to point out to the court
    that it did not matter because the CBA did not require the league to insure
    any level of accuracy. The CBA also does not guarantee simple rights
    like access to experts or witnesses.
    So in short, this will be very interesting.

  13. JustBlameTrumpOrRussia says:
    December 16, 2017 at 8:32 pm
    None of this will matter when Jax overtakes the #2 seed and Pats fall to Ravens in divisional round. Bill has lost his innovation and ability to find nobody’s off the street. He will retire after a crushing loss to Baltimore, and Brady will be exposed for the system QB he is. Facts.

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    it is because they are working so hard to cover this up…the payoff is coming, it is just a matter of how
    much the victims will take to keep quiet

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