Rams take control of NFC West with dominating 42-7 win over Seattle


The Rams took control of Sunday’s game early and never let go. They now have control of the NFC West.

Los Angeles thumped Seattle 42-7 in a battle for NFC West supremacy, giving the Rams a two-game lead over the Seahawks with two games to play. The Rams (10-4) last made the playoffs in 2004 when they qualified with an 8-8 record. The franchise’s last winning season came in 2003 when it went 12-4.

The Rams finish the regular season at Tennessee and at home against the 49ers.

Seattle, which has won three of the past four division titles, has work left — and now in need of help — to secure its sixth consecutive playoff appearance. The Seahawks (8-6) have games left at Dallas and at home against the Cardinals.

The Rams led 13-0 after the first quarter, 34-0 at halftime and coasted in the second half in handing the Seahawks their worst home loss since a 41-3 spanking to the Jets in 1997. The Rams won all three phases as Todd Gurley, Aaron Donald and Pharoh Cooper all had huge days.

Gurley rushed for 152 yards and three touchdowns on 21 carries and caught three passes for 28 yards and a touchdown, giving him four total touchdowns and 180 yards from scrimmage on 24 touches.

Donald had three sacks, five tackles, two tackles for loss, four quarterback hits and a tackle for loss. Robert Quinn contributed two sacks and a forced fumble.

Cooper returned seven punts for 128 yards, including a 53-yarder to the 1-yard line, and two kickoffs for 52 yards.

The Seahawks managed only 149 yards as they allowed seven sacks, had two turnovers and gave up a safety on an intentional grounding call. Wilson completed 14 of 30 passes for 142 yards with a touchdown and ran five times for 39 yards.

The Rams had 244 rushing yards as Malcolm Brown replaced Gurley and had 10 carries for 45 yards, and Tavon Austin had 10 carries for 44 yards.

Jared Goff completed 14 of 21 passes for 120 yards with two touchdowns and an interception.

The victory was as easy as they come.

Of the Rams’ first seven possessions, only one started in their own end of the field. Their average starting position for their 14 drives was their own 47.

34 responses to “Rams take control of NFC West with dominating 42-7 win over Seattle

  1. My team is 4-10 and is done this year. But when The Seahawks lose, it makes the week just a little better. They didnt even lose, they got blown out. Doesn’t that make every other fan base feel a little better? The window is closed on Seattle. Not even gonna get into the playoffs. Sore losers and their fans are just as bad. They will scatter to new teams to root for. 2012’s, its over. And that feels so good.

  2. No doubt about the best team in the West.Rams wanted it today. In control from start to finish.

    Donald was a monster today, has 11 sacks this year. Gurley ran wild, 17 TDs on the season. Both these guys earning serious consideration for Defensive/Offensive player of the year.

  3. The way the Seahawks have been playing this season, players getting ejected, nonstop stupid penalties to give the opposing team free first downs, relying exclusively on the quarterback to play running back, the biggest question I have is whether or not the Rams beat the spread….

  4. 49ers have there franchise QB and looking at Wilson and Seattle also have the best QB IN THE NFC WEST! GET USE TO IT HATERS. THEY HAVE 100 MILLION IN CAP SPACE AND WILL FIX THAT OLINE AND OFFENSE AND BUILD AROUND JIMMY! They also will get that 2nd round draft pick and then some when they trade down in April’s draft. Get use to it haters and Seattle trolls. How does your dynasty look now.. NOBODY HAS IT BETTER! GET SOME!

  5. Rams fans , huge congrats to you guys , what a great football team . Torch is passed , but I know Hawks will come back strong next season when guys get healthy . Go get a Superbowl if you can LA .

    Every team has good fans and players , and some jerks . Please excuse ours . I’ve been a season ticket holder for years and seen both .

    Go Hawks !

  6. Not a Rams fan but Aaron Donald might not just be the best defensive tackle in the NFL, the guy might be the best defensive player in the NFL period. The guy is a man among boys out there.

  7. |So, what is the tie-breaker the Seahawks have that kept the Rams from clinching the division?


    The Rams lose their next 2 games

    Seattle wins it’s next 2 games

    The Rams and Seahawks would be tied at 10-6.

    The tie-breaker that would give Seattle the division title is games WITHIN the division. Seattle would end up 6-0 in the division while the Rams would end up 5-1.

  8. There Rams and Niners have the best head coaches and QBs in the division. The Rams have their team in place and will keep building, the Niners have tons of money to build their team. It’s going to be fun watching these two teams battle it out for the division for years to come. Nobody else can compete in that division.

  9. Seattle sure has had it coming, haven’t they? When the house comes crashing down, it comes down HARD.

  10. If anyone thought the Seahawks were a legitimate playoff team this season… well, there’s your proof. They desperately needed this game to stay in the playoff hunt and just simply didn’t show up.

    I’m curious to see what kind of plan Schnieder and Carroll have for next year. The Seahawks need to take a close hard look at some things or they could find themselves on a pretty steep downslope fairly quickly.

  11. @ Rene house. How do you figure the Hawks at 6-0 within the division? They just lost to the Rams.

  12. motleytrap says:
    December 17, 2017 at 7:52 pm
    No doubt about the best team in the West.Rams wanted it today. In control from start to finish.

    Donald was a monster today, has 11 sacks this year. Gurley ran wild, 17 TDs on the season. Both these guys earning serious consideration for Defensive/Offensive player of the year.

    And they lost last week to the Iggles! Lol Fly Eagles Fly!

  13. I had picked the rams to win in my betting pool. But I thought Seattle would have atleast slowed them down a little. But nope! Boy Seattle has fallen. Right now I don’t even think they could beat a D3 school. But hey, it’s good karma. Can’t stand the players or coach, or fans for that matter.

    Rams…. man what a turnaround that franchise has had. New coach, QB playing lights out, gurley playing like a stud, and one of the top D lines in the league. The door for this team is just starting to open……..

  14. Rooting for the Cowpies to finish off the Sea Gulls’ remaining hopes for another postseason appearance. The Cardinals are waiting for their turn to beat Seattle, and give them an 8-8 record for this season. My prediction is that LA, Philly, NO, Carolina, Minnesota and Atlanta will be the NFC playoff teams.

  15. it’s a great win for the Rams – and they deserve all credit for turning their team around in such a short window.

    Hawks were awful yesterday, but aren’t as bad as the score reflects. They’re just 2 weeks removed from beating a hot Eagles team that beat these same Rams in LA last week. It was one of those games, we’ve all seen them, where things snowballed. And it’s not an excuse, but just reality, to note the last couple injuries to our two starting LB’s were too much to overcome for a team that relies so heavily on its defense. We just had too much talent on the sidelines, and not enough on the field to compete yesterday.

    I’ve got no beef w the Rams though, they’ve got a creative-minded coach, and a good young roster — hope they do well the rest of the way.

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