Report: Andrew Luck may need biceps tendon surgery

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Colts owner Jim Irsay gave a brief update about quarterback Andrew Luck from the league meetings last week and said that there is “nothing ominous” in Luck’s right shoulder while adding that there’s no surgery planned at the moment.

That plan could reportedly change once Luck returns from his trip to Europe to get treatment on the shoulder.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Luck will begin a throwing program once he returns to the U.S. and that program will determine whether he needs “corrective surgery on his biceps tendon.” Mortensen reports that Luck is optimistic that things will go well, but that surgery will be an option if pain returns once he resumes throwing.

The surgery comes with a 3-6 month recovery timeline and they’d like to know if it’s needed by mid-January, which means Luck should be back on these shores soon with a better idea of his medical outlook after a lost 2017 season.

49 responses to “Report: Andrew Luck may need biceps tendon surgery

  1. This is so disheartening. There is such a lack of QB talent in this league right now, and love or hate Luck/Colts, the games are so much more competitive when he’s playing. The NFL can’t bear to lose any additional star QB’s, or we’ll be down to watching RG3 and Fitzpatrick in 2018.

  2. Is anyone else wondering if Luck going to end up like Chad Pennington? Chad looked like was on his way to being a very good quarterback in league. However his shoulder injuries robbed him of that chance.

  3. Look at some of the quarterbacks starting in the league right now.
    Case Keenum
    Blaine Gabbert
    Mitchel Trubisky
    TJ Yates
    Tyrod Taylor
    Drew Stanton
    Jay Cutler
    Bryce Petty
    Jacoby Brissett
    DeShon Kizer
    Blake Bortles
    Nick Foles
    See any Hall of Famers?

  4. My guess is that they are talking about doing a biceps tenodesis when they refer to biceps surgery. One of the biceps tendons goes up through the AC joint in the shoulder. After a shoulder injury, there can be an impingement whereby this tendon doesn’t move smoothly in the joint which creates pain and reduces strength. The surgery involves cutting that tendon so that it no longer passes through the shoulder joint. Instead, you drill a hole thru the upper arm bone and anchor the tendon there. I had this surgery and am thrilled with the results. I after rehab, I regained strength and ROM and my pain is largely nonexistent. However, when discussing this option with my surgeon, he explained that there has been some evidence that it negatively impacts athletes that depend on overhead throwing motions like Pitchers, Tennis Players, and QBs. Not necessarily dramatically but measurably. Also, I had a 99th percentile recovery from my surgery – I’m 50 and was able to play basketball again after 7 weeks (when the doc told me it would 13 and my PT said 20) – however, when I started throwing a football after 10 weeks it hurt A LOT. I hadn’t experienced that kind of pain since the first 2 weeks after the surgery. It took months before I was able to throw with little pain.

  5. Regardless…according to the Colts he’ll be on track to start game 1 next season and if not he’ll be probable for the week after. Let’s see how long Irsay can milk this with the fans.

  6. @darcrequiem

    You could be right, but Penningtons injuries were caused due to his body he actually had solid teams around him. With Luck it was the result of Irsay putting his greed over the health and longetivity of his franchise QB.

    I hope Irsay sells the team for the Colts fans sake, I can guarantee teams like the Jets, Bills, Titans, and Miami wouldn’t of bungled this situation as bad as Irsay has if they were given the opportunity to draft Andrew.

  7. Whatever it takes to get out of the Irsay House Of Vicodin. God knows how many “Me toos” are coming Jimbo’s way?!

  8. I have some perspective on this, because I actually had this surgery one month ago today. They repaired the ruptured tendon arthroscopically, and then cut a two-inch incision in my inner arm by my armpit so they could cut the tendon off where it was anchored previously, and drilled a hole in my upper arm and re-attached the tendon there so it’d have a better place to anchor. After a month, I’m now at the point where I can pick up an empty mug and carry it around with that arm, but, if I fill that mug up, it’s too heavy to carry.

    Sure, I’m no professional athlete and don’t have access to the kinds of resources Andrew Luck does, but I’m not going to be allowed to even use the muscles in the shoulder for at least a few more weeks if I’m lucky. My arm strength is absolutely zero at this point, and, presuming he goes through the same thing, there’s zero chance of three months; I was even told by my surgeon and physical therapist I’m well ahead of the normal curve for recovery, and I can’t imagine being able to do anything with this arm two months from now.

  9. Colts broke him.

    They were too dumb not to protect their most valuable asset with the best O-Line money could buy and draft. Oh well, I guess it is hard to think clearly when you are on prescription drugs.

  10. Wait, so the story goes by June he’ll be healed up, if he even needs this surgery?
    The amount of pessimism/glee (classy Patriots fans) isn’t supported by anything I just read..

    I expect to see him under center week 1 next season.

  11. Sounds like the Colts need to clear out whatever department of the company has been trying to treat him. All this time missed and he still isn’t right? I have always thought he was a little overhyped, but with the injuries we may never know what he could have been.

  12. 12444uggg says:
    December 17, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    I expect to see him under center week 1 next season.

    So you expect next season what your owner told you to expect this season?
    I can’t speak for others but I take no joy in an injury to anyone particularly a starter. The game itself loses when it’s better players can’t take the field. Pats fans having an antipathy towards your owner and last 2 GM’s shouldn’t surprise you but I agree anyone not pulling for Luck to get back is just a db.

  13. red says:
    December 17, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    “best cant miss prospect since john elway” yeah right.
    He was …being injured doesn’t change that.

  14. “So you expect next season what your owner told you to expect this season?”

    Yes and it has nothing to do with the owner or anything he say’s. It has to do with medicine and the human body’s ability to heal. Crazy, right?

  15. This is actually good news for Luck. They didn’t know what was causing his shoulder pain and it could be career threatening. They know what it is now and worst case scenario (another surgery), they still won’t have to operate on the shoulder for the second time.

  16. 12444uggg says:
    December 17, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Yes and it has nothing to do with the owner or anything he say’s. It has to do with medicine and the human body’s ability to heal. Crazy, right?
    I hope he does makes it back, but it’s optimistic to think that he will be back week 1 next season or, if he does make it back, that he’ll be the same guy.

  17. babygaga19 says:
    December 17, 2017 at 3:11 pm
    When was Luck was healthy, what did he do? I missed it.

    He’s still young and his career is far from over. No, he’s not the GOAT, another Brady or Peyton.

    But, we know it’s a QB driven league. You better have a good one or you’re SOL.

    In 2014, Luck was
    3rd in the league in passing yards.
    7th in QB rating
    7th in yards per attempt
    Led the league in TD passes

    In 2015 he was hurt and only played 7 games.

    In 2016, playing through injuries, Luck was.

    Threw 5th most TD passes in the league
    8th most passing yards
    9th highest QB rating
    5th highest yards per pass attempt.

    The point most are making in the comments is how the injuries have affected him. He missed a lot of games in 2015, played through injuries in 2016 and missed all of this season.

    He’s won a few playoff games too already.

    The point is that he’s easily a top 10 QB in the league.

    The Colts haven’t done a good job at protecting him. They have a legit top ten QB, who could be top 5 in the league with even an average O-line.

    He didn’t fold in the playoffs, winning games, going a round deeper in 3 straight years in the playoffs.

    There is a lot to like about Luck as a QB. He’s smart, has a ton of talent and has already produced in the NFL.

    Some semblance of a team around him and it would be fun to watch him play.

    His talent is being wasted (and destroyed).

    Look at how many teams need QB’s in the NFL. Look at who are starting games.

    Luck is a legit top 10 QB in the league when healthy. He’s more than good enough to get a team where it wants to go, but not by himself.

    Those who know pro football know it’s the ultimate team game. One player can’t do it alone.

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