Report: Marvin Lewis to leave Bengals after season

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After 15 seasons in Cincinnati, Marvin Lewis is moving on.

Lewis will leave the Bengals after this season, ESPN reported this morning.

That’s no surprise: Lewis did a good job turning the Bengals around early in his tenure in Cincinnati, but more recently he has struggled, with two straight losing seasons. And Lewis still hasn’t won a playoff game.

But the ESPN report suggested that it’s more Lewis who wants to move on from the Bengals than the Bengals who want to move on from Lewis. One sticking point, according to the report, is that Lewis believes his assistants have been “treated unfairly financially.” Bengals owner Mike Brown has been accused of pinching pennies in the past, and the report indicates that Lewis and the coaching staff are sick of it.

It’s unclear whether Lewis could coach anywhere else in 2018, or who the Bengals may hire. But it looks like for the first time since Dick LeBeau was fired after the 2002 season, Cincinnati is looking for a new head coach.

69 responses to “Report: Marvin Lewis to leave Bengals after season

  1. Lewis should get a lot of credit – in 15 seasons he took the Bengals from being totally irrelevant, to having AJ Green on the team.

  2. Mike Brown would penny pinch the only coach that would coach under Mike Brown for over a decade. Record aside, I really don’t think many others would stay long as he did just because of the allegations of being cheap were/are pretty notorious.

  3. Thank God ….. Merry Christmas Cincinnati.
    Marvin checked out about 5 years ago.
    He has no emotion on the sidelines.
    Just stands there with arms crossed as his team faulters with no discipline.

    Just once why can’t he grab someone by the facemask and yell & spit in their face as
    he tells them if they do it again they will be cut by halftime !!!

    Where is Bill Cowher ?

    Please, please, Redskins don’t fire Jay Gruden … he’ll be right back in Cincy.

  4. The Bengals are one of the reasons I actually like Jimmy Haslam. At least Haslam is trying to win. The Bengals habit of pinching pennies, rather than trying to win is the worst kept secret in the NFL. A new coach isn’t going to change anything. The Bengals will start putting together a list of coaching candidates that they can hire on the cheap. In five years from now Bengals fans will be missing Marvin Lewis.

  5. niners816 says:
    December 17, 2017 at 10:24 am
    Aka: you are fired at the end of the season, but we will let you save face.

    Do not give Mike Brown that much credit, Marvin was staying if he wanted to for sure. Which is why being a Bengal fan may be the toughest thing to be in all of sports (Cleveland fans at least have fun draft days).

  6. I have no opinion on Marvin leaving. He’s had his successes – he isn’t a bad coach. But I do think the way that organization works, especially financially, doesn’t help their chances of winning. It just isn’t run very well and eventually your people are going to want to check out. While a gig like the Browns would be attractive to me as a leader (chance to turn around 20 years of futility), I am not sure a gig like the Bengals would be because of its well-known reputation for pinching the pennies. Teams cannot win that way.

    Good luck Marvin. You had good, you had bad. But you did bring this team out of the cellar despite it kicking and screaming along the way.

  7. He’s another Marty Schottenheimer — he’ll always have a good record but will never win the big games.

  8. “kamthechancellor says:

    Arizona would be a perfect fit for him…they can’t win playoff games either.”

    How fitting. You can always count on someone from Seattle to say something stupid, be it from their SJWs or their fans.

    Last I checked, AZ went to the NFC Championship game a few years ago. But don’t let facts get in the way.

  9. Poor Ohio pro football fans. They should just merge the two sad teams and call them
    the Clevelinnati Browngals

  10. As a Steelers fan, I was initially disappointed. You could always count on Marv losing the big games. However, knowing the ownership, they will probably find a way to make it worse. Even though the Bengals put together a few good regular seasons, it will continue to be the Ravens and Steelers for the foreseeable future.

  11. I wish Mike McCarthy had the decency to step down like Marvin Lewis does. But he doesn’t. And that makes us Packers fans sad. Very. Very. Sad.

  12. Bengal fans are going to see how hampered Lewis has been in his tenure there. The roster improvements made after he came back in 2011 are solely on what he negotiated in his contract to allow him and the personnel department, namely Duke Tobin, to do without Brown interfering so much. But they’ll learn where the real problem lies in the next few years.

  13. Seattle fans aren’t allowed to clown on Cardinal fans. I’m pretty sure I just heard another one say….’If we didn’t lose Johnson and then Carson…..we’d probably be…..’

  14. Masterful job by Lewis and his people of totally turning around the narrative from him being fired as a failed coach to him leaving voluntarily because he doesn’t like the way ownership treats his assistants.

  15. Doesn’t Marvin have a Superbowl ring? He’s never shown it that I’ve seen. Their new coach is probably on staff now, that’s how Brown rolls.

  16. Unfortunately, mutually parting ways with the HC won’t turn things around if you keep the rest of the coaching staff intact. It’s honorable that Lewis fought for the other coaches, but Lazor isn’t an NFL OC. Alexander isn’t an NFL line coach. I’m starting to have doubts about Guenther being an NFL DC.

    Lewis turned the Bengals around, and they had some really exciting seasons under him. Bengals fans shouldn’t forget the good things he did, but it was past time to move on.

    A new HC running the show in ‘18 and a top 10 pick in May, Merry Christmas, Bengals fans.

  17. Wait…he’s leaving because his assistants aren’t getting paid enough? How much are they going to make when they are fired by a new head coach? That makes about as much sense as throwing away a new car because you got a flat tire! Based on some of the players he historically lured to Cincy, he’d make a better prison warden anyways.

  18. please come too CLE and bring dalton with u if it give KIZER time too really DEVELOP him and or another ROOKIE QB trade 1 of those 1st round picks

  19. It would be better news if Mike Brown sold the team. I’d keep Lewis over Mike Brown.

    Oh, and Paul Alexander needs to go to. Now.

  20. I’m gonna miss the deer in the headlights look on his face every playoff game, the same look Andy Reid gets every year too.

  21. Aside from jay Hayes I can think of no assistants that left the team for a lateral move. If they were so underpaid you wouldn’t have so many coaches that have been with Marvin since the beginning

  22. 345 Park Ave. Just announced there is no job available for Lewis, plus they already have too many losers employed there.

  23. The biggest issue with hiring the next HC from in-house is that there won’t be any new FA players to bring in with the HC. One of the keys to the turnaround was that when Marvin took over, Marvin brought a few players with him to Cincy and so did the coordinators. Especially on D. The last few years they have promoted from within and, as a result, not attract free agents. Several bad drafts and players leaving the team have led to the current situation.

    With the current winning issues, the team is back to the ‘No one wants to go to the Bengals’ mode that they were in during the late 90s and early 2000s. And the only way to get some one is to overpay – and think the owner will do so? I’ve said here several times that MB is repeating the same mistakes of the 90s.

    The bright side is that there is going to be a stadium lease issue and perhaps MB will sell the team (of course that will mean a move out of Cincinnati), but it appears Hamilton County would prefer the next tenent of (formerly named) Paul Brown Stadium to be a pro soccer team.

  24. Good luck to anyone else working for Mike Brown, Marvin at least made the Bengals a competitive team. They were such a joke 15 years ago. Sucks Mike Zimmer left already.

  25. In 15 years, ML gets them out of mediocracy, but is 0-7 in Playoffs (outscored 176-90), 9-21 in Primetime and 7-24 vs. AFC North rival Pittsburgh.

    Earlier this year, ML basically said he stuck by Cincinnati, and didn’t consider better coaching opportunities because he didn’t want to move his family. He got to stay in the same place for 15 years, which is an anomaly in NFL.

    Now, in a preemptive move, he leaks to media that he is moving on, beating Mike Brown to the punch. This is all about ML. He throws his hat in the ring now, giving him an early jump on new opportunities and forcing MB to step up if he wants him to stay in Cincinnati.

    The fact that we are even having this conversation is a disgrace. How does a coach stay in one place for 15 years with zero playoff wins!

    The “socialist” relationship worked because ML traded security for very little in return from ownership in regards to their investment in winning. And now he’s the one who’s had enough? And we care why?

  26. If they stay within, Haslett gets the job.

    But – I would wager that Brian Kelly, with his past with U/Cincinnati – will take this job and leave ND.

    Other possibilities: Greg Schiano, Jim Schwartz, Jason Garrett (if he gets it in TX), Jay Gruden (if he gets it in DC), I could see Rex Ryan

    No Cowher, Jon Gruden so dont start with them,

  27. If not for Mike Brown this would be an attractive job. There is a lot of talent on this roster. But who is going to want to come here when the owner is like that. I think Marvin would make a great gm he can find talent just cannot get the most out of it.

  28. he had a good run…hard to last in the nfl this long at one place ESPECIALLY with no playoff wins. hats off to the end of an era

  29. With how the Bungles are playing right now (down 24-0 to Vikes), Mike Brown should simply relieve Lewis of his coaching job and let one of the coaches finish the last 2 games.
    Lewis doesn’t care 1 bit about the Bungles right now. The way the team is playing is really a reflection on Lewis. Just going through the motions, lets end it, I got places to visit …

  30. Some coaches have an aura about them that prevents them from winning a playoff game. Marvin Lewis is one of them.

  31. bengalsfan20 says:
    December 17, 2017 at 1:45 pm
    If not for Mike Brown this would be an attractive job. There is a lot of talent on this roster. But who is going to want to come here when the owner is like that. I think Marvin would make a great gm he can find talent just cannot get the most out of it.

    If you are a coach, why would you NOT want to work for Mike Brown? No matter what happens, you will not get fired before the end of your contract. He’s patient – well beyond reason. Even if you should be fired, you won’t be. Because there’s no GM between the owner and the head coach, Bengals’ coaches – for good or bad – have much more say in choosing their own players than on other teams. Better working for Mike Brown than some of the other trigger-happy owners that make changes every 2 or 3 years and don’t give the coach a chance to establish continuity with his own players.

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