Jerry Jones “very sad” about Jerry Richardson news

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For all the other emotions of NFL owners, every one of them is also breathing a small sigh of relief at Jerry Richardson’s decision to sell his team amid allegations of sexual and racial misconduct — simply because that storm hit someone else’s shores first.

Because at a time when the investigations of bad behavior by powerful men has reached the highest offices of Hollywood to the halls of Congress (and beyond), the reality is that nearly every organization that employs powerful men is going to have to deal with this.

That said, Richardson was part of one of the biggest old boys’ clubs in the world, and his fellow members were hit hard with the news.

I’m very sad,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said last night, via Todd Archer of “Jerry is one of the really, really, really outstanding men of football that I’ve ever met, and I really admire him. I know that he made it the old-fashioned way. He worked for it. He took what he made in a short time in pro football and turned it into a great business and then used that to get the Carolina franchise. So he’s a great story.”

Of course, Sunday’s story from Sports Illustrated that detailed allegations of sexual misconduct and using racist language toward employees will be the one that defines Richardson’s legacy, for all the other things he’s done as a businessman and an owner. That’s why he volunteered to sell his team at the conclusion of the season.

It will overcome the fact he was the only former player to own an NFL franchise, or the many kind things he did for his other employees. Jones also noted that Richardson was doing much of this on borrowed time, after the 2009 heart transplant that saved his life.

“I’m saddened by any of the stories or things that might have incited this at this time,” Jones said. “He’s a battler; he’s a big man with a big heart. And by the way, that’s somebody else’s heart — he’s had a heart transplant. . . .

“He’ll be the first to tell you he’s had a blessed life. I’m really sad. I want all of those kind of men we can have in the National Football League.”

Of course, in life, timing is everything. Jones himself emerged safely from a 2014 lawsuit from an Oklahoma stripper (which was eventually dismissed) which accused him of some unseemly things of his own. But that story hit at a time when women who come forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment weren’t named Time Magazine’s person of the year.

Jones has since gone on to still own his team, and be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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  1. Was this a decision he made, or was it made for him? Wonder what the investigation would have found out? Whatever it was, it must have been huge in order to get a member of an elite Billionaires club to walk away from the power, glory and prestige of being an nfl owner.

  2. Verifiable allegations of sexual misconduct and racist remarks, the latter of which Jerry Richardson made a confidential settlement to make go away, and Jerry Jones thinks he is an outstanding man and is good for the league. The players protest, but they are ungrateful and spoiled, and need to be punished.


  3. I think we know what it would have figured out, given the SI article. I am pretty sure they would have found a culture of sexism and racism that isn’t a good look for the league, and they would have been well in their rights to force him to sell per their own language. I think he is right to sell it, likely of his own free will, especially given the health issues he has had. Yes it will overshadow some of the good things he has done, but it should. There is no place in professional society for this kind of culture, and the world is speaking out on it so it never can be again.

  4. The “racist language” is what did him in. He saw the Texans players protesting the national anthem over their boss. He knew his players would take advantage and do the same thing. They can’t let any reason to protest pass them by.

  5. Is a man that did a lot of good, capable of making poor decisions that he thought would never catch up with him? Yes.

    Should he sell the team? Probably.

    Would most 80 year olds who have been in business for 50 years have their legacy tarnished if every thing they ever uttered in private came to light? Yes.

  6. Given Jerry Jones’ history, can we use this to force him to sell the Cowboys to someone who will hire a REAL GM?

  7. It’s surprising, but a few years ago there was a story about Greg Olsen and how Richardson had helped him during a health crisis for one of his kids. So, sometimes you really just don’t know people.

  8. The things this guy is accused of are downright disgusting. The person you are in private is the person you are. So now we know the person Jerry Richardson is. Wonder what Jerry Jones does in private?

  9. savethebs says:
    December 18, 2017 at 8:53 am

    The things this guy is accused of are downright disgusting. The person you are in private is the person you are. So now we know the person Jerry Richardson is. Wonder what Jerry Jones does in private?

    Weren’t the acts by Richardson committed in public?

  10. The chance that something will come along to derail Jones is pretty high. But so are the chances he will not go as quietly as Richardson (who wasn’t leaving the team to any heirs in the first place).

  11. Pretty amazing how this can cause someone to sell off a sports franchise. The political correctness in this country has gone too far. The court of public opinion holds too much sway. If Richardson can be forced to put his team up for sale for things he did in the past in which a confidentiality agreement was agreed to than shouldn’t all of the kneelers be on the streets looking for other jobs?

  12. I hope they don’t suppress whatever information they find out about Mr. Richardson because he is selling the team. The world should not celebrate a legacy of a man of what he is accused of. Mr. Richardson knowing when he dies he’ll be remembered for what he really is will be the best punishment one can receive. Don’t let him off the hook by cashing out with $2 Billion.

  13. Jerry Richardson was not the only owner to play in the NFL – George Halas was a player, coach and owner of the Chicago Staleys/Bears, including winning the 1921 NFL Championship in all three roles.

  14. P Diddy gonna buy the team and replace Cam with Kaepernick. Sorry Panther fans. Ya’ll are bout to make a playoff run too but politics is better than winning according to your new potential owner P Dawggy Dawg

  15. PPPPPlease!!…he is NOT selling the team because of the allegations….he’s selling the team because the NFL * his franchise is at the TOP of the bell curve and will slowly start declining (if it hasn’t already)…..remember, he’s a businessman 1st. I myself, am interested in seeing what he gets for the Carolina Panthers…1 billion, 1.2 billion?

  16. Some teams have begun or even finished the transition of family ownership to another generation…..Steelers, Cowboys and Giants successfully, 49ers, well, let’s see,

    Witness Jerry trying to jam the Johnny Manziel first round pick…he had the card filled out…but son Stephen knew better.

    It was supposed to be this way for the Panthers. But Jerry’s sons couldn’t get along and he fired both of them!!! No transition plan and octogenarian from the South had no buffer, no fire wall. It is sad.

  17. mlhigh says:
    December 18, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    Read Jeff Pearlmans’s fascinating book “Boys Will be Boys” and you will find out who the real Jerry is.

    Read “North Dallas 40” to find out out what all football teams are like.

  18. Jerry Jones “very anxious” about Jerry Richardson news.

    There, I fixed that headline for you.

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