Titans CB Brice McCain: Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t do anything special


49ers players were impressed by the way quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo led the offense during Sunday’s 25-23 win over the Titans with right guard Brandon Fusco saying that no one on the team knew that the quarterback “was this special.”

One member of the Titans was less taken with Garoppolo’s play in Sunday’s game. Cornerback Brice McCain said that Titans defensive mistakes and plays by 49ers receivers after the catch were the reason for the good 49ers results rather than anything Garoppolo was doing.

“It was us,” McCain said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “He came in, he executed, but the chunk of yardage came from blown coverages. That’s about it. He didn’t do anything special. He threw a lot of quick game, get the ball to the receiver’s hands fast, and they made plays. That’s about it. It was nothing special. He didn’t do anything special. He just threw to open guys.”

Throwing to open guys may not reach the level of “special,” but it is usually seen as a positive trait in a quarterback and it’s clear that the 49ers have liked what they’ve seen from Garoppolo at this point. Should this offseason fill in more of the holes around him on offense, Garoppolo could be in line for even more success even if it doesn’t look like he’s doing anything too special.

40 responses to “Titans CB Brice McCain: Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t do anything special

  1. Wins are special, particularly for the Niners. With too many years played in QB challenged locales like Houston, Miami and TN maybe McCain doesn’t realize there is something ‘special’ about QB’s that make a difference to their own team.

  2. Madden once said that Joe Montana didn’t really do anything special, either. He said he was just very confident and consistent at doing his job, like Brady, and many other greats. Pat fans will be questioning this trade as long as Jimmy G continues to have DBs say how he didn’t do anything special to beat them.

  3. Comments like this are why the Titans are a joke and nobody takes them seriously.

    Hey Brice, why were all those receivers so open to throw to? Because you didn’t do anything special. Jimmy made his reads and did his job efficiently, which given the SF offense we’ve seen in recent years that he took over is pretty special in and of itself.

    The Titans barely beating the Browns by a FG in OT isn’t anything special. Choking the division away by losing to the Gabbert Cardinals isn’t anything special. Mike Mularkey isn’t anything special.

    Just know when to take your L’s, Brice.

  4. It’s true. 49ers fans are not going to like it but the Titans are insanely mediocre, and so is Jimmy G. Good for the 49ers for barely being to edge out the bad teams, and a mediocre one but the ship still isn’t fixed. Should actually thank Robbie Gould for winning the game, he was 6 of 6. That’s 18 points. EIGHTEEEN. The kicker won the game, not Jimmy G.

  5. I’m a life long 49ers fan who happens to live in Nashville, just 2 miles from Nissan Stadium. I support the Titans other than when they play the 49ers every few years. As you can see, it’s been some hard times lately. This guy sounds like an entitled brat who has no idea what it is to lose with class. He needs to learn from his QB, who quickly apologized for being rude after getting an earful from his mother.

  6. vermonator says:
    December 18, 2017 at 1:18 pm
    Madden once said that Joe Montana didn’t really do anything special, either. He said he was just very confident and consistent at doing his job, like Brady, and many other greats. Pat fans will be questioning this trade as long as Jimmy G continues to have DBs say how he didn’t do anything special to beat them.

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    bb had no choice..it was either him or brady

  7. Hey Brice, it’s not like the Niners lined up Antonio Brown and Julio Jones against you. They lined up Marquis Goodwin and Aldrick Robinson for goodness sakes. Give Jimmy G some weapons next year and look out!

  8. absolutevisuals

    You’re right. The ship isn’t totally fixed by any means but at least it’s not sinking like it has been for the past 3 yrs. Give us a break! We haven’t had anything to be excited about for a very long time! Maybe it was only 1 TD but we got into Titans territory at least 7 times and capitalized. Points are points. Plus, who are Jimmy G’s targets right now? Goodwin, Bourne, Celek, etc? That’s clearly a real all star cast there! Mariota has much better targets and couldn’t get it done.

  9. Garoppolo might not have done anything awesome, but what he did was get the ball out of his hands very quickly, hit his guy’s in stride, and allow the run after the catch yardage. He made it look simple, so it doesn’t stand out. If his WRs had to slow down and wait for the ball, those long gainers don’t happen. Now if Jimmy G does this every week, it will start to look special. From my vantage point, Kyle Shanahan took Mike Mularkey to coaching school. Mularkey has an elite QB, but he’d rather pretend he’s coaching in the 60’s and pound the ball up the middle. Mularkey is really holding back Mariota’s career. If I were a team in need of a QB, I’d make an offer to Tennessee. It’s obvious they don’t know what they have. Guys like Mularkey and Dirk Koetter are lucky to have jobs. They get outcoached every week.

  10. Well stated from someone who actually trains for this game AND played against Garrop. I think he recognizes game. He did not say Garrop could not be great or that he was bad. But these delusional fans so thirsty for anything don’t look at the details of stats or even wins. This game more than stats or anything else is about “situational play”. And sadly there is not real stat to show who are the better QB’s if your goal is to be a Super Bowl contender. stats pretty much show who could be 8 and 8 guys who need everything around them to be highly successful.

  11. Amazing the lengths Niner-haters will go to make a silly point. The Titans are ‘mediocre?’ Okay, but they’re a playoff team this year and they needed to win out to win their division. Jimmy G ‘didn’t do anything special’? Okay, but he was blitzed 26 times and still had a rating of 106. Belichek wouldn’t have traded him if he were special? Seriously, as someone who has been watching the Niners for over 50 years, I can tell you that he’s definitely special. I honestly can’t imagine what Belichek was thinking.

  12. “I honestly can’t imagine what Belichek was thinking.”

    He was thinking that I can’t pay 2 guys starting QB money, so I’ll make the best deal I can.

  13. Titans coaches are ancient. Can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Well Lebeau can still have success the defense obviously and Russ Grimm did a good job with the offensive line. Damn shame all that talent on the team and they still can’t get it done.

  14. That’s what makes him so good…he doesn’t have to look special, he just picks you apart methodically much like Joe Montana did.

  15. wib22

    Because he’s going to be a free agent in March and the Pats couldn’t pay $20 mil a year for a backup QB. So they got a 2nd pick for him rather than nothing.

  16. Two players I would like to come back and retire with the 9ers? Gore and Walker.


    Robbie Gould don’t put points on the board(6 of 6 for 18) if Jimmy G can’t put him in range. So as been said points is points. All that matters is 9ers had 25 and Titans had 23.

  17. I don’t think Brady is anything special either. However, his 2 yard passes are quite effective.

  18. If Jimmy keeps playing like this we may have to give BB an honorary spot in the 49ers HOF. As of now, there sure are a lot more New England sympathizers on the West Coast these days for the solid Bill did!

  19. collectordude says:
    December 18, 2017 at 3:05 pm
    1 TD
    6 Field Goals.
    Nuff said.
    It seems you forgot something:

    Now…”Nuff said”

  20. No…Jimmy didn’t do anything special…except torch the Titans secondary for almost 400 yds. And…oh yeah, flawlessly executed the last drive to win the game. For sure, the offense needs to score TD’s more often. Still, it was good enough to win the game, wasn’t it.

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