Browns ownership should let Dorsey hire his own coach

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It’s now abundantly clear that someone spoke to new Browns G.M. John Dorsey after his last radio interview regarding the things he should, and shouldn’t, say during his next radio interview. But the fact that Dorsey is now saying what he should have said last week when asked about whether coach Hue Jackson will return doesn’t make it any less clear that Dorsey would prefer to hire his own coach.

Why not let him? Why force upon Dorsey an arranged marriage that will delay, if not derail, Dorsey’s ability to point the franchise in the direction he envisions?

Dorsey and Jackson barely knew each other before Dorsey got the job; maybe it all works out well, maybe it won’t. Regardless, Dorsey should have the power to make a decision about whether he’ll hire Jackson or someone else to coach the team. Given Jackson’s performance (and it can’t be all Sashi Brown’s fault when a team loses 29 of 30 games), Dorsey would be more than justified to decide that the time has come to move on.

For whatever reason, ownership won’t let that happen. It’s unclear why. Apparently, Jackson made a very compelling case in the non-power struggle power struggle that preceded Brown’s termination. Possibly, ownership doesn’t want to be perceived as giving the ever-revolving door another shove.

But they shouldn’t worry about that. A fresh start can’t be done partially. Let Dorsey decide what to do. Although we’ve criticized the Browns a lot over the past few years, I vow that I will not criticize but praise the Browns if they decide to let Dorsey decide who the coach will be.

If they don’t, I reserve the right to continue to say and/or to write that the Browns ultimately still don’t get it. Because it will be proof positive that they definitely don’t.

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  1. “Although we’ve (I’ve) criticized the Browns a lot over the past few years, I vow that I will not criticize but praise the Browns if they decide to let Dorsey decide who the coach will be.”

    As long as it’s not Hue. Right Mike?

  2. Someone has to occupy the bottom, and who has done it better than the Browns?
    I think the Browns deserve another shot at total dysfunction for 2018.
    Hue must stay!

  3. The owner owns the team. The GM may leave next year.

    “Hue and I have a really good relationship,” he said. “First off, I think ownership has said that Hue would be back. With that, I’m excited to work with him here. I’ve been really impressed with how Hue messages to the players. I’ve always thought that head coaches should be leader of men, and when I watch Hue talk to the team and how hard guys play for him, that’s exciting.

  4. This situation is very similar to when the Twins hired a new President of Baseball Operations and new General Manager last year, coming off a 59-win season. The owner told the new baseball bosses that Paul Monitor had to return as manager. That move garnered a lot of criticism but it worked out as the Twins won 85 games and made the playoffs.

    A big difference was that Molitor had a bit of a track record, as the Twins were 83-79 in Molitor’s first year. Jackson hasn’t proven himself with the Browns and doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who should be untouchable.

  5. Jackson probably deserves to be fired, but dorsey is in the wromg; dorsey should not have contradicted ownership’s choice. Sure you can rebuild without blowing it all up–no reason why you cannot.dorsey energy is best spent figuring out how to work with brown.

  6. i would normally agree that he should hire his own coach…however, keep in mind they hired him in part based on his commitment AND stated desire to keep Hue.

    Dorsey can’t have it both ways now that he has the job

  7. I find it hard to believe that a good football man like John Dorsey would take any job, especially the Browns job, without the ability to decide who coaches the team. If Hue Jackson saved his job, at least in the short term, it’s only going to delay the Browns’ comeback. If there is one, with a meddling owner.

  8. Ownership missed out on both Wentz & Watson in the 1st round…that was a catastrophic failure when you could have had the franchise QB to build around…I think maybe Jackson gets a 2nd chance….but then again….maybe Dorsey hits it out of the park with his own coaching hire & the bundle picks they have…it would be great to see the Browns come out of the cellar for a change !!!

  9. If you want to get your first coaching choice, you have to let a guy coach at least three years. After the 2 and 1 and done coaching debacles over the years, the Browns are now forced to leave Jackson for this year and maybe even the next, to over-correct for the quick trigger fingers in the past. And if his Dorsey’s assessment of “getting real players” is accurate, then giving Jackson 1 year with some of the newly drafted players should help. Just hope a QB comes along…

  10. Teddy — Exactly! This isn’t an outlandish or unheard of arrangement. In addition to the Twins example you mentioned (in which the holdover Molitor earned the Manager of the Year award), the Redskins hired Scot McCloughan as GM with an incumbent coach and they made the playoffs that very next season. There are surely more examples.

    It’s okay to say an extra year of evaluating the coach is a part of the job (frankly if it’s not OK to Dorsey, he shouldn’t have taken the job).

    It’s hard to know if Jackson is any good because he’s been handed a whole lot of not-good to work with, in addition to probably more importantly a whole lot of not-orthodox. Maybe coaxing one win out this group is one more than any coach could. No one really knows. The wild variables surrounding his tenure make it impossible to isolate and evaluate his performance.

    Jackson may be a good coach! Requiring one more year to evaluate Jackson under a normal boss who presumably has as his primary charge to create more normal circumstances is not only fair, but potentially prudent.

  11. I have a feeling Hue Jackson will be in Cleveland longer than Dorsey. Dorsey isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, and the Haslam’s are probably already realizing they screwed up hiring him.

  12. Mirer, Quinn, Clausen, Kizer: dear brass – there isn’t another Montana coming out of ND.

    I am available for the HC job, Mr. Dorsey, and can hardly have a worse record than Jackson. I’ve been taking mental notes on BB for 30 years and that should put me at the top of the applicant pile.

  13. A head coach was already in place for Dorsey’s last job, but at least it was Andy Reid. Not some nobody, never done anything in the league loser like Hue freaking Jackson. He’ll be considered a complete fool if he doesn’t hire that idiot just as soon as humanly possible. Tom Cable has done as much in the NFL as Hue Jackson has.

  14. charliecharger says:
    December 19, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    I have a feeling Hue Jackson will be in Cleveland longer than Dorsey. Dorsey isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, and the Haslam’s are probably already realizing they screwed up hiring him.

    Haslam let some homeless guy convince him to sign John E. Football, so he’s a butter knife compared to Dorsey.

  15. Heres why Florio. Because Jackson has earned it.Because Jackson has been there longer than Dorsey. Because as far as we can see Jackson has the owners ear. Need some players, thats your job Dorsey. What i’ve learned about Dorsey, Jackson will outlast him too.

  16. He should be allowed to do whatever he wants. If the owner still wants to get his hands on everything, that’s Dorsey’s fault for not talking about that before he took the job.

  17. I’m sorry but I’m not quite sure where that concept came from. The idea that you let a GM bringing his own guy is a modern Concept in the NFL. And in all the recent moves, and how many cases has that worked? I can show you countless examples where the new guy comes in higher his own guy and it’s worse than the guy that was there already. The Bears fired Lovie Smith off of a 10 and 6 season and they haven’t come close to sniffing a winning season since. All because the new guy wanted to bring him his own guy. The same thing happened in Miami, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, and so many other damn teams. If the owner thinks the coach is fine then damnit the coach is fine. If the GM can’t live with that, then don’t take the job.

  18. i think you’re clearly mistaken as to this season not being on Sashi Brown. This team could have won some game with Josh McCown as QB and Terrelle Pryor at WR. Sashi Brown let both go.

  19. What do they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

    Firing coaches for the sake of bringing in your own guy has worked exactly none times in the NFL and usually ends with GM’s getting fired along with the coach they bring in.

    It’s one of those urban legends like “the first QB picked in the draft will give you the best chance of winning a super bowl” even though only two in over 20 years have done it.

  20. The Browns fired the GM that got them an absolute metric ton of draft picks and kept the coach that has one win in two seasons with no signs the team is getting any better.

    Yeah, the Browns still don’t get it.

  21. As a Browns fan, I’d be surprised if Dorsey wasn’t given ultimate authority to hire his own coach. It seems clear to me that Jackson knows he’s coaching for his job. Why would Dorsey, a respected GM type, despite being fired by the Chiefs, sign on with the Browns whose owner probably has the itchiest trigger finger in pro sports if he didn’t have the power he needed to turn the franchise around quickly? Dorsey knows his time is limited and I can’t see how he signs on if he can’t hire his own coach. To be honest, I think this is much-to-do about nothing. Jackson is gone at the end of the year and Dorsey already has his coach or coaches he’s talking to behind the scenes as Jackson’s replacement. I’d be shocked if this wasn’t the case.

  22. Maybe….just maybe…. Hue and Dorsey talked when John was interviewed per Jimmy’s request. Maybe….just maybe…. Hue and Dorsey already saw eye to eye on a lot of things.
    Maybe…. just maybe…. Dorsey was alright with Hue staying when accepting the job.

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