Blake Bortles: If how I’m playing is trash, I’m fine with it

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Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles has turned in three of the best performances of his NFL career in the last three weeks, but it hasn’t earned him the respect of his opponents.

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas called Bortles “subpar” after Bortles threw for 268 yards and two touchdowns in a 30-24 win over Seattle in Week 14 and Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney called Bortles “trash” after the Jaguars humiliated Houston 45-7 last Sunday.

Bortles had 326 yards and three touchdowns in that game, which calls to mind the old saying about one man’s trash being another man’s treasure. It also makes “trash” a moniker that Bortles says he’s happy to have even if he’s not one to throw such words around when discussing his opponents.

“If how we’re playing and how I’m playing — if that’s trash, then I’m fine being trash,” Bortles said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I was always taught and I thought that you give praise to the people you’re playing when you beat them or they beat you. But guys are taught and believe different things. Not everybody is the same. They have the right to voice their opinion.”

Bortles has had some rough outings this season, but the seven-touchdown, zero-interception roll he’s on right now has him playing as well as anyone in Jacksonville would have hoped for at the start of the year. Should it continue into the postseason, it’s hard to imagine anyone down that way caring what any vanquished opponent has to say about their quarterback.

38 responses to “Blake Bortles: If how I’m playing is trash, I’m fine with it

  1. Blake don’t step down to their level. Just keep working. The Seahawks are headed in the wrong direction, and the Browns are just running around in circles. When you’re at the top of the heap, you become a target. Enjoy it! It sounds like you already are.

  2. hope bortles can light it up to rub chris simms nose in it with all the other experts – as long as he doesn’t light it up against the pats that is.

  3. gtodriver says:

    “Thomas is trash and Clowney is subpar.”
    Lol. The list of guys better than Thomas is incredibly short IMO… Stop talking now.

  4. I get that they had a good run with their QB before he was hurt but the LAST thing a TEXAN should EVER criticize is another team’s QB play.

    Houston hasn’t set the world on fire there themselves and while their guy looked good before the injury – a lot of guys look good their first year when tape is sparse.

  5. It’s always nice to see someone rise above pettiness and be successful. Bortles is doing that. Clowney and Thomas can say whatever they want, but Bortles is going to the playoffs and they aren’t. Who’s got the last laugh?

  6. Baldwin and Clowney and the Bennett brothers etc. are at least 50% of why I don’t care much whether I watch the NFL anymore. The No Class League that taunts, thumps their chest and says look at me every time they do what they’re getting paid to do.As far as Baldwin and Clowney in specific, Why would you say that about anybody, let alone a guy who just kicked your butt? NO CLASS

  7. The progress he has made in just part of one season is pretty remarkable. I guess this is the talent they saw when he was drafted. A shame it took as long as it did to get the right staff in place to see what he’s actually capable of. Hope he can stay consistent and have the Jags contending for awhile now.

  8. Well, consider the source. My daughter went to USC when Clowney was there. The rumors about his behavior were incredible. He’s the last person that should be calling anyone trash.

  9. “I was always taught and I thought that you give praise to the people you’re playing when you beat them or they beat you. But guys are taught and believe different things.

    It’s called “class”. Thomas and Clowney have none. I think it’s ironic and funny that these guys talk about how bad a team is after they were beaten by said team. If that’s supposed to make you look better then that says a lot about their level of intelligence as well as lack of class.

  10. Clowney is The real trash … Didn’t register a sack in the game … He and his defense got lit up to the tune of 45 points and you want to cry and say that Bortles is Trash … Clowney you sir are an idiot … The Jag Nation Stealth Bomber just Unloaded on you son … Get use to it punk cuz it’s Jag Nation Time !!!

  11. Earl hasn’t made a tackle since 2013, Clowney is an “injury” waiting to happen, why do these guys even open their mouths? The same reason CK did all that nonsense, desperate attempt to stay relevant and keep their names in ppls mouths.

  12. The Texans did not pick Blake Bortles but picked Jadaveon Clowney instead. The Jaguars picked Bortles 2 picks later. Jacksonville is going to the playoffs but Houston will not this season. It shows that QB is still the most important position in the NFL. A good quarterback can drive his team down field with less than 2 minutes to go and win it. A pass rusher, no matter how good, cannot do the same.

  13. Chris Simms, Ryan Clark, Heath Evans, Pardan the Interuption, every single ESPN show, Monday Morning QB and many more have talked about Blake like he’s a bad guy. I mean ran his name into the mud. I’ll admit I’ve been critical of the guy as well, but only his QB play and I’m a Jag fan. These people have made it personal and have laughed at him on live tv trying to embarrass him. Shame on all of you. Yes his QB play hasn’t been the greatest at times, but he’s a great guy and I think this response to Berry and Clowney shows it. Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around someone else. Keep you head up Blake and wish you much success. We need more good guys like him in the NFL.

  14. They can both watch Jacksonville from their couches during the playoffs. Get Bortles some expert coaching and guy could become a lot better. Remember towards the end of Favre’s career in Green Bay when the coaching staff just hammered him telling him he had to have the best statistical year of his career and he did? The coaches were in his ear constantly about not throwing picks and it worked. Bortles needs the same treatment.

  15. I am not a Jags fan but Earl Thomas is on the downside of his career and their “dynasty” is done. Clowney, well the first five letters of his last name say it all.

  16. Not a fan of Jax but I respect what they have going on right now. Bortles hasn’t exactly been the most consistent Qb in the world but he does enough to win. Hope they do well in the playoffs.

  17. Gotta give credit where credit is due – Bortles has made some AMAZING throws the last few weeks.
    Looking back at things – he has also handled the tremendous amount of criticism he has received – and ALOT of it deserved – extremely well.

    Love what he is doing – hoping he has turned the corner into a qb who can consistently play well – but still not fully convinced yet. Nice stretch of play not long enough to undo last 3 years.

    All that being said – I am rooting for him and he has just made himself a TON of money.

  18. Bortles has always faced the media head on. If it is about his bad play, his good play, his mistakes, his touchdowns, or the the criticism he gets.

    He has never said anything to rub the wrong people. He has never said a bad word about anybody. This guy is a class act when it comes to the media.

  19. Thomas and Clowney are telling the Jags not to get all puffed up when you’re beating backups to the back ups! Win with respect, don’t be arrogant. Jags are behaving like they’re a dynasty after being terrible for as long as most can remember.

    Win with respect, don’t be arrogant!!

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