Giants interview Dave Gettleman for G.M. job


The Giants kicked off the interview process for their General Manager vacancy by talking to a current employee and they continued it on Wednesday by interviewing someone who used to work for the team.

The team announced that Dave Gettleman interviewed for the vacancy created when the Giants fired Jerry Reese earlier this month. Gettleman worked under Reese and Reese’s predecessor Ernie Accorsi in the Giants’ personnel department for more than a decade before being hired as the Panthers General Manager in 2013.

Gettleman put together a team that went to the Super Bowl after the 2015 season and won two other division titles, but was fired in July.

Gettleman was quickly identified as a top candidate for the Giants opening upon Reese’s firing and there’s no indication that any of that speculation was off the mark. Giants vice president of player evaluation Marc Ross was the first candidate to interview for the job and the team’s said that interim G.M. Kevin Abrams will also be up for the job on a permanent basis.

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  1. He was fired in Carolina because the owner of the team was crazy. He was too demanding on the players some said, which sounds like the exact culture change required in NY. He is a winner and a great choice.

  2. He did some solid work in Carolina, especially digging out of the cap mess Hurney had created. But must be something about this guy, seemed like he basically got fired because he was a jerk and nobody liked him.

    And hopefully now with Richardson on the outs, his good ol’ boy Hurney who he brought back can go away too (again)

  3. If you want a regime change, why would you even consider hiring someone related to the OLD regime> Marc Ross, Gettleman and Kevin Abrams are all disciples of the guy YOU JUST FIRED!!!!!

  4. I totally expect all thumbs down on this but here is my candidacy pick for a GM interview ,ex 49er Steve Young

  5. An article in the Newark, NJ paper compared the drafts of Gettleman and Jerry Reese during the 4 years that Gettleman was with the Panthers and it looked like Reese’s drafts may have been better (they scored it 2-2). I think it’s time to move on from old friends.

  6. Gettleman gets way too much credit for what he did in Carolina. The Panthers best players were all acquired by Marty Hurney (Cam, TD, Kuechley, Olsen, Kalil, etc). Gettleman didn’t overpay, but he also let talent walk out the door without any compensation. If Gettleman had franchised Norman I don’t think Julio would have put up 300 yards on the Panthers last year.

    The guy ran the franchise like a DMV bureaucrat. If Giants fans think what McAdoo did to Eli was bad. Take a look at how Gettleman cut Steve Smith.

  7. Mara, please don’t hire this clown. Further, any mention of Spags as head coach would further stink it up.

  8. Keep in mind, this is the same Gettleman that while with the Giants in 2011, after not getting the GM job with the Browns (twice), Giants and Chiefs, essentially quit and asked the team to promote his assistant Ken Sternfield. He said it was taking a toll on him. He was 61 at the time and will be 68 next season. He then went to Carolina and was later fired for his handling of contracts with Josh Norman, Thomas Davis, Julius Peppers and other respected vets. He’s widely considered to lack people skills and rub some people the wrong way. Buyer Beware!!!

    The demands for the GM jobs are enormous. Hire someone with energy and stamina enough to be there for more than a couple years.

  9. I’ll always remember Gettleman cutting Josh Norman instead of paying him with the franchise tag. Happy or not, Norman would have played his heart out with the one year contract. After getting cut from Carolina, the Redskins immediately signed Norman to a massive multi-year contract. Gettleman couldn’t get anything in a trade for Norman who was considered the best CB of the previous year?

  10. Belichick would never want the Giants job. Being proud of his connections to Navy, he loves coaching a franchise with a nickname that is ABOUT SOMETHING. What is a Giant anyway? A goliath? A behemoth? A very tall office building? Belichick enjoys total control and a comfortable rapport with a good natured owner based in mutual respect. And he has that QB that executes your plans. Manning is good but his signature achievements required heroic efforts from the team’s defense. He needed a ref who should have called him in the grasp to use a different set of rules for the last 2 minutes of the game. He needed Asante Samuel to muff a ball floated right into his hands. And he needed a mismatch in which 5’9″ Ellis Hobbs (nicknamed toast for all the PI calls against him) was left one-on-one against Plaxico Burress. Nah, I’m sure Belichick is happier with Brady.

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