Kyle Long had neck surgery

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Bears guard Kyle Long dealt with a variety of injuries during the 2017 season and he went in for surgery on one of them this week.

Long shared pictures of himself in a hospital bed with a neck brace on to announce that he had neck surgery. Long explained that lingering problems with his left shoulder caused issues with other parts of his body and led to the decision to have an operation on his neck.

Long tore the labrum in his shoulder, but chose not to have surgery last offseason. He did have ankle surgery, which kept him off the field until training camp and led to Long losing a lot of weight before he could resume working. In addition to those troubles, Long also hurt his hand this season before going on injured reserve.

Surgery may be part of the treatment plan on some of those fronts as well. Long captioned a video on Instagram with “1/3 done” in apparent reference to what else is in store as he tries to get healthy for the 2018 season.

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  1. What a disappointment this guy and the rest of the O-Line has been. Leno and Massie are the consistency of wet toilet paper and Long is always hurt, leaving Whitehair (who struggled this year) and Sitton. Tarik Cohen had nine (9) plays, yes nine plays negated from penalties this year. All of which were huge gains to the red zone or a TD leaving 3 to 6/7 points on the table because these guys and the TEs can’t compose themselves.

  2. I like this guy a lot but Ryan Pace may regret giving him that extension. He really hasn’t been right health-wise for the better part of two seasons. If I recall he was already 24 as a rookie so time is not on his side even though he hasn’t been in the league that long. I would like nothing more than to see him come back 100% and start winning games under a new, capable coaching staff but I’m not holding my breath.

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