Michael Irvin accused of impropriety by former NFLN employee

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Another former NFL Network employee has come forward with allegations of improper workplace misconduct. And the story told by Erin McParland to Tim Rohan of TheMMQB.com implicates an NFL Network employee who had not been mentioned in the lawsuit filed by former NFLN employee Jami Cantor.

McParland’s account includes allegations involving NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin. Here’s the relevant excerpt from the article:

“[O]nce, on the set of GameDay, [Irvin] grabbed my waist while I was powdering him on set during a commercial break. I was mortified. Not only was this unwanted attention not acceptable, I was worried that everyone witnessing this might believe I thought this was okay. Or worse — welcomed.

“From then on, my guard with Irvin was up. I went out of my way to avoid him, and if I did have to work with him, I’d have to remind him to ‘not touch.’ In what world is it normal for someone to have to remind their coworker to not touch them?”

McParland explains that she reported her concerns about Irvin and now-former NFLN employee Eric Davis to the network’s Human Resources department. She says that he never heard from H.R. about Irvin.

The network handled it very differently with Davis. His employment at the network ended as a result of the allegations made against him, as confirmed by a statement NFLN provided to Rohan: “NFL Media thoroughly investigated the allegations and took swift, appropriate remedial action, including severing our relationship with Mr. Davis. The NFL is committed to providing a safe work environment for all of our employees.”

Davis, whose misconduct included allegedly groping McParland, exited without any public disclosure of his behavior. It’s unknown whether FS1 knew or should have known about the past allegations before hiring him. FS1 has not suspended Davis in the aftermath of the Cantor lawsuit, but ESPN Radio has.

It’s also unknown whether the league has taken or will take any action against Irvin. The statement provided by NFL Media to Rohan doesn’t mention Irvin.

26 responses to “Michael Irvin accused of impropriety by former NFLN employee

  1. Grabbing someone’s waist is sexual harassment now? Okay. I’m one of the few people who knew this went on quite a bit, but this one is reaching here, and I’ve always hated Irvin on these media shows. I think we all know from Irvin’s past that if he was making a pass at somebody, he’d do a whole lot more than grab a waist incidentally.

  2. Just when the NFL is trying to dupe everyone into believing that they care about domestic violence, this sort of thing surfaces.

  3. Look, folks. Unless it’s your S.O. or someone who’s clearly comfortable around you, you shouldn’t grab people around the waist. It’s personal space and that should be respected if clear signals haven’t emerged beforehand. The clear issue is consent to have that broached and Irvin didn’t have it.

  4. It’s personal space and that should be respected if clear signals haven’t emerged beforehand. The clear issue is consent to have that broached and Irvin didn’t have it.
    We have no way of knowing whether there were “clear signals” beforehand. We only have one person’s side of the story.

  5. helicopterpilot13 says:
    December 21, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    I’m sorry, but someone placing his arm around your waist is not sexual misconduct.
    Actually, it is. If you work in any office environment anywhere and do this to a female coworker you’ll be reprimanded or canned, pronto.

  6. As uncomfortable as that is… its REEEEALLLY stretching the definition of “sexual harassment”.

  7. Seriously, he touched my waist one time while I was over him putting make up on in close quarters. How about saying that makes me uncomfortable and move on. What if it was not intended in anything but an inconsequential way. What’s next, the coach slapped me on the butt?

    Many of the complaints are real and egregious. But come on.

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