Nick Perry doubtful, Clay Matthews questionable for Saturday

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The Packers may be down a pair of outside linebackers when they host the Vikings on Saturday night.

Nick Perry is listed as doubtful to play due to ankle and shoulder injuries. Perry missed the team’s overtime win over the Browns in Week 14 before returning to action in a limited role in last Sunday’s loss to the Panthers.

Clay Matthews played more snaps in that game, including one that saw him guess wrong on what Carolina was going to do offensively, but joined Perry as a non-participant in practice this week. He’s listed as questionable to play due to a hamstring injury.

Earlier on Thursday, Packers coach Mike McCarthy announced that wide receiver Davante Adams will miss the game with a concussion. Cornerback Davon House, who suffered a back injury against Cleveland and didn’t play last week, is questionable along with right guard Jahri Evans.

20 responses to “Nick Perry doubtful, Clay Matthews questionable for Saturday

  1. So almost all Packas players quit because they don’t want to get embarrassed when Vikings come to town. So much quitter on this team.

  2. And Packer fans claimed Martelius Bennett quit on his team.

    Now we see Rodgers, Adams, Perry and Mathews all quitting.

    Can’t wait to hear the excuses.

  3. Being unable to play because of an injury is not quitting. I wouldn’t say Sam Bradford or Dalvin Cook quit on the team. Don’t embarrass the rest of us Viking fans by making ridiculous statements like that.

    That said, Rodgers was determined to be healthy enough to play last week, did not suffer a setback, and now isn’t playing anymore because the Packers can’t make the playoffs. I don’t know if I would call that quitting, but I certainly wouldn’t call it leadership.

  4. I can’t blame these Packer players for not wanting to play against the Vikings this weekend. Who would want to go out in the cold and get embarrassed like the Packers are going to be?

  5. Hard to ask the rest of the team to compete in a meaningless game on Christmas Eve eve in 0 degree weather when the team leaders aren’t. But if this had playoff implications, it’d be all hands on deck.

  6. Sounds like they are going to Mail IT IN. It doesn’t really matter if they do or don’t, with Juicy A-Rodge or not, they’d still lose.
    People say that with Rodgers they’d be in the playoffs…..maybe, but they’d still have to get to 11 wins RIGHT NOW to keep pace with the KINGS OF THE NORTH!!

  7. jbvikes says:
    December 21, 2017 at 5:06 pm
    I think if I were a Packer fan I’d pass on sitting on those aluminum bench seats in this cold weather as well.

    Not a chance. Sold out. Everybody on their feet cheering for Hundley and the Packers. Nothing like it.

  8. Maybe Hundley will surprise everyone and throw for 5 Touchdowns to Allison. Or maybe he won’t.

  9. stellarperformance says:
    December 21, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    Not a chance. Sold out. Everybody on their feet cheering for Hundley and the Packers.

    They’re on their feet because the benches are so cold and uncomfortable. After the first quarter, they’ll still be on their feet but that’s because they’ll be walking out of the stadium.


  10. Hate to lose to the Vikes – but now is the time to give the young guys a chance to show what they got in a meaningful game – if that means put Matthews and Perry on IR and bring in some practice squad guys so beit. I would IR Adams as well – know that there might be some incentives re number of snaps or yards or sacks etc but the point is – give the young guys some playing time.

  11. I wonder if Vikings fans attending the game will help boost Packer ticket sales for this game???

    So far this season, the season opener attracted the most ticket sales – the NFL official paid attendance was 78,381 – which means there were OVER 3,000 unsold tickets (stadium has 81,441 tickets available for every game) for the season opener.

    Last home game against the Bucs, paid attendance was only 77,864, which is not the season low. That was the Lion game with 77,575 tickets sold.

    And that is tickets sold, not the number that actually attend the game. With it being cold, the stadium might look full, but be 10-15,000 attendees short of capacity.

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