Tom Brady’s Pro Bowl experience is limited, unremarkable

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If you watched Monday night’s game between the Falcons and the Buccaneers, you may have noticed a Pro Bowl commercial that started with a highlight of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady dropping back to throw a pass, in his Patriots uniform. Other players in the commercial (including Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce) were wearing the Pro Bowl uniform.

Brady wasn’t shown in a Pro Bowl uniform because he never goes to the Pro Bowl. Starting in 2009, when the Pro Bowl was moved to the week before the Super Bowl from the week after the Super Bowl, teams qualifying for the NFL’s championship game received an automatic dispensation. Still, even in those years when the Patriots haven’t made it to the Super Bowl, Brady has consistently found a way to avoid physically making it to the Pro Bowl.

Brady, who has become the near-consensus best quarterback of all time, last played in the meaningless postseason all-star game 13 years ago, the week after the Patriots won their third Super Bowl in four years. His only other appearance in the Pro Bowl came in 2001, a week after the Patriots won their first ever NFL title.

Brady presumably has hoped to avoid injury risk in a game that has no relevance whatsoever. It’s also possible that Brady has decided not to play in the Pro Bowl because he hasn’t played well.

In the two Pro Bowl appearances, Brady has completed six of 14 passes for 70 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions.

Maybe he’ll feel compelled at some point to pad those numbers by returning to the Pro Bowl. Or maybe not. No one cares, and anyone who does care shouldn’t. It’s a money grab that puts players at unnecessary risk of commencing their limited time away from the sport with an injury that they’ll have to contend with when they otherwise should be relaxing and recharging for the next football season.

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  1. The Patriots prefer their players stay out of the Pro Bowl ever since Robert Edwards. They cant order it but they do discourage it however much they can. Given the history it’s understandable. I’m not sure a couple other teams dont’t take the same view after watching what happened with Edwards. Google Robert Edwards if you are not sure what I mean.

  2. The “look at me” types that make it to the Popularity Bowl aren’t the kind of disciplined players that he’s used to. The offensive linemen, whose teams he has owned for years, might just miss a block, wink wink, letting the Crown of the Helmet crew have a clean shot at him.

    And yeah, it’s a pointless POS exhibition.

  3. System qb. Just like of Brady left the Pats…. Anyone thinks that he’d be just as good as he is own is crazy

  4. Does anyone care about the Pro Bowl? Have HOF voters ever looked at an “on the bubble” player and said, “This guy is borderline HOF material, I’m going to take a look his Pro Bowl stats to help make may decision.”? (Note: I’m not saying Brady is on the bubble or borderline HOF material.)

  5. The guy in the super bowl or conference championship almost every year. Has to get time off at some point. Most players are done before January. Thats like a month extra. Every damn year…

  6. The Pro Bowl is the worst of all the major team sports all-star games.
    Should be cancelled forever.

  7. The Patriots lost a rookie running back years ago to a career ending injury in a freak pro bowl week accident. The dumbest of all pro sports all-star games.

    Brady plays virtually every snap in the regular season and playoffs (unless suspended or sent home early). I would bet if you extract the year Goodell suspended him, he has played more snaps than any other player beginning the year after he lost a season to a knee injury.

  8. Some sports aren’t really designed to have an all-star game like the Pro Bowl, and football is one of them. There’s nothing compelling about the game itself, no investment, no risk, nothing. I’d rather watch kids do a punt, pass, and kick competition than a Pro Bowl. At least the kids are hungry for success and working hard.

  9. Think about the topic of your article? The greatest QB of all time cant make the Pro Bowl the right way? The media builds him up and rips him apart in the same breath. Yet you people wonder why he and BB and the rest of the Patriots act the way they do?

  10. Didn’t Tyler Eifort get hurt also a couple of years ago? Brady has played in what 33 playoff games? That’s an extra 2 full years of high intensity football. Most players have played in less than 4. Why should he play?

  11. Pro bowl selection is nice, but no one should play in this thing, never mind someone as valuable as Tom Brady. In addition, he’s always slightly busy at that time of year if you’ve been paying attention. I don’t know anyone who actually watches this game anyway.

    I’m sure his Pro Bowl “numbers” don’t make him lose one second of sleep, nor should they. I’m guessing he’s secure in his real accomplishments.

  12. If it’s so meaningless, why don’t they all skip it, you know like a protest, instead of dropping on there knees at the beginning of a regular game.

  13. He is not the same QB outside the Patriots system. It’s obvious even going back to his Michigan days.

  14. So you’re saying that when given the choice between playing in a meaningless exhibition game after a long NFL season, or going on some exotic trip with his supermodel wife he chose the wife? Wow. That’s hard to figure.

  15. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    December 21, 2017 at 11:26 am

    He is not the same QB outside the Patriots system. It’s obvious even going back to his Michigan days.
    After riding the bench and playing sparingly behind Drew Henson for much of his Michigan career, Bradys’s last college game was the 2000 orange Bowl vs Alabama, here are his states that day: 34-46-0, 4 TD,s, 369 yards, led his team back from two 14 point deficits to win 35-34 in OT.

    Obviously that sucks.

  16. really grasping here. you listened to dan patrick show and followed up. EVERYONE has long realized pro bow meaningless. rewind the SEVEN (7) , count em, super bowls he has taken his team to and played his guts out in.

  17. The Legends of the past, The True Legends of the game, HAVE to be sitting somewhere getting a good chuckle at the YoYos that play the game today.

  18. thinkaboutit388 says:
    December 21, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    The Legends of the past, The True Legends of the game, HAVE to be sitting somewhere getting a good chuckle at the YoYos that play the game today.
    The legends of the past played a 12 or 14 game schedule, made peanuts for the most part and took any opportunity the league afforded them to make a few extra bucks. The current top guys play ~20 games, make millions in most cases and just want the time off.

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