Trent Williams probably not playing again this year

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Trent Williams has been dealing with a knee injury for most of the year and has known for some time that he’ll need to have surgery to deal with it.

That time is drawing closer and Williams said on Wednesday that he’s turning his attention in that direction. Williams didn’t play last weekend and said he doesn’t expect to be at left tackle in the final two Redskins games of the year either.

“Unless there’s a dire need for me, then probably not,” Williams said, via the team’s website. “As of right now, I can probably be there for emergencies. I’m not sure. It’s up to [Redskins head coach] Jay [Gruden]. I’ve definitely have got to have surgery, so it’s going to be a lengthy recovery, so that’s what I’m starting to direct my focus on right now.”

Williams said surgery is “uncharted water” for him and that he expects the recovery timeline after surgery to be about six months. That may leave him off the field until training camp before what he hopes will be a healthier season.

7 responses to “Trent Williams probably not playing again this year

  1. This team only knows how to mismanage a situation.

    They’ve known that he’s needed surgery for several weeks now. Their season has been over for several weeks (even if they were lucky enough to make the playoffs, they weren’t going anywhere). Instead, they continued to roll him out there and risk greater damage. Buffoons.

    Dear Kirk: Run!!!

  2. It really makes no sense to play a veteran like this after you are eliminated. I know it sets a bad precedent but only bad things can happen. If you have that player under contract for next year…let them rest. Even if they are healthy – what is the point in playing them. If they can shut Rodgers down…why not every banged up veteran.

  3. Did anyone who commented here consider that the delay here might have been salary cap related? They have had to sign a ton of players to replace the ones that went on IR this year and the last I heard, the cap was dwindling.

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