Hue Jackson wasn’t inspired to run Isaiah Crowell more last week

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Browns running back Isaiah Crowell said this week that he was upset about the way he was used in last Sunday’s loss to the Ravens and coach Hue Jackson said on Friday that the two men have had a conversation about Crowell’s feelings.

Crowell got two carries — one was wiped out by a defensive penalty — after a 59-yard run in the second quarter of the game, leaving him feeling like he can help the team “more than I’ve been given the opportunity to do.” Jackson agreed that the team could do more to keep Crowell involved while explaining why he wasn’t used more last week.

“Just because you run for 59 yards don’t mean that … all 5 of us could have run through that hole. Being inspired to run is breaking tackles,” Jackson said, via Keith Britton of 92.3 The Fan.

Jackson said that there wasn’t inspiration to keep using Crowell because they ran the same play that led to the 59-yard gain again and lost two yards. Neither of Crowell’s carries after his big gain over the left side went for losses, although Duke Johnson did lose four on a run to the left side in the second half.

Both Crowell and Johnson have been fairly effective this season, especially in comparison to the Browns’ passing game. Some games don’t allow you to stick to the run, but it would probably be a good idea in Cleveland when that’s not the case.

16 responses to “Hue Jackson wasn’t inspired to run Isaiah Crowell more last week

  1. Wait a minute. So he lost inspiration to run the ball because of one negative play. So, you’re more inspired by the 19 interceptions by your rookie QB? So you keep passing?

    This coach, man. How do Cleveland fans put up with him. That’s Ohio. Ohio is supposed to be very knowledgeable about football.

  2. After Crowell busts out for a 59 YD gain, what does Hue do? He has Crowell carry the ball of the very next play! No wonder he didn’t gain anything, he was probably a little winded. But no, now I see what Hue was doing, being the Grandmaster chess player that he is. He must have thought they’ll never suspect that I would run Crowell immediately after a 59 YD gain because he would be tired……..

  3. Hue’s an idiot. Dorsey would be an idiot to keep this idiot as coach next year. The Browns need a leader like Dave Toub to be HC. Maybe he could bring along Dirk Koetter as O Coordinator after he gets fired from the Bucs. They coached together at Missouri.

  4. Hue Jackson has won 3.3% of his games as Cleveland’s head coach.

    That would be an amazing stat, until you read comments like these. Then it all makes sense.

  5. “Just because you run for 59 yards don’t mean that … all 5 of us could have run through that hole. Being inspired to run is breaking tackles,” Jackson said.” Hey, Clueless, great way to let your player know he has no special talent! Keep motivating, keep calling terrible games, keep being the worst coach in NFL history!

  6. So he lost inspiration to run again? After an incompletion he was inspired to keep on passing. He should turn play calling over to someone else. Who knows maybe Hue’s inspirations are the problem.

  7. He’s the 2nd best RB on that team so I don’t think too many people care about his feelings.

  8. You can see who doesn’t watch the games. Crowell isn’t that good. One thing Jackson has been consistent with since being a playcaller is that he loves to run the ball. This guy never breaks tackles, is slow, and has also had some ball security issues. Yet you hear people regularly say stupid stuff like he’s very good. In what universe? It was another blunder by the previous front office because this draft was stacked with upgrades they could have made with their 40 picks, and they didn’t pick one in it. Next year when he leaves in FA, people will finally see exactly how pedestrian he was. We’ve seen this story before with Cleveland backs that their fan base overrates from Trent Richardson who they thought was good when he got traded (go back and check) to Hillis to that bust they signed away from the Texans whose name escapes me and was horrible enough to open the door for Crowell in the first place.

  9. Hue Jackson?
    After he has succeded in getting the Browns, the #1 pick in the draft; isn’t there an obscure high school somewhere, with an opening for a football “coach”?

  10. No professional football coach can be this stupid. Jimmy Haslam has got to be coaching from the owner’s box or something. There’s no other explanation.

  11. So hue wasnt impressed with the longest offensive play of the year, yet continues to have the rookie qb chuck it up while leading the league in turnovers. With his terrible offense, inability to coach on the fly, frequent mental blunders, undermining his players, and all the backstabbing through his media contacts, its unbelievable hue is still in the league. It sucks being a browns fan.

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